Vintage Tele Bridge Vs Modern [Difference & Which is Better]

Fender Telecaster Bridges have several great varieties and people often get confused thinking about which one they should get. Including Vintage, Modern, Classic, and others, these Telecaster bridges are leading the guitar market distinguishingly.

However, people like to know these bridges and come with differences between Vintage Tele Bridge vs Modern. There is actually a lot to learn as these two bridges have different features in spite of their coming from the same Brand.

Vintage Tele Bridge Vs Modern

Primal Differences in Short:

The prominent difference is in their appearance. Whereas Vintage Tele Bridge has 3 saddles, the Modern Tele Bridge has 6 saddles for each individual string. Because of this feature, the sound quality changes a bit too. Modern Tele Bridge will provide a distinct intonation for each string has a separate saddle which the Vintage Tele Bridge lacks. But, the latter is easier to replace without leaving any scratches on the guitar. Moreover, the Vintage one has sides on its baseplate that provide comfort to the user.

These are some prominent differences but know that things do not end here. As I have personally ransacked the differences between both bridges from Fender, I will reveal those elaborately. An added comparison table with this article will give you quick knowledge.

Comparison Table –

Feature – Vintage Tele Bridge Modern Tele Bridge
Saddles:3 bass-made6 steel-made
Top loader:NoYes
Sound:Tele likeNot so Tele like
Construction: SturdyChrome-based
Edge:SmoothNot so smooth
Finishing: GreatGood

Vintage Modern & Tele Bridge Review:

I have already revealed that both Vintage and Modern Tele bridges are from the Fender brand. But they come up with uniquely defined features. These features are worth a mention separately. Through their separate reviews, you can decide what differences they are hiding outwardly and inwardly.

Details in Vintage Tele Bridge –

Vintage Tele Bridge

With 3-brass saddles, Vintage Tele Bridge is one of the finest examples of Fender bridges. This particular model has gained fame not only because of its top-notch classic look but also because it comes with a reliable finish.

Moreover, the high-end quality ensures the durability of the product to a great extent. It also signifies the sturdiness of the bridge with a great finishing line. Because the edges of the bridge are not sharp, you will not get hurt.

Rather the constructed sides on the baseplate of the bridge add extra comfort to the user. In terms of sound quality, this Vintage Tele Bridge is quite impressive because it gives a fresh, brighter, and twangy type crispy sound from the strings. You will find the real vintage vibe from the sound.

The replacing method is also easier when you are dealing with a Vintage Tele Bridge. No fear of leaving a scar on your favorite guitar. However, you might have to comprise with its lacking of providing intonation. Besides, more people require a single saddle for each string, so that’s a downside.

Things We Liked / Pros:

  • Comes with an impressive vintage look, classic sound, and reliable 3 brass saddles
  • Offers a brighter sound and it has a crisp twangy too
  • You can easily mount the bridge on your guitar without facing any trouble
  • Perfect design with a smooth edge and fine finishing supremacy

Things We Didn’t Like / Cons:

  • Because each saddle has to support two strings, people with harsh picking style face inconvenience
  • Requires drilling holes to be a bridge-like Toploader

Details in Modern Tele Bridge –

Modern Tele Bridge

The Modern Telecaster Bridge from Fender is another impressive creation. Though this chrome-based bridge has both positive and negative reviews, this is what makes the bridge more interesting. It’s because this Fender modern Telecaster Bridge is not for everybody.

You will notice their features require expert hands to get set in your guitar. However, the bridge comes with adjustable 6 saddles. Each string having each saddle offers great individual intonation. So, you will get an amazing experience with the tone of the strings.

Also, this feature ensures the tight fitting of each string. And it helps the players who have hard-picking methods. The look of the bridge is very clean and sleek. But the problem is it does not have any sides in the baseplate and that might heart your palm of the hand.

Also, setting this bridge might be time-consuming. As it has a mounting design, you need to be careful with the limit of mounting for your own advantage.

Things We Liked / Pros:

  • Has got saddles for every string to provide more support in the string
  • The absence of lip makes it easier for players to pick the strings
  • The barrel design of the six saddles rattles from one barrel to the other
  • Great at providing intonation individually and top loaders

Things We Didn’t Like / Cons:

  • Many people objected to the look of the bridge
  • The intonation might not seem perfect

Difference Between Vintage Tele Bridge Vs Modern:

From the individual reviews, you can already see that they have some major differences. Both Vintage and Modern Tele bridges have advantages and disadvantages. But the question is which comes with the least disadvantage. To answer that we will now contemplate their dissimilarities.

1) Number of Saddle:

Number of Saddle

For a bridge of a guitar, the number of the saddle in it matters a lot. Some people prefer separate saddles for separate strings. The Modern Tele Bridge comes with six saddles to snug six strings in it. This feature supports the heavy picking quality of the player to a great extent.

Conversely, a Vintage Tele Bridge has 3 saddles and each saddle has to support two strings. This is not bad at all because many people like it that way.

2) Appearance:

The Vintage Tele Bridge has a very classic and vintage look. It goes with the acoustic guitar so nicely. Besides, it brings back the vintage flavor of old times. On the other hand, even though the Modern Tele Bridge has a sleek texture, it sometimes does not go with your guitar. But this view varies from person to person.

3) Material:

The saddles of Vintage Tele Bridge are of brass. This ensures the durability and sturdiness of its structure. But the saddles of the Modern Tele Bridge are definitely not made of brass. The body is chrome-based but what matters most to the people is the material of the saddles.

4) Sound quality:

Bridges contribute to the sound quality to a great extent. And the specialty of Vintage Tele Bridge is it provides a brighter and crispier sound after attaching to the guitar. But this bridge is unable to offer intonation anyhow. But it exactly sounds like Tele.

In the case of a Modern Tele Bridge, you will get the intonation but not the right Tele-like note like a Vintage provides. On top of that, you need to modify the intonation issue by the 3 compensated barrels.

5) Top loader:

The feature, the top loader, is a compromise in the Vintage Tele Bridge. But you can deal with it by drilling extra holes in the bridge and then you can make it a top loader bridge. Oppositely, the Modern Tele Bridge is a top loader.

6) Construction:

A Vintage Tele Bridge is strong and has a smooth edge. Besides, the baseplate has sides so no harm can happen to your palm. Also, the finishing look is nicer than the Modern one. The latter also does not have sides on the baseplate and some players complain about that. But the latter has compensated 3 barrels and adjustable features of mounting and dismounting.

7) Installation:

install a tele bridge

It’s easy to install the Vintage Tele Bridge without giving any harm to the guitar. Also, it is less time-consuming. But it takes time to set up a Modern Tele Bridge.

So, which one is better?

I have seen most players giving votes for Vintage Tele Bridge for its vintage vibe, simplicity, and honest Tele sound. Many even switched from Modern to Vintage. But there are some players who worship Modern Tele Bridge because of its more advanced features. So, in the end, it depends on your choice and you totally understand about the vintage Tele bridge vs modern Tele bridge.

FAQs –

Question 1: Can you put a Strat bridge on a Tele?

Answer: You can put a Start bridge on a Tele but the job is not easier. You might have to drill a hole or modify the system to get along these two with each other. The same goes if you want a Vintage Tele Bridge pickup to get fit in a Stratocaster.

Question 2: Does Tele bridge affect tone?

Answer: To a great extent, a Tele bridge affects tone. Either they enhance the tone or downgrade it.

Question 3: Can you change the bridge on a Telecaster?

Answer: You can change the bridge on a telecaster. Just bring a screwdriver and follow the manual carefully, or look for an expert.

Question 4: Do telecasters have a floating bridge?

Answer: Telecasters have a floating bridge. To make it work properly, you need to install it properly and check that the strings are attached perfectly.

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