Ibanez as93 Vs as73 [Difference & Which is better]

When you are looking at the ibanez brand specifically, there are two models of ibanez as93 and as73 on their playability, tonal system, Aesthetics. These two hollow bodies’ models of guitar are popular choice for all the musicians.

Both types of guitar are offering affordable price that is unmatched by many other guitars on the market. In this article we are trying to share both models comparing performance in a variety of settings. If are you a beginner or try to upgrade in your ibanez models, choose the best one. Let’s see the comparison of Ibanez as93 vs as73 model.

Ibanez as93 Vs as73
Comparison Table:

Features –Ibanez AS73Ibanez AS93
Pickup ModelClassic EliteSuper 58
Tone WoodMaple TopFlamed Maple Top

Main Difference Between The Ibanez AS93 Vs AS73 Hollow Bodies Guitar:

a) Body Material:

Body Shape

Both models have some differ on their body material. The ibanez as93 built in a maple body. In this reason it can deliver the bright and crisp sound with good sustain. But Ibanez as73 built in a sapele body that produces the mellower and warmer tone. The choice between the sapele and maple depend in your personal preference.

b) Neck Material:

Both types of guitars are built in by a nyatoh or mahogany neck. But we are looking some difference from their neck construction. Normally mahogany is popular choice for their stability and durability. In this construction reason they produce the higher tonal quality with warm sound. Their construction provides a long lasting instrument.

But you can choose the nyatoh construction and it offers an affordable options. They also produce the well balance of sound and stability. This nyatoh not provide the same tonal quality like as mahogany. But it is still popular who choice the reliable guitar.

c) Fretboard Material:

The AS93 comes with an ebony fretboard while the AS73 built in a rosewood fretboard. Ebony is a harder, denser wood compared to rosewood. That makes more durable and resistant to wear and tear. This means that the frets on an ebony fretboard will last longer. It requires less maintenance compared to rosewood.

The ibanez AS93’s ebony fretboard delivers the slightly brighter tone and longer lifespan. But the AS73’s rosewood fretboard produces the warmer tone and a more comfortable playing experience for some players.

d) Scale Length:

Scale Length

The Ibanez AS93 model comes with a scale length of 24.7inch. But the AS73 model built in a slightly longer scale length of 24.75inch. While it is not a major difference but it can impact the sound and tone of the guitar. The longer scale length can deliver the brighter and focused tone. But the shorter scale of length delivers the mellower and warmer tone.

e) Pickups:


The AS73 guitar model built in classic elite pickups. But the AS93 model comes with super 58 pickups. The classic elite pickup produce the brighter and modern sound with provide the clear tone. This type of pickup is great for rock and pop styles of music.

The super 58 pickups are popular choice for blues and jazz players. It provides the more classic and refined tone. Pickups of this type are known for their vintage sound. Their warm sound features a smooth high end and solid low end.

f) Pickguard:

The Ibanez AS93 comes with a pickguard but the AS73 model has no any pickguard. But it can impace the guitars tone and sound. Though, the pickguard impact the resonance and sustain of the guitar. It can enhance the certain frequencies.

Some musician prefers the sleek look of a guitar without a pickguard. While others appreciate the added protection & visual interest that a pickguard provides.

g) Bridge:

Both types of guitar come with a two different types of bridge ART1 and ART-ST. The ART-1 Bridge is a fixed bridge but the ART-ST is a tremolo bridge. These two types of bridge bring some differ from each other on their sound system. The ART-1 delivers the more sustain and tighter sound. The ART-ST provides the more flexibility in terms of pitch bending & vibrato effects.

h) Tuners:

These types of guitars use the high quality tuners which it enhance the performance of your guitar. Tuners can affect the overall sound of your instrument. So, you make the proper decision when you choice the design and aesthetic appeal of the tuners. The price of the tuners can vary widely, so price is another important consideration.

i) Price:

Price is the vital role between the Ibanez AS93 and AS73. While a higher price point can often indicate better quality materials and construction, this is not always the case. While the as93 comes with a more visually stunning design and the as73 features comparable sound and tone at a lower price point. That is making it a great option for those on a tighter budget. The AS93 is generally more expensive than the AS73.

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Which should you choose it?

When it comes to choosing between the Ibanez AS93 vs AS73, there are several reasons to consider before making a decision. Sound & tone are two important considerations for any guitar player. Both guitar models features with a unique qualities in this regard.

Design-wise, the AS93 comes with a more luxurious look with its flamed maple top, abalone inlay, and gold hardware. But The AS73 built in a simpler design with a plain maple top and dot inlays.

To conclude, both the Ibanez AS93 and AS73 are quality guitars that offer great performance & great value for price.

The difference between the two lies primarily in the materials used, with the AS93 being a slightly more high-end model. If you want a higher quality features model of Ibanez, the AS93 is the better option for you. If are you looking for a affordable option, AS73 may be second choice.

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