Jackson JS22 Vs JS32 Guitar Review: Difference & Which is Better?

You are a player and you haven’t heard of Jackson guitars is just impossible. This brand knows how to produce guitars for hard rock and metal genres. Their JS22 and JS32 models are two unbelievable creations that arouse an excellent kind of competition.

Now that many people think all JS guitars of Jackson are the same, it has become important that we uphold a significant comparison between Jackson JS22 Vs JS32. Even though from the appearance and construction these two guitars look almost the same, they are actually different in several cases.

The Primal Difference in Short –

You will find the main difference between Jackson JS22 and JS32 is in their price range. Because JS32 has an extra beneficial construction, this one costs more than a Jackson JS22 guitar. You might witness that a regular JS32 is 50 or 55 percent more expensive than the other. Besides, jS32 is more oriented to heavy music genres than JS22 guitars. So, their sound qualities vary from each other too.

Jackson JS22 Vs JS32

There are some other qualities that might not seem so much different from each other. But people who play music seriously know that this insignificance in the differences greatly affects music. That’s why, with a compact comparison table, we feel the necessity to start our detailed segment.

Features JS22 JS32
Body material Strat-likeSuper Strat-like
Magnetic pickups CeramicCeramic
Pickups number22
Sound quality FatFattier
Music genres Heavy metal, rockHeavy metal rock
Tremolo bridge FlimsyLess flimsy
Price range Affordable50% more than JS22

Jackson JS22 Guitar and JS32 Guitar Review:

Jackson guitars are popular for their devotion to making great guitars for great musicians. They provide great fat sound. For this sound quality Jackson guitars, especially JS22 and JS32 are more talked about guitars. They both are from the same brand, yet they vary from each other to some extent. You will feel the same after reading their separate reviews.

About Jackson JS22 Guitars –

About Jackson JS22 Guitars

Jackson JS22 guitars have a structure like a Strat guitar even though they are quite different from Strat guitars. The basswood body of the guitars is legit solid and they are greatly responsible for great tones. Besides, the sounds of JS22 guitars have midrange and the tones are bold and powerful.

The neck of this guitar is carved and it is made of maple trees. With the rosewood fretboard, the neck has a pretty strong base and won’t fall down from its body. In terms of pickups, a Jackson JS22 does not do any compromises.

With two humbuckers coils in both neck and bridge position, a JS22 produces amazing sound. Moreover, the pickups are ceramic-based and that ensures the quality and durability of the pickups too. As a full-sized guitar, you will hear the bell-like sound coming from it.

In terms of hardware, you can completely rely on it. This hardware carries two different knobs of volume and tone. Besides these knobs, there is a switch for selecting pickups in 3 ways.


  • The pleasure of playing the guitar that has a Strat-like figure with a strongly carved neck and basswood body.
  • Perfect midrange in the sound quality makes the tone fat and creamy.
  • Comes with two humbuckers with a very well-structured ceramic-based magnetic feature in a very affordable price range.
  • Get extra advantages from the hardware as it carries knobs and switches to serve great responsibilities.


  • Jackson JS22 Dinky is not very favorable and versatile for beginners.
  • The tremolo bridge seems flimsy to some extent.

About Jackson JS32 Guitars –

About Jackson JS32 Guitars

If anything you want to compare this Jackson JS32 guitar with, then it should be the might “Super Strat”. The appearance of a JS32 is so sophisticated that you might think this will cross your budget. But thanks to their budget-friendly price range, you can get an ached top within this range.

Besides that, the guitar carries 24 frets and the size is jumbo-sized, and a radius that comes with a compound fretboard. The body of the JS32 guitar is also basswood-based but the neck is made of Maple. Unlike other branded guitars, Jackson JS32 offers two quality humbucker pickups.

These pickups offer high output signals and they provide great service, undoubtedly. The 2-way Fulcrum tremolo bridge does not feel flimsy at all. Seeing their great appearance, one can easily boost their confidence level.

And all these good things come under 300USD is more of a great piece of news for an electric guitar lover.JS34 is more or less the same as this and that’s why Jackson JS32 Vs JS34 is a good competition in the market.

Things We Liked about:

  • Comes with an ideal body structure with a great carve in the neck that perfectly suits an electric guitarist.
  • The pleasure of getting two quality humbucker pickups within the budget-friendly price range.
  • The fulcrum tremolo bridge of the JS32 guitars is a gem and does not give off the flimsy vibe at all.
  • The sound quality is promising and it provides more midrange, more headroom, and a fattier tone.

Things We Didn’t Like about:

  • The sound is only heavy genre oriented.
  • There is lacking clarity of in the sound.

Differences Between Jackson JS22 Vs JS32 Guitar:

Be it acoustic bass or electric guitar, Jackson knows how to provide joy to all classes of musicians. Their JS22 and JS32 have a lot in common. Yet the latter asks for more money than the other. You might be wondering thinking what could be the reason behind that. Well, their similarities and dissimilarities will uncover the very fact soon.

Similarities –

Hardtail Bridge:

Hardtail Bridge

A hardtail bridge in an electric guitar undo a lot of troubles and make the player trouble-free. It simply keeps the tuning stable for a long time. Keeping these facts in mind, Jackson put a hardtail bridge setting in both its JS22 and JS32 models.

Compound Radius Neck:

Both JS22 and JS32 have a compound radius neck. It is because this feature defines the sound and tone of the guitar so precisely that you will instantly fall in love with it. Especially, while soloing and bending strings, this significant feature of both guitars provides a great aid.

Magnetic Pickups:

Magnetic Pickups

Another great thing about these two JS22 and JS32 guitars is that they both carry quality pickups. It is almost impossible to get an electric guitar with such quality pickups within a very affordable price range.

Also, these pickups have a ceramic-based magnetic field and each has two humbucker pickups – one for the neck and one for the bridge position.

Genre Orientation:

Jackson makes the guitar for metal players mostly. Their JS22 and JS32 collections are mostly metal-based. Both these guitars welcome players to play hard rock, metal, and other heavy genres of music. That’s why both these guitars lack the versatility to an extent.

Dissimilarities –

Body Structure:

Jackson Guitar Body Structure

Well, there are some similarities in the body structure of both Jackson JS22 and JS32. For example, the body is made of basswood in both cases and the maple neck is carved. But from their appearance, you can tell they are different from each other.

JS32 guitars are classier like the classic “Super Start” than JS22. They come in perfect shape for the taste of a player. Conversely, JS22 are also great in shape like the “Strat”, but they are less classy in appearance.

Sound Quality:

Jackson 32 Sound Quality

As both guitars are metal oriented, their sounds might seem similar to a great extent. But there is a slight difference in the sound quality of both JS22 and JS32. The latter sounds fattier and comes with more midrange and headroom than the former one. JS22 sounds a bit muddy.

Tremolo Bridge:

Both Jackson JS22 and JS32 carry tremolo bridges. In JS22 guitars, this feature seems flimsy while in JS32 guitars, this feature seems quite solid and less flimsy.

Price Range –

Even though both Jackson JS22 and JS32 guitars are cost-effective, JS32 is more expensive than JS22 guitars. The reason behind this is that JS32 guitars have more of a solid base than JS22 guitars.

So, which Jackson Guitar is better?

The similarities are more than the dissimilarities between  Jackson JS22 vs JS32 guitars. So, it is okay to pick any of those Jackson guitars. Yet, it is a relief that you can get a JS32 within 300USD. But if you want a cheaper option with effective features then go for JS22.

FAQs –

Question-1: Is Jackson JS22 good for metal?

Answer: All Jackson’s guitars are for metals and this is the same with Jackson JS22 guitars. But you might feel a muddied tone from JS22. Besides, it lacks clarity in the sound too.

Question-2: Are Jackson pickups good?

Answer: Jackson pickups are, at least, good to go. They are solid and suit your intended music genre easily. Most of the pickups are ceramic-based on the Jackson brand. But these pickups are not as versatile compared to other many branded pickups.

Question-3: Are Jackson Dinky guitars good for metal?

Answer: Jackson Dinky’s guitars are solely made for metal songs. Their fat and mean sounds make it perfect for creating sounds for metal songs.

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