Yamaha Vs Fender Acoustic Guitars [Which is Better Performing]

For choosing the best acoustic guitars, Yamaha and Fender’s brands have definitely come to your mind. Both brands are renowned. however, Fender is more dominant yet Yamaha can offer you some of their best acoustic guitar collections within your budget.

Nonetheless, even though both guitar brands are prominent and featured with distinct specifications yet guitarists out there, demand a comparison. Thus, the Yamaha Vs Fender Acoustic Guitars discussion comes likewise.

Yamaha Vs Fender Acoustic Guitars

Major Differences in Short:

Some certain differences distinguish the brands properly. Fender acoustic guitars are known for being decent. But if you talk about their entry-level ones, they are poor in build and sound quality. Whereas, Yamaha tries to offer the best quality acoustic guitars within the best price range. Moreover, they also ensure effective sound quality and comfort. However, knowing this little is not enough. Hence, an elaborate discussion and differentiation of these two brands are given below along with a compact comparison table.

Comparison Table:

Features –
Sound quality:BrightLittle dull
Construction:Mahogany and rosewoodLaminated wood
Scale length:25 inches25.3 inches
Neck structure:Not slimSlim
Hardware quality:HighLow

Difference Between Yamaha Vs Fender Acoustic Guitars:

You already acknowledged from the review part that both brands are simultaneously doing great having certain distinctions. Now, let’s differentiate them from each other to make your decision easier.

1) Sound Quality:

Sound Quality

There are far differences in the sound quality of Yamaha and Fender. However, it is very common and the sound varies according to the guitar model. Nonetheless, the Fender acoustic guitar has reputation for sounding very bright.

Offering extraordinary highs, their tone also has decent mids. However, they lack in the low end. Hence, they produce more like a modern sound which is preferable to many. But even though they sound louder, there is also a dullness in the sound.

Whereas pricing is the same, Yamaha acoustic guitars offer a more balanced and decent sound. The sound comes responding nicely to the bass. Moreover, the sound has clearer mid and low ranges. Unlike Fender, they produce a vintage tone.

Also, Yamaha guitars have scalloped bracing that makes the sound more sustainable by storing the tonal quality and volume of the guitar. As a result, they sound really great even when played in a larger room. Fender acoustic does not offer this feature.

2) Construction:


Yamaha and Fender offer different body constructions for their guitar. Both are distinct and you can easily differentiate them. however, most acoustic guitars of both brands have dreadnought bodies yet they are not the same in size or design.

Yamaha acoustic guitars have a non-cutaway dreadnought design. Moreover, the 25-inch uncluttered scale is their timeless creation. Moreover, they use solid Sitka spruce to make their very unique scalloped-braced top.

Again, for the back and sides of the guitar, they use rosewood or laminated Nato. On the other hand, as we said Fender acoustic guitars come with a back and sides made of wood of narrow range. Moreover, they also lack a scalloped-bracing feature.

To offer the guitars at a cheap rate they use laminated wood. However, their guitars come with a scale length of 25.3 inches. Their expensive ones again have a wood-paring body of mahogany or rosewood.

3) Look:

However, Fender guitars can easily beat the Yamaha ones if you talk about their look. Nonetheless, some Yamaha guitars have a glossy finish and added pickguard of faux tortoiseshell. Moreover, to add character to their acoustic guitars, they come with a multi-ply binding of black and white.

In contrast, most Fender guitar has a glossy finish with an amazing external design.

4) Neck and Fretboard:

Neck and Fretboard

Most Yamaha acoustic guitar necks are joined at their 14th fret. They come with a satin finish to create a nice grip. Moreover, the fretboards are often made of rosewood and have 20 frets in total. This same feature goes for Fender acoustic guitars as well.

5) Playability:

Most Yamaha and Fender acoustic guitars are made for beginners. However, some of the Yamaha creation like the Yamaha FG800 is not so great for guitarists with smaller hands. They find it troublesome.

But then again, they are highly comfortable with other people. Nonetheless, Fender acoustic guitars have reputation for good playability. They are also quite comfortable.

6) Price:

Both brands offer guitars in different many price ranges. Even some of their acoustic models cost the same like the Yamaha FG800 and Fender CD-60. But, within this range, Yamaha offers you the best quality whereas Fender offers cheaper quality.

7) Hardware Offerings:

Fender offers less than Yamaha does. Most Fender acoustics do not come with any electronics. However, they offer chrome-made die-cat tuners, bridges, hard-shell cases, springs, and plectrums.

Whereas Yamaha boasts a headstock with chrome tuners that are high-quality and sealed die-cast. Moreover, they offer a bridge, urea nut, and saddle.

Are Yamaha Acoustic Guitars Good?

Yes, at least better than those of Fender’s. Again, the brand also offers some best Yamaha Pacificas as the best Yamaha electric guitars.

Yamaha Vs Fender Acoustic Guitars Details:

The users of both Yamaha and Fender acoustic guitars have shown mixed reactions. However, both brands have separate fanbases. Yet, what you need is more important. Thus, let’s get to know detail about the two brands and their acoustic guitars.

About Yamaha Acoustic Guitars:

Yamaha Acoustic Guitars

Speaking of one of the best instrumental brands named Yamaha, you must have heard about their very first G series acoustic guitars. The series include G50, G60, G80, G100, G120, and G150. All of these guitars were classical and the brand brought the quality possible while manufacturing them.

Starting in the early 40s, Yamaha’s very first creations were nylon-string classical models. However, what made them more famous and extend their business is their quality. Hence, today this instrumental band is one of the biggest production houses of guitars.

Moreover, their acceptance of professional guitarists is only increasing. However, to add more about their acoustic guitar creation, they use different wood like mahogany wood, ebony, and rosewood for constructing the guitar.

Hence, better performance is ensured and you can literally get their acoustics for playing any musical genre. However, sometimes the users complain about their not-so-durable strings.

Things We Liked About / Pros:

  • Constructed with the best quality materials and wood.
  • Can be used for the long run and best choice for beginners out there.
  • Provides a rich tone with compatibility and playability.
  • offers the best value for money.

Things We Didn’t Like About / Cons:

  • The appearance and design of the guitars are mediocre.
  • Requires frequent tuning.
  • Strings do not last long.

About Fender Acoustic Guitars:

Fender Acoustic Guitar

Though Fender acoustic guitars cannot beat their very own Fender electric guitars yet they are in the race. For the last few years, the brand is trying its best to bring the best acoustic guitars to the market.

This American guitar brand started its journey in 1938 and till then, it has offered mass production of guitars to customers. While in the early 50s, this brand was arguably the best competitor of Gibson for producing the electric guitar, now their acoustic guitars do not match the brand.

The body of the guitars is made of medium-quality wood. Moreover, they do not use swamp ash in manufacturing the acoustic guitars that they use for their electric guitars. This material ensures the best sound.

However, they are affordable and beginners’ best deal. Also, most of their acoustics are dreadnought guitars to make the guitar learning journey suitable.

Things We Liked About / Pros:

  • The design of the guitars is marvelous and eye-catchy.
  • Suitable for acoustic guitar learning beginners.
  • Delivers a tone that is deep and fairly rich.
  • Unlike other Fender guitars, Fender acoustic guitars are affordable.

Things We Didn’t Like About / Cons:

  • Fender acoustic guitars are not top-notch in quality compared to their other guitar series.

Which Guitar to Choose?

Well, now after an elaborate comparison, it is needless to say that Fender acoustic guitars are far behind compared to Yamaha acoustic guitars. So, you might again ask,


Question 1: Is Fender better or Yamaha?

Answer: As a brand Fender surely wins the race. Some of their electric and other series are really top-notch. However, when it comes to acoustic ones, Yamaha wins.

Question 2: Are Yamaha guitars good quality?

Answer: Yamaha has a great reputation for ensuring the best quality in its guitars. They use the best quality wood and other materials to make them.

Question 3: Does Fender make any good acoustic guitars?

Answer: Yes, some of their acoustic guitars are really amazing like the Fender CD60 Dread V3 DS6, Fender D60 SCE NAT, and others.

Question 4: Is Yamaha a good guitar brand?

Answer: Undoubtedly, yes! The brand produces the best acoustic guitars for beginners and professionals out there.

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