Bugera v5 Vs v5 Infinium [Difference & Which is better]

Bugera amplifiers gain a reputation for offering great tube-driven sound at an affordable price point. The Bugera V5 & V5 Infinium are two popular models in their lineup, known for their compact size and portability. In this discussion, we explore into the differences between the Bugera V5 vs V5 Infinium amplifiers, considering various aspects such as sound quality, speaker quality, controls, wattage & portability. You’ll have a clear understanding of which amplifier suits your needs best.

Bugera v5 Vs v5 Infinium

Comparison Table:

Features –Bugera V5Bugera V5 Infinium
Amplifier TypeTubeTube
Wattage5 Watts5 Watts
Tubes1 x 12AX7, 1 x EL842 x 12AX7, 1 x EL84
ChannelSingle (Clean and Overdrive)Single (Clean and Overdrive)
ControlsVolume, Gain, Tone, ReverbVolume, Gain, Tone, Reverb
Input/Output1 x 1/4″ Input, 1 x 1/4″ Speaker Out, Headphone Out1 x 1/4″ Input, 1 x 1/4″ Speaker Out, Headphone Out
Infinium TechnologyNoYes (Automatic Tube Monitoring)
Speaker1 x 8″ Turbosound speaker1 x 8″ Turbosound speaker
Built-in ReverbYesYes
External Speaker OutYes (8-16 Ohms)Yes (8-16 Ohms)
Size (W x H x D)10.6″ x 15.7″ x 14.2″10.6″ x 15.7″ x 14.2″
Weight24.3 lbs (11 kg)24.3 lbs (11 kg)
Footswitch IncludedNoNo
PriceTypically less expensiveTypically more expensive

Bugera V5 Overview –

The Bugera V5 is a small, yet powerful 5-watt tube amplifier designed for home practice and studio use. This amp boasts a vintage-inspired look with its classic design. This featuring a single 12AX7 preamp tube and an EL84 power tube. It has a single 8-inch speaker that delivers a warm & vintage tone that is perfect for blues, rock, and even jazz.

The controls on the Bugera V5 are straightforward, with a single channel and a minimalistic front panel. It includes controls for gain, tone & volume, as well as a built-in reverb. This simplicity makes it an excellent choice for players who prefer a “plug and play” & the experience without getting lost in a sea of knobs and switches.

Bugera V5 Infinium Overview –

The Bugera V5 Infinium is an upgraded version of the original V5. The most significant enhancement in the Infinium version is the Infinium Tube Life Multiplier technology. This technology automatically adjusts and balances the bias of the tubes, ensuring a longer tube life and consistent performance. This feature can be a game-changer for players who want the tube-driven tone without the hassle of frequent tube replacements.

In terms of sound quality, the V5 Infinium retains the vintage-inspired tones of its predecessor. The EL84 power tube and 12AX7 preamp tube combination delivers that classic tube warmth and harmonically rich overdrive. The 8-inch speaker continues to produce a warm and crisp sound, making it a versatile amplifier for various musical styles.

Main Difference between the Bugera v5 Vs v5 Infinium Amp –

a) Sound Quality:

Sound Quality

Both the Bugera V5 and V5 Infinium offer impressive sound quality, thanks to their tube-driven design. The classic combination of the EL84 power tube and 12AX7 preamp tube produces warm and harmonically rich tones with that sought-after tube saturation. Whether you’re into bluesy licks, rock riffs, or clean jazz chords, these amplifiers have the versatility to cover a wide range of playing styles.

The Bugera V5, without the Infinium technology, offers pristine tube tones but may require more frequent tube replacements to maintain its performance. On the other hand, the V5 Infinium with its tube life multiplier technology provides consistent performance and a longer tube life. This is a significant advantage for those who want to enjoy tube tone without the associated maintenance hassles.

b) Speaker Quality:

Speaker Quality

Both the Bugera V5 and V5 Infinium come equipped with an 8-inch speaker. The speaker quality in these amplifiers is decent, and it complements the tube-driven circuitry well. You can expect warm and detailed tones, especially in the midrange frequencies, which are essential for most guitar tones.

That said, if you’re looking for a more extended frequency response and enhanced speaker quality, you might consider using an external cabinet with a larger speaker. This can significantly improve the overall sound quality, especially when you need more bass response and presence.

c) Control Options:

The control options on both amps are relatively minimalistic, which is a part of their charm. These amplifiers are designed to keep things simple and to provide a straightforward & intuitive playing experience.

The control panel typically features knobs for gain, tone, and volume, along with a reverb control. The reverb is a valuable addition, which is allowing you to add depth and dimension to your sound. The minimal controls make these amplifiers great for players who want to plug in with dial in a few settings, and start playing without any confusion.

d) Watts:

Both the Bugera V5 and V5 Infinium are 5-watt amplifiers, making them ideal for home practice, studio recording, and small venue performances. The 5-watt output provides enough volume to get a great tube-driven tone at lower volumes, which is perfect for apartment dwellers or bedroom guitarists.

Keep in mind that 5 watts might not be sufficient for larger gigs or venues with a loud drummer. In those situations, you may need to mic the amplifier or consider other options for amplification. However, the 5-watt rating is precisely what makes these amplifiers excel in intimate settings where you want to capture that classic tube sound without overwhelming the room.

e) Portability:

One of the standout features of both the Bugera V5 & V5 Infinium is their portability. These amplifiers are compact, lightweight & easy to carry around. They are perfect for musicians who are frequently on the move, such as those who perform at small gigs, record in different locations. That’s simply want a portable amplifier for practice.

The small footprint of these amplifiers makes them suitable for home use, where space might be limited. Additionally, their manageable weight allows you to take them to jam sessions & rehearsals, or even on the road without breaking your back.


In conclusion, the choice between the Bugera V5 vs V5 Infinium ultimately depends on your specific needs and preferences. Both amplifiers offer fantastic tube-driven sound quality and share many similar features, such as their 5-watt output, compact size, and portability.

If you prioritize tube life and ease of maintenance, the Bugera V5 Infinium with its Infinium Tube Life Multiplier technology is a clear winner. It ensures that your tubes last longer & maintain consistent performance.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a budget-friendly option & don’t mind the occasional tube replacement, the Bugera V5 offers a classic tube tone that’s hard to beat in its price range.

Ultimately, it’s essential to consider your playing style, maintenance preferences & specific use cases when choosing between these two amplifiers. Whichever Bugera amplifier you choose, you’re in for a treat with its warm tube-driven tones in a portable package.

FAQs –

Question 1: Is the Bugera V5 any good?

Answer: Yes, the Bugera V5 is generally considered a good tube amplifier for its price range.

Question 2: Where is the Bugera V5 made?

Answer: Bugera V5 amplifiers are made in China.

Question 3: What is Bugera Infinium?

Answer: Bugera Infinium is a technology used in Bugera amplifiers that extends tube life and allows for easy tube replacement.

Question 4: How much does a Bugera V5 Infinium weight?”

Answer: The weight of a Bugera V5 Infinium is approximately 24.3 pounds (11 kg).

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