Probucker Vs Burstbucker [Which Pickup is Better]

Gibson and Epiphone Les Paul owners want a discussion on Probucker vs Burstbucker. No wonder why they want to know about them since both humbucker pickups are competitively slaying the market. Initially, it may seem that Probucker and Burstbucker pickups are the same. But the fact is they are not. In fact, they have different versatilities, identities, and building qualities.

Probucker humbuckers are the tribute creation of Epiphone to the Burstbucker humbuckers of Gibson. Burstbuckers are pickups from Gibson’s PAF (Patent Applied For)-family. Hence, they have higher building materials and quality. Whereas, the Probuckers are their simple reproduction with low-cost materials. Therefore, you will also find a difference in their price range as well.

Probucker Vs Burstbucker

Nonetheless, there is much more to say about both Probucker and Burstbucker pickups. An elaborate discussion with a precise comparison table is hence added for your better understanding.

Comparison Table:

Features ProbuckerBurstbucker
Construction18% nickel silverHigh-quality materials
Magnet and CoilAlnico II magnet, unbalanced coilAlnico II magnet, unbalanced coil
DC Resistance LowerLower
SoundHigher output, smooth, brightWarm, brighter,
Reliability Moderately reliableHighly reliable

Review of Probucker & Burstbucker Pickup:

The users have given mixed reactions about these two humbucker pickups. However, it is important to acknowledge detail about individual pickup.

Probucker Pickup in Detail Discussion –

Review of Probucker

An Epiphone Probucker set comes with Probucker-2 for the neck position, Probucker-3 for the bridge position, and QuickConnect ends is a great deal for any Les Paul player. Both Probucker 2 and 3 come with the best configurations.

However, the Probucker-3 is way hotter while the 2 is less hot but perfect for producing a rock crunch classic sound. So, for the heavy music genre, the pickups are great. Moreover, these humbucker pickups are made of some best materials.

They use about 18% nickel silver to manufacture the base and cover of the humbucker. This feature gives a vibe of Gibson pickups and also, raises the standard. Moreover, the honed bobbins of the pickups come with the right shape and size like those Gibson ones.

Things We Liked About / Pros:

  • The pickups are made of quality materials and 18% nickel silver and honed bobbins.
  • Produces smooth, bright, and dark sounds for covering any heavy genre of music.
  • Best deal for medium-range guitarists and beginners out there.
  • Quite affordable in terms of quality and efficiency.

Things We Didn’t Like About / Cons:

  • Only gives a Gibson pickup vibe but cannot beat them.
  • Installation is tricky and requires time.

Burstbucker Pickup in Detail Discussion –

Gibson Burstbucker

We have already mentioned that Burstbuckers are Gibson PAF pickups which are also Alnico based. This pickup is uniquely made with everything special. It produces a vintage warm sound while offering the best classic PAF tones.

Moreover, the pickups are widely chosen and used by many popular guitarists out there. usually, the pickups offer a mellow tone but they can be crazier under high gain.

However, the Bursbucker pickups come with an unbalanced set of coils that attack differently. Again, it is also responsible for a more airy or open tone. Also, the Burstbucker 1, 2, and 3 offer treble response with higher top-end sizzle.

Then again, surpassing the standard of Gibson Burstbucker, the Burstbucker Pro pickups are enhanced versions of vintage pickups. These pickups are versatile and have built-in Alnico V modern magnets.

Things We Liked About / Pros:

  • Manufactured with high-quality materials and has amazing features.
  • Vintage pickups that produce warm PAF tones.
  • Great selection for many professional guitarists out there.
  • There are four different versions of the Burstbucker pickup.

Things We Didn’t Like About / Cons:

  • The installation process is complicated.
  • Availability is less.

Difference Between Probucker Vs Burstbucker:

You already know that these two pickups are not the same. Some guitarists also have claimed that the Epiphone Probucker humbuckers are nothing like the Gibson Burstbuckers. Thus, let’s have a discussion on their differences.

1) Construction –

The most convincing feature of the Probuckers is their nickel-silver material for the cover and base. This material makes the pickup worth buying. 18% nickel silver reduces the eddy currents produce while playing.

However, Gibson Burstbuckers are more famous for their high-end construction method and materials. Moreover, the manufacturers use advanced technology. Thus, the pickups are machine-wound.

2) Magnet and Coil –

Coil and Magnet

Epiphone Probuckers use Alnico II sand-cast magnets in their pickups. The pickups also have 4-conductor lead wires and which is an amazing feature.

However, the Burstbucker humbuckers are also equipped with the same Alnico II magnets. But the Burstbucker pro pickup model is exceptional since it is featured with Alnico V magnets.

Again, unlike the Probuckers, all the pickup models of Burstbucker have a 2-conductor design which is also unbalanced. As a result, the winding numbers are also different in the coils. Nonetheless, the Probuckers also have an unbalanced coil design.

3) DC Resistance –

Knowing DC resistance is also important while judging a pickup. The Probucker in the neck delivers with 7.9 kOhm DC resistance and in the bridge, it is 8.6 kOhm. Whereas, in Burstbucker 1 the DC resistance is 6.5 kOhm.

Again, in the neck, the Burstbucker 2 offers 7.8 kOhm and in the bridge, the Burstbuker 3 offers 8.4 DC resistance.

4) Sound –

Both pickups offer great sound properties but they are distinct as well. Since both humbuckers have Alnico II magnets and unbalanced coils, you might think they produce the same sound. But they do not. Probuckers offer higher output compared to Burstbuckers.

The Alnico II magnet is responsible for a warm tone with smooth highs. However, the Burstbucker Pro delivers brighter tones as it has Alnico V magnets in it. Again, for having an under-wound feature, the Burstbucker 1 does not make sounds like the original PAF.

However, the Burstbucker 3 produces an original classic PAF sound due to its overwound feature. Surely, these different sounds make them cover different genres of music.

5) Reliability –

Undoubtedly, the Gibson Burstbucker is made thinking of its long durability. Since the pickups are made of high-quality materials, they are surely going to last longer. They are a great backup if you already own a low-end guitar.

On the other hand, compared to the Burstbuckers, the Epiphone Probuckers are less durable. Yet, they offer value for money.

6) Price –

Obviously, it is the Gibson Burstbucker that costs more than the Probucker. However, according to quality and price value, Probucker is quite a great deal.

So, Which Pickup to Choose?

Well, if you are a man of true quality and willing to pay money for that as well then go for the Gibson Bustbucker pickups. They ensure reliability, quality, and exactly the tone you want.

Again, if you are running low on budget but looking for the best deal as well, then go for the Epiphone Probuckers. Hopefully, you are clear about both the Probucker vs Burstbucker pickup comparison details discussion.


Question 1: Are Burstbucker pickups good?

Answer: Burstbucker pickups are famous for their style, tone, quality, and everything. They attack beautifully while delivering a mellow tone. Again, under high gain, the pickups attack uniquely.

Question 2: What is a ProBucker?

Answer: If you have heard about Epiphone Les Paul then you must also know that the brand is famous for its ProBucker pickups as well. These are the most successful and renowned pickups of Epiphone.

Question 3: Are Burstbuckers good for metal?

Answer: Burstbuckers can cover almost any music genre. Metal is not exceptional as well. The pickups are great for Black Sabbath, early Megadeth, later Deep Purple, Metallica, and all.

Question 4: Are Epiphone Probuckers potted?

Answer: Yes, the Epiphone Probuckers are vacuum wax potted. Hence, the pickups are great at eliminating microphonics.

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