Classic 57 Vs Burstbucker Pickup: Difference & Which is Better?

There is a reason that people are after both 57 Classic and Burstbucker pickups. These two pickups are efficient and can perfectly merge with electric guitars. Yet they differ from each other even though they come from the same brand that is the Gibson brand.

Therefore a fair and square comparison between Classic 57 Vs Burstbucker is important for the greater good of the musicians. Then, what exactly makes these two pickups different from each even though they both serve the same purpose to enhance sound quality?

The Primal Differences in Short –

Among several differences, the primal difference between a Classic 57 pickup and a Burstbucker pickup is the magnetic feature. The former carries Alnico 2-based magnetic field whereas, the pro version of the latter carries Alnico 5-based magnetic field. Besides, there is a slight difference in the structure of these two pickups too. Moreover, a Burstbucker provides a little bit brighter tone than a Gibson Classic 57.

Classic 57 Vs Burstbucker

Apart from these main differences, there are some more differences we found from observing keenly these two praiseworthy pickups. Let us get into the detailed section starting with a compact comparison table of the two pickups.

Comparison Table:

Classic 57Burstbucker
Sound quality:WarmWarmer
Magnetic feature:Alnico 2Alnico 2 and 5
Finishes:4 different finishes4 different finishes
Music genre:Jazz, blues, rockJazz, blues
Price:GreatHigh price

Gibson Burstbucker and 57 Classic Pickups Reviews:

While reviewing a pickup, there is a lot you need to consider. We already know, how Gibson is making their way to make the best kinds of pickups for the sake of music players. We cannot deny that both 57 classic and Burstbucker pickups are up to the mark in having a distinct structure and quality.

Gibson Burstbucker pickup – Brief Overview:

Gibson Burstbucker pickup Overview

Gibson never fails to amaze the players when it comes to their Burstbucker Pickup. This brand offers four different types of Burstbucker pickups with different finishes. So, players can get varieties of Burstbucker pickups to pick one suitable for them.

These 4 types include Burstbucker type 1, 2, 3, and Burstbucker Pro. Except for the Burstbucker Pro pickups, as they carry Alnico 5 magnets, the other ones carry Alnico 2 magnets. Alnico 5-based magnetic feature is really good for creating extraordinary strength in the sound quality.

That’s why the sound of Burstbucker Pro is crunchier, brighter, and cleaner. Besides, the condition of treble emphases also helps the sound to be clearer. In addition to that, the other types of Burstbucker pickups also provide a warmer tone.

The best thing about Burstbucker pickups is that you can position them on both the neck and bridge of your guitar. Another interesting fact is a Burstbucker pickup height is 8.3 more than the other versions of it.

Things We Liked about (Pros) –

  • Four different variations of pickups with great utility and top-notch potential
  • The opportunity to get both alnico 2-based and alnico 5-based magnetic features in these different pickups
  • The pleasure of getting warmer, brighter, and crunchier tones to play blues, and jazz music peacefully
  • For better taste, you can select any finishes including Double Black, Gold, Nickel, and Zebra

Things We Didn’t Like about (Cons) –

  • Comes at a great price

Gibson Classic 57 Pickups – Brief Overview:

Gibson Classic 57 Pickups Overview

The name 57 Classic refers to the era when Gibson used to supply PAF pickups. You can get two different versions of this pickup which will benefit you to improve the sound quality of your guitar. There are two coiled pickups and four coiled pickups.

You can choose anything according to your budget, though the four-coiled pickup comes with more significant features. With it, you can customize or modify the tone of your guitar just by splitting those coils. Nevertheless, the design of the coils is pretty appreciated.

In terms of magnetic features, these pickups come with a magnetic field of Alnico 2 magnets. You can allow a Gibson Classic 57 pickup to sit on both the neck and bridge positions of your guitar. One good thing about the pole pieces of these pickups is they are nickel plated and thus won’t get rusty any sooner.

The sound quality of a 57 Classic pickup is also pretty much similar to the type 2 Burstbucker pickup. It is mostly warm and thus blues and jazz, and rock, to some extent, music genres go perfectly with it.

Things We Liked about / Pros –

  • The organized coil design and balanced winding in these pickups are very impressive
  • They also come with 4 unique and different finishes with different materials
  • Pole pieces are pretty strong and won’t get rusty easily
  • The great warm sound makes the pickups suitable for playing blues music

Things We Didn’t Like About / Cons –

  • The magnetic feature is less powerless than other many pickups of the Gibson brand

Differences Between Classic 57 vs Burstbucker Pickup:

Gibson knows what an electric guitar needs. That’s why they produce several types of pickups with several features and several tones. Gibson Classic 57 and Burstbucker are two reflections of great pickups. Yet their differences determine why one is superior to the other.

a) Sound Quality –

Pickup Sound System

The sound quality of a pickup means a lot because it is the primal essence that is judged by musicians when observing a pickup. In this term, both Classic 57 and Burstbucker produce a warm sound. But the latter produces warmer, sharper, and crunchier sounds.

Especially, Burstbucker Pro is literally pro at producing sharp tones. Besides, they hardly require any amplifier to bring sharpness. On the other hand, a Classic 57 has almost the same sound as a Burstbucker type 2 pickup. They both produce a moderately warm sound.

b) Magnetic Feature –

Magnetic Feature System

The magnetic feature in a pickup offers a promising tone with consistency. The better the magnetic feature, the most beautiful it will sound. In this case, Burstbucker Pro wins over the Classic 57 pickup. It’s because Burstbucker Pro comes with Alnico 5-based magnetic feature.

But its other variations cover Alnico 2-based magnetic feature. So, there are variations here in the feature of the magnetic field. Conversely, all Classic 57 magnetic feature pickups come with Alnico 2 magnets only.

c) Variations –

If we comment on the variations of these two pickups, then Burstbucker wins because it has four uniquely different versions and Classic 57 has only three. Also, seeing from the magnetic feature, it is evident that Burstbucker can offer both alnico 2 and alnico 5 magnets while Classic 57 offers only alnico 2.

d) Condition of Wiring –

Condition of Wiring

Wring system of pickup is important. So, Gibson provides both its Burstbucker and Classic 57 pickups with 2-conductor wiring. But the difference here is that while the former one has this wiring condition unbalanced, the latter has this condition balanced.

e) Sound Customizing Ability –

A Classic 57 pickup has amazing quality as it is four-coiled. You can split the coils and make customized sounds as per your desire. But this advantage is almost absent in a Burstbucker pickup.

d) Music Genre –

Burstbucker pickups can cover up blues and jazz. To some extent, they can cover rock. But covering heavy metal is difficult. The same goes for the Classic 57 big time. But they can cover some rock songs.

Price –

The price almost depends on the magnetic feature of a pickup. As Alnico 5 has more demand and only Burstbucker Pro can avail it, it is pricier than Classic 57.

So, which Pickup is better?

From the observation, it is quite clear that both Classic 57 vs Burstbucker are eligible for any electric guitar. But Burstbucker has definitely exceeded in some features, as the pro version of it carries Alnico 5 magnets. So, definitely, it provides some extra advantages over a Classic 57 that has Alnico 2 magnets.

FAQs –

Question 1: Are Burstbucker pickups good for metal?

Answer: Burstbucker pickups are legit great for blues and jazz, and country music sometimes. But they are not eligible for metal or hard rock. Though some player tries to play metal with them, these Burstbucker pickups simply are not for metal.

Question 2: Are Gibson 57 Classic pickups wax potted?

Answer: Gibson offers efficient pickups and 57 Classic pickups are an example of that. They are so beautifully done that you can get a wax potted complete feature. This feature can cancel the feedback of the microphone big time.

Question-3: What magnets are in Burstbucker Pickups?

Answer: Burstbucker pickups, because of their multiple variations, come either with Alnico 2 magnets or with Alnico 5 magnets. The Burstbucker Pro offers the best kind of magnets and that is Alnico 5 magnets. But the other three variations – Burstbucker Type 1, Type 2, and Type 3 come with Alnico 2 magnetic field.

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