Martin D35 Vs D28 [Difference & Which is Better Performing]

The guitar market is widely spread all over the world and dates back to a few centuries. C.F. Martin & Co., established in 1833, is one of the most popular names in the music industry. The brand is known for their iconic guitars and is a top pick for several musicians and celebrities.

The Martin D35 and D28 are two of the greatest creations of C.F Martin & Co. Both of these guitars have outstanding features with competitions, but there are a few key differences between the two. And people are curious to know more about the differences and similarities of these two musical instruments.

Differences Between Martin D35 Vs D28

While D35 produces a clear and deep tone, D28 makes a crisp tone with powerful bass. But that is just one of the many differences. Continue reading till the end to know more about the differences between these two acoustic iconic guitars in detail.

A Brief Introduction To Martin D35 Acoustic Guitar:

Martin D35 Acoustic Guitar

The Martin D35 guitar is one of the most popular creations of C.F. Martin Guitars, introduced in the year 1965. This guitar has a stunning three-piece back construction with a mahogany neck. Made from premium East Indian rosewood, this guitar is a top pick for musicians and music enthusiasts.

If we talk about the popularity of the Martin D35, Johnny Cash and Seth Avett have played this famous guitar. It is available in various finishes, such as D35 Ambertone, sunburst, and natural.

A Brief Introduction To Martin D28 Acoustic Guitar:

Martin D28 Acoustic Guitar

Similar to the Martin D35, the D28 is also an outstanding product introduced by C.F. Martin Guitars. It is one of the most widely used guitars in the music industry. Due to the great sound and resonance of this acoustic guitar, it has been used in several music genres over the years. Famous musicians and bands such as Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, The Beatles, etc., have played this iconic musical instrument.

Comparison Table:

Features –
Martin D35Martin D28
Sound QualityClear and deepCrisp and clear
GenreFolk and BluegrassCountry, Modern Rock, Bluegrass, Folk, etc.
Manufacturing MaterialEast Indian RosewoodEast Indian Rosewood
Neck Side DotsBlackWhite

Differences Between Martin D35 Vs D28:

A guitar does a lot more than producing sounds. It enhances the beauty of a voice and song by a notch. And relying on a top-notch guitar is a must. However, knowing these differences between Martin D35 vs D28 will help you to choose a beautiful instrument.

a) Sound Quality:

When it comes to differentiating between two guitars, the very first factor that comes to mind is the sound quality. The sound quality of the instrument has the ability to change how the song & its verses sound. Martin D35 provides a clear and bold paired with bright treble frequencies. The classic design of the guitar gives a high volume.

Martin D28 has a soothing crisp and clear tone. And this tone comes with a beautiful and powerful bass. With a great rhythm and tight sound, it is an iconic choice of many musicians & enthusiasts.

b) Music Genre:

While both of these guitars ensure top-quality sound, the music genres of these instruments are highly different. Martin D35 is typically suitable for folk music and bluegrass genre. However, the D28 is perfect for a wide range of music genres, including Blues, Folk, Rockabilly, Modern Rock & many more.

c) Build:

One of the major differences between these two popular instruments from the brand is the build. Even though the manufacturing material of both the guitars is same, there is a key difference between the two. The D35 comes with a beautiful three-piece rosewood construction on the back. However, the D28 features a two-piece symmetrical rosewood design.

d) Neck Side Dots:

The purpose of the dots put on the fretboard of the guitar is to allow guitarists to find the fret position easily. Both of these guitars feature neck side dots of different colors. While the D35 comes with black dots, the Martin D28 features white neck side dots. The white dots make it easier for the artist to find the position compared to the black ones.

e) Price:

We have taken a close look at the prices of both Martin D28 and D35. Although both of these are great acoustic guitars, the price is a bit on the higher end. While Martin D28 is available at $3200, the D35 comes with a hefty price tag of $3400. Even though the difference is not much, it is still a decent difference.

Similarities Between Martin D35 and D28:

Now that you are aware of the differences between these two instruments take a look at the similarities.

a) Construction:

In terms of construction, both of these acoustic guitars are quite similar. The main build of the guitar, consisting of premium-quality East Indian rosewood, is common in both items. Both products have the same Sitka Spruce top paired with the same low-profile neck and bridge spacing.

The fretboard size of both guitars is also the same. D35 and D28 both have 14-inch fretboards, which ensures a proper and comfortable hold.

b) Playable Options:

Martin D28 vs D35 have two playable options, suitable for left and right-handers. When purchasing, customers can choose the option according to their preferences or need.

Guitars are an essential part of the music industry. And to shape the song like you want it to, it is important to rely on a high-quality guitar. C.F. Martin & Co. has some of the best guitars in the market. And both D28 and D35 are stunning and iconic guitars manufactured by the brand.

FAQs –

Question 1: Is A Martin D35 Better Than A D28?

Answer: The tone and play-ability of a musical instrument heavily depend on the person playing it. Whether Martin D35 is better than D28 depends on the comfort, preference, requirements, and choice of the musician. However, in terms of sound, the D28 gives the perfect acoustic experience. And the overall cost of D28 is lower than that of D35.

Question 2: Why Is The Martin D28 So Popular?

Answer: The Martin D28 is popular for its excellent rhythm and sound quality. On top of that, the powerful bass compared with the clear tone allows the sound to mix well with several music genres.

Question 3: Which Guitar Is Closest To Martin D28?

Answer: If you are in search of an alternative to Martin D28, the Gibson J-45 is a great choice. Both of these guitars are quite similar in terms of tone, sound quality, and so on. Not only that, but the pricing of these two products is quite similar as well.

Question 4: What Sounds Better: A D28 Or D35?

Answer: The sound quality of both D28 and D35 is great. Both are perfectly clear with no unnecessary loud boom. The D28 fits well with several voices and genres. But the D35 gives you the perfect acoustic tone for folk and bluegrass music.

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