Probucker Vs Alnico Classic Pro [Difference & Which is Better]

Guitar owners are always choosy about the pickups. Hence, we understand why you want to have a discussion on Probucker Vs Alnico Classic Pro. The fact is both pickups are in limelight and offered by a renowned brand Epiphone.

However, even though the pickups are from the same brand, they have distinct features. Probucker and Alnico Classic Pro are now new slayers of electric guitars. Both pickups are successful but they have differences.

Probucker Vs Alnico Classic Pro

Major Differences in Short –

Epiphone’s Probucker humbucker is the purest example of a vintage that is made of high-quality materials. Its materials make the humbucker way special since its invention. It is made of 18% nickel silver. The pickup delivers way crisp and transparent output. Whereas the Alnico Classic Pro offers traditional tonal traits while delivering more modernized sound and higher output.

However, these are not the only differences. There are many and all of them need elaborate discussion. Thus, we will be discussing everything and to make it easy to understand we will also add a precise comparison table.

Comparison Table:

FeaturesProbucker Alnico Classic Pro
Construction 18% nickel silverAluminum, cobalt, and others
MagnetAlnico II magnetsAlnico V magnets
DC Resistance7.9 KOhm – Neck, 8.6 KOhm – Bridge8.15 Ohm
SoundSmooth, dark, brightWarm, modern, brighter, higher output

Probucker & Alnico Classic Pro Review:

As we said, both Probucker and Alnico Classic Pro humbuckers are Epiphone products. This guitar brand is gaining fame for years. Later, in the middle of the 20th century, Epiphone becomes one of its subsidiary brands of Gibson.

However, about the two mentioned pickups, the users have given different and mixed reviews. Let’s know them.

Probucker Detail in Discussion:

Probucker pickups are famous for some of their core features. The tone that the pickup delivers has fooled the vintage purists, professionals, and even luthiers out there since its establishment in July 2013.

The manufacturers use 18% nickel silver to make the covers and bases of the humbuckers. Till now this is the most exciting feature in any pickup. The alloy is used for many Gibson guitars as well which is its mother company.

Hence, the material is considered the best. Moreover, the key elements of the pickup are also made of the best material. Yes, we talking about the bobbins. They come in honed shape and size and can easily compete with Gibson humbuckers.

Again, the pickups offer more than their price. Overall, the Epiphone Probucker humbucker is a great deal.

Things We Liked / Pros:

  • Made of high-quality materials and 18% nickel silver.
  • It produces great and excellent sound with quality bobbins.
  • Best for beginners and medium-range guitarists out there.
  • Comes in the best price value according to the quality.

Things We Didn’t Like / Cons:

  • Installing is tricky and time-consuming.
  • Cannot beat the Gibson quality.

Alnico Classic Pro Detail in Discussion:

We have mentioned earlier that, Alnico Classic Pro is famous when guitarists want to have a bit of modern sound. It is the same production of the brand Epiphone. Also, there are a lot of similarities in construction. But also, there are some exceptionalities.

The Alnico Classic Pro uses different magnetic features. They use exceptional Alnico-V magnets so that the pickups deliver enhanced and proficient mids and highs. Moreover, they have higher output. The pickups almost sound like the Gibson 57 Classic.

Moreover, Alnico pickups are very responsive. For Jazz players, the Alnico Classic Pro is the only solution. Moreover, the Epiphone Alnico Classic Pro 2018 Zebra also offer the best price value being positioned in the pickup bridge.

Things We Liked / Pros:

  • The pickups are made of Alnico magnets that come in various components.
  • The pickups are charged easily and once charged they run long.
  • The magnets of the pickups are easily available and they are cost-effective.
  • They sound musical, dynamic, and less brittle or harsh.

Things We Didn’t Like / Cons:

  • Some guitarists complain about the rounder-edged sound of the pickup.
  • Not so powerful and also, as the ceramic pickups, they are expensive.

Difference between Probucker Vs Alnico Classic Pro:

Through the detailed discussion of individual pickups, you already know they are different. Let’s talk about the individual features to make it clearer.

1) Construction:


According to construction materials, Probucker wins the game easily. The pickup cover and base are made of 18% nickel silver. Many expensive and famous guitar brands use this material to make their pickups.

Moreover, the material helps in reducing the eddy currents while playing. As a result, the player gets a more transparent and crispier sound.

However, Alnico pickups are also constructed with great care and materials but not with nickel silver. The Classic Pro and Classic Plus are used in many Epiphone guitars with high-end features.

2) Magnet:

The Probucker pickup uses sand-cast Alnico II magnets. Moreover, the manufacturer uses 4 conductor lead wire of higher quality. The features make the standard of the pickup higher.

In contrast, Alnico Classic Pro uses Alnico-V magnets. Alnico magnets are great and made of different formulations. It includes Aluminum, Cobalt, and Nickel. These components make the best magnets. The magnets require less time to be charged and serve for a longer period.

3) DC Resistance:

Both Probuckers and Alnico Classic Pro humbuckers offer a decent amount of DC resistance. Because of having nickel silver covers and a base with matching coil winds, the Probuckers have better DC resistance.

The approximate DC resistance of Probucker is 7.9 KOhm in the Neck and in Bridge, it offers 8.6 KOhm resistance. Moreover, it is vacuum wax potted. Again, the Alnico Classic Pro delivers 8.15 Ohm DC resistance.

4) Sound:


Since Probucker humbuckers are no less than a Gibson humbuckers, they sound excellent. The pickup produces a true, rich, and brighter sound. It generates tones that will be loved by all, especially by the Jazz guitarists. However, they offer lower output while having fewer mids and bite.

But they also sound warmer. Again, Probucker humbuckers sound a bit smoother and way darker at the same time. On the contrary, the Alnico Classic Pro pickups offer a higher output. Moreover, the mids and highs of sound are also enhanced. Again, it sounds more modern.

5) Price:

Probucker humbuckers are actually affordable compared to their building materials and performance. On the contrary, Alnico Classic Pro pickups are also affordable but they do not offer the same quality as Probuckers.

So, Which Pickup to Choose?

Now that you already know the differences, it is all up to you which one to choose. It should depend on your need. Since according to the sound production, they differ a bit, you should get them according to your test and guitar model.

Again, to have the best deal and value for money, undoubtedly, Probucker 1, 2, and 3 are great.

FAQs –

Question 1: What are Alnico Classic Pro pickups?

Answer: The Alnico Classic Pro is a pickup from Epiphone that is designed with Alnico V magnets. Moreover, the pickups are evenly wound. As a result, they sound brighter.

Question 2: Are Epiphone Probuckers potted?

Answer: Yes, Epiphone Probuckers are vacuum wax potted. They have a lead wire with 4 high-quality conductors.

Question 3: What are Alnico’s classic humbuckers?

Answer: Alnico Classic humbuckers are pickups that are best for any kind of music genre. They can cover from blues to rock or metal. Moreover, the humbuckers resemble the Gibson 57 classic.

Question 4: What pickups does Epiphone use?

Answer: Epiphone Les Paul mostly uses the Probucker-2 and Probucker-3 pickups. They set them with coil tapping.

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