Mitchell ms400 Vs ms450 [Difference & Which is Better]

Mitchell MS400 & MS450 are the best guitars for those searching for affordable, high-quality guitars. This MS series is one of the top Mitchell guitar lines and offers exceptional performance. These two guitars have been popular choices for professional and amateur musicians alike, and both are excellent instruments for musical performance. This is an entry-level guitar that is ideal for beginners.

The ms400 has a subtle, warm tone, while the ms450 has a slightly brighter sound with more definition in the trebles. Let’s see the differences between the two models and assess which is better in terms of performance. Also, see the overview of both models’ features, construction, playability, and sound. Our comparison help to make an informed decision.

Mitchell ms400 Vs ms450

Comparison Table:

Features –MS400MS450
Body Shape:Double cutawaySingle cutaway
Controls:2 Vol, 2 Tone,3-way toggle,
Body Wood:MahoganyMahogany
Bridge Type:Tune-o-maticTune-o-matic
Pickups:Humbucker & two single coilsHumbucker & two single coils
Finish:Glossy NaturalGlossy Transparent Black

Main Difference Between Mitchell ms400 Vs ms450:

1) Body and neck construction –

MS450 Body and Neck

The Mitchell ms400 and ms450 guitars differ in their body and neck construction. The ms400 has an all-Mahogany body and neck construction, with a modern ‘C’-shaped neck profile. The ms450 has a Mahogany neck and an Alder body, with a vintage’ 50s-style neck profile.

Both guitars feature a 25.5″ scale length and 22 frets. Both models offer excellent playability and a comfortable feel due to the neck profiles and construction.

2) Action and string gauge –

The Mitchell MS400 & MS450 have different action setups and string gauges, so players can choose the guitar that best suits their playing style.

The MS400 has a 9-42 string gauge setup and a medium action, giving the player a smooth, versatile tone. The MS450 has a setup of 10-46 string gauge & a higher action, giving the player a louder, more powerful tone.

3) Pickups and tone control –

Pickup and Tone Control

These models have the same pickups and tone control. They each have two single-coil pickups in the neck and middle positions & a humbucker in the bridge position. The pickups are Strat-style, and the tone control knob is a five-position switch.

The five positions are neck-only, neck and middle, middle, middle and bridge, and bridge-only. They provide a wide range of sounds, from bright and twangy to warm & mellow. With this range of tones, the guitar is used in various styles, from jazz to rock.

4) Sound output –

The MS400 has a smooth and deep tone, while the MS450 has a slightly brighter tone with more projection. Both guitars are extraordinarily versatile & both are used for a variety of musical styles.

The MS450 might be a better choice for someone who wants to fill a larger room or even an outdoor stage. But the MS400 can still produce a powerful sound with the proper setup.

5) Weight and size –

These types of guitars vary in size and weight. The MS400 features a more traditional body shape & size, measuring 16″ wide and 4″ deep. In comparison, the MS450 is slightly deeper, at 4.5″ deep, and slightly narrower, at 15″ wide.

The MS450 also weighs less than the MS400, at 8 lbs, while the MS400 weighs in at a slightly heftier 8.2 lbs.

6) Playability –

MS400 Playability

They both feature slim, fast necks and easy-to-play fretboards. The MS400 has a 22-fret rosewood fretboard with a 25.5-inch scale length, while the MS450 has a 24-fret pau fretboard with a 25.5-inch scale length.

Both guitars also have a comfortable C-shaped neck profile, in this making them comfortable & easy to play. Each guitar’s lightweight bodies offer excellent balance and comfort for extended playing sessions.

7) Things we liked / Pros –

The ms400 features a slimmed-down profile and lighter weight for increased comfort and maneuverability, while the ms450 features a full-sized body and neck for increased sustain and tone.

They’re designed with an adjustable truss rod and a combination of die-cast and open-gear tuners for enhanced tuning stability.

The ms400 & ms450 both feature a double-cutaway design and two humbucker pickups for various tonal possibilities. Both models include a maple neck, rosewood fingerboard, and a solid basswood body for improved resonance with sustain.

8) Things we Did Not like / Cons –

The MS400 has a slightly shallower body depth than the MS450, which may be uncomfortable for some players.

The MS400’s Wilkinson-designed mini-humbuckers are weaker than the MS450’s single coils and can sound muddy.

The MS400’s thinner neck shape may not be as comfortable for some players as the thicker neck shape of the MS450.

9) Price –

The MS400 is relatively more affordable when compared to the MS450, costing around $699. The MS450 is slightly more expensive, with a price tag of around $999. The MS400 offers excellent value for the price, while the MS450 is an even better-performing instrument with a higher price tag.

The MS400 is an excellent choice for those on a budget, as it offers the same features and playability as the MS450 but at a lower price. The MS450 is the better choice for those who demand a higher level of performance and would be willing to pay a bit more.

Which is better for performance?

The Mitchell MS400 Vs MS450 guitars have many similarities; however, when it comes to performance, the MS450 offers a superior experience. The MS450 is crafted with a solid mahogany body, rosewood fretboard & Canadian stiff maple neck, which produces a richer, fuller tone and more excellent sustain.

The MS400 is constructed with a basswood body, which is lighter & produces a less-defined tone. The MS450 has two humbucking pickups, while the MS400 only has one, giving the MS450 an edge in tonal versatility. Overall, the MS450 offers a more dynamic and powerful sound, making it the better choice for performance.

FAQs –

Question 1: Is the Mitchell td100 a good guitar?

Answer: The Mitchell TD100 is a well-reviewed guitar, with many users praising its playability, good sound quality, reliability, and value for money.

Question 2: Is Mitchell a good electric guitar?

Answer: Mitchell electric guitars offer a variety of features and options at various price points, so it is up to the individual to decide if a Mitchell guitar is a good fit for them. It depends on the specific model and individual preferences, but Mitchell electric guitars are generally considered good quality.

Question 3: How much does a Mitchell ms450 weigh?

Answer: The Mitchell MS450 guitar weighs around 5.50 lbs (2.5 kg).

Question 4: What musicians use Mitchell guitars?

Answer: Mitchell guitars are used by various musicians, including country and blues artists, metal and rock performers, and jazz and classical players. Mitchell guitars are the perfect choice for professional and amateur musicians. Notable musicians who have used Mitchell guitars include John Mayer, Brad Paisley, Ryan Adams, Elvis Costello, and Kenny Chesney.

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