Vibrolux Vs Deluxe Reverb [Difference & Which is Better]

Music is a powerful medium that blends art and science. It is no wonder that musicians spend an inordinate amount of time perfecting their sound, whether in the studio or even on stage. One of the main important parts in creating a great guitar sound is the amplifier. For guitarists, the Vibrolux vs Deluxe Reverb amps are top popular models available.

Each of these amps provides a unique sound quality that musicians swear by. But for those new to the guitar world or in search of a new sound, the differences between the Vibrolux Reverb and Deluxe Reverb amps may not be clear. These amps offer musicians a unique sound quality.

Vibrolux Vs Deluxe Reverb

We will try to highlighting of both amps and discuss with their similarities with differences. We will also provide insights on the strengths of each amplifier that is allowing you to decide which one would be perfect for your playing style with music preference.

Comparison Table:

Features:Vibrolux ReverbDeluxe Reverb
Total Power35W22W
Preamp Tube2 x 12AX7s, 1 x 12AT74 x 12AX7, 2 x 12AT7
Construction MaterialsSolid Pine Cabinet with Birch Plywood BaffleBirch Plywood with Black Tolex
Outputs/Inputs2 x ¼” / 2 x ¼” (Normal), 2 x ¼” (Bright)2 x Speakers / 2 x Instrument (Normal), 2 x Instrument (Vibrato)

Overview of Vibrolux Reverb Amp:

Vibrolux Reverb Amp

Fender comes with the Vibrolux Reverb amplifier in 1960s, which it also known as the Vibrolux Reverb amplifier. This iconic amp is most popular for its clean sound, warm & versatile tone-shaping capabilities.

It weighs 42 pounds, slightly lighter than the Deluxe Reverb Amp it replaces. It comes two 10-inch speakers which provide a fuller and richer sound than smaller speakers.

The amp fitted with four 6L6 power tubes that provide substantial headroom. That’s making it pattern for both clean and dirty sounds. You can further enhance your perform with reverb and its vibrato effects built into the Vibrolux Reverb Amp.

Vibrolux reverb provides warm with versatile sound, the Vibrolux Reverb Amp makes a great choice for guitar players when it comes to a classic amp with reverb.

Overview of Deluxe Reverb Amp:

Deluxe Reverb Amp

The Deluxe Reverb Amp is one of Fender’s most iconic amplifiers, known for its excellent sound and unmistakable vintage look. As a part of the Vintage Reissue Series, it was first introduced in the 1960s and has since been reissued numerous times and modified to meet modern standards.

This amp weighs in at around 42 pound, which it is very lighter than the vibrolux. It has a 12-inch speaker that provides the clean sound. Deluxe Reverb utilizes a 12AT7 Preamp tube and 6V6 power tubes.

The Deluxe Reverb’s sound is perfect for its characteristic warmth & clarity. It is making it a go-to choice for many musicians. It has no any built in effects but perfect for authentic tone.

Main difference between the Vibrolux Vs Deluxe Reverb Amp:

a) Comparison of sound quality:

Comparison of sound quality

When comparing the Vibrolux and Deluxe Reverb amps, sound quality is undoubtedly one of the most important factors to consider. Firstly, the weight of each amp can play a role in the overall sound quality. While there is a slight difference in weight, it can still affect the resonance of the amp and impact the sound quality.

Secondly, speaker size and amp tube are major contributors to sound quality. The Vibrolux has two 10-inch speakers and two 6L6 amp tubes. Besides the Deluxe Reverb has one 12-inch speaker and two 6V6 amp tubes.

Generally, larger speakers provide a fuller and more robust sound. The Vibrolux’s two speakers can create a unique stereo effect. The Deluxe Reverb has built-in reverb and tremolo effects, while the Vibrolux only has reverb.

b) Design and construction:

The two amps feature different speaker sizes, with the Vibrolux boasting a 10-inch speaker, while the Deluxe Reverb features a 12-inch speaker. Another key difference is in the tube configurations, with the Vibrolux utilizing four 6L6 power tubes & four 12AX7 preamp tubes.

The Deluxe Reverb uses two 6V6 power tubes and five 12AX7 preamp tubes. These differences in design and construction ultimately contribute to variations in sound & effects.

c) Effects capabilities:

Effects capabilities

Most important factors to consider are their effects capabilities. The Deluxe Reverb comes with a built-in reverb unit. Which it adds a subtle amount of echo with adds the space to your sound. This effect can add depth and dimension to perform, that is making it a popular choice for guitarists across many genres.

The Vibrolux does not come with a built-in reverb unit and it does not provide the effect your sound. You’ll need to use an external unit to add effect of sound. The Vibrolux is also good for its excellent vibrato effect, which adds a subtle, pulsing modulation to your sound.

Most of the musician attract for the Deluxe Reverb’s built-in reverb. For reverb and other effects, some may prefer external units rather than the Vibrolux’s unique vibrato effect.

d) Power output:

Power output is the important fact of the comparison. The Vibrolux has a power output of 35 watts; other side the Deluxe Reverb has a power output of 22 watts. This means that the Vibrolux is capable of producing more volume and headroom than the Deluxe Reverb.

It’s important to note that the difference in power output doesn’t necessarily make one amp better than the other. The choice of which amp to use depends on the specific needs and preferences of the musician.

Some musicians may prefer the increased volume and headroom of the Vibrolux for larger venues and louder playing. Others may prefer the more manageable power output of the Deluxe Reverb for smaller gigs and recording sessions.

e) Portability:

Portability is the important fact of Deluxe Reverb and Vibrolux amps. Deluxe Reverb is at 42 pounds which it is considerably heavier than the Vibrolux. This weight difference can make the Vibrolux a more practical option for musicians who need to transport their amp repeatedly.

The speaker size also plays a role in portability; the Vibrolux features 10-inch speakers, whereas the Deluxe Reverb is equipped with a larger 12-inch speaker. This contributes to the Deluxe Reverb’s heavier weight, but also means it can produce a more powerful sound.

The portability of an amp is an important factor to consider, especially for gigging musicians who need to move their equipment from one venue to another.

f) Ease of use:

While both amps have unique features and characteristics, the ease of use is what ultimately allows for a better playing experience. The weight of the amps can play a part in the ease of use, as carrying and positioning a heavier amp can be more difficult.

The speaker size can also make a difference, as a larger speaker can provide a fuller sound and potentially make it easier to hear one while playing. The type of amp tube used can affect the ease of use, as some tubes may require more maintenance or repairs.

g) Price:

Both the Vibrolux and Deluxe Reverb vary in their prices, so it is worthwhile to conduct a comprehensive price comparison to determine which one aligns with your budget and requirements. While price is only one of several factors to consider, giving it due consideration can help you make an informed decision and potentially save significant amounts of money.

By researching the price difference between these two units, musicians can approach their purchase with a clear understanding of the value that Vibrolux and Deluxe Reverb amps provide when compared to their cost.

Which is better for performance?

Vibrolux and Deluxe Reverb amplifiers were thoroughly compared regarding weight, speaker size, amp tubes, sound effects, and overall performance. While the Vibrolux is slightly lighter, the Deluxe Reverb has a larger speaker size, which produces a more rounded sound overall.

The Deluxe Reverb’s amp tube is built in an excellent configuration which allows for enhanced tonal versatility. Thus, it makes a good choice for a wide range of uses. Deluxe Reverb includes reverb and tremolo effects. There is a greater variety of sound options than with Vibrolux.

Overall, the Deluxe Reverb offers superior performance and sound quality. That is making it the better option for guitar players seeking the best possible results from their amplifier.

In conclusion, choosing between Vibrolux and Deluxe Reverb amps depends on personal preferences and needs. While both amps have similarities in terms of their features and performance, Vibrolux offers a more flexible sound range with added brightness, whereas Deluxe Reverb emphasizes a more classic American Fender sound.

Both amps are highly regarded by guitar players and offer exceptional performance and tone. The best option is to try out both amps and choose the one that feels and it sounds the best for each specific musician’s playing style and genre.

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