Suhr Vs PRS Guitar [Difference & Which is Better Performing]

On the internet, it is a very common search to choose between Suhr vs PRS. Well, the question is very obvious since all guitarists out there want the best of the bests. Suhr and PRS guitar brands are surely on top of your list.

But again, it is also true that there are differences among the guitars offered by these brands. In fact, to some extent, the differences are very prominent and distinctive. However, both brands manufacture their guitars in the USA.

Suhr Vs PRS

Major Differences in Short:

To speak fact, both Suhr and PRS offer the best but different guitars. Individually, they feel very different while playing. Moreover, according to the appearance different line and series models of Suhr and PRS look different. PRS guitars have some exquisite designs whereas the Suhr ones are the modern versions of classic guitars. Again, Suhr guitars may seem highly expensive compared to PRS ones.

However, to let you know more we are adding a precise comparison table below with an elaborate discussion.

Comparison Table:

Features –
Exceptional Guitars:Telecaster-style, Jazzmaster-style, Aura Series, and othersDW CE 24 Floyd, S2 McCarty series, and others
Construction Technology:PLEK System Conventional technology
Body:Made of flamed maple, mahogany, and rosewoodMaple, rosewood, arched, Fender-style
Neck and Fretboard:Satin finish neck, radius fretboardWide thin neck, 24 frets
Playability:More comfortableComfortable

PRS and Suhr Guitar Review –

Both Suhr and PRS have high-end guitars to offer. Surprisingly, the users of both these brands showed very mixed reactions to the guitars. Some liked Suhr over PRS and some think PRS is better than Suhr. However, some discussion regarding the brand individually might help you in this regard.

Suhr Guitar Brand – Brief Overview:

Suhr Guitar Review

John Suhr established this guitar brand in 1997. Till then the brand is playing a leading role in the market of instruments. Starting his job in Fender Custom Shop, in the beginning, John Suhr later thought to sell his very own guitar collections.

Nonetheless, the guitar brand is famous for its unique boutique concept and maintaining each detail of the instrument. Moreover, the guitars are made of high-quality materials. In the USA, the Suhr guitars are manufactured using advanced technology.

Moreover, the Suhr guitars are partially handmade. From their top and sides to their neck and fret and bridge, everything takes time to be manufactured. The brand offers the Classic T and S series, Modern Plus and Satin guitars, Standard series, and others. Each model has distinct specifications, features, and specialties.

Things We Liked About / Pros:

  • All guitars are partly hand-crafted, USA-made and the PLEK system is used.
  • Comes with high-quality wood construction and other features
  • The brand offers versatile design options
  • Ensures quality consistency and playability

Things We Didn’t Like About / Cons:

  • The Suhr guitars are highly expensive.

PRS Guitar Brand – Brief Overview:

PRS Guitar Reviews

PRS also have reputation for its versatile sound, impeccable appearance, and top-notch quality in their guitars. Like Suhr, Paul Reed Smith is also an American brand. The brand offers unique designs on the top and sides of their guitars.

Their maple top guitars indicate the companion of two other renowned brands named Fender and Gibson. Nonetheless, there are mainly five main lines of guitar available in this brand. They are PRS Private Stock, PRS S2, PRS SE, PRS Core, and PRS Bolt-On.

Each of the lines has several series that offer versatile guitar models. So, you can get a wider range of models according to your budget. Though PRS guitars are also pricey.

Things We Liked About / Pros:

  • Most guitars come with a Gibson-style arched top.
  • The guitars are made of quality wood and other materials.
  • Some of the guitars are exceptionally good and come with different humbuckers.
  • Comes with quality hardware and has consistent quality control.

Things We Didn’t Like About / Cons:

  • Some guitars are compromised in hardware.
  • Some pickups are made out in the USA.

Difference Between Suhr Vs PRS Guitar Brand-

Well, you can already predict that even though both brands are well-reputed, they differ from each other. Some specific points are given below.

1) Guitar Models:

Guitar Models Details

Till now Suhr has offered a total of 7 guitar series to its customers. They are,

  • Strat-shape guitar from the Suhr Classic Series
  • Telecaster-style from Classic T
  • Jazzmaster-style model from Classic JM
  • Strat Gravitating towards Superstrat from Suhr Standard Series
  • Superstrat from Suhr modern series
  • Modern T Series
  • Aura Series

However, other standardized and customized guitars are also offered by the brand Suhr. Each guitar has a different finish, fretboard materials, pickup specifications, and others.

From shred-friendly features to classic features, Suhr has it all. Nonetheless, though most of these models are Fender-style yet they are unique.

Also, PRS has several lines and a Series of Guitars. They include,

  • S2 Standard, S2 Custom, and S2 McCarty Series from PRS S2 line
  • McCarty 594, McCarty 594 Singlecut, and McCarty 594 Thinline from McCarty Series
  • DW CE 24 Floyd, CE 24 Semi-Hollow, and CE 24 from Bolt-On line
  • Standard 24, Standard double-cut 24 from PRS SE line
  • PRS Private Stock Custom 24, Singlecut, Santana, Dragon from Private stock line


There are other models from PRS Core and other lines and series. Some models have usual PRS features while others are really exceptional like the PRS Silver Sky, PRS Custom 24, PRS McCarty, and others. They have extraordinary features.

2) Construction:

According to construction, both Suhr and PRS are famous. But Suhr is one step ahead because of using the most advanced technology which is known as PLEK System. This technology uses microprocessors to make the guitar construction more precise.

The neck and radius of a Suhr guitar are cut by applying this technology. Hence, the cuts are unique and do not feel like human cuts.

On the other hand, PRS guitar manufacturers do not use such technology to construct their guitars. However, the construction is the professional level and high in quality.

3) Pickups:

PRS Guitar Pickups

Suhr offers specially handcrafted pickups to their guitar users. In fact, it is the best part of their guitars. The single coils and humbuckers are handcrafted and high in quality.

Moreover, the pickups react fast and make a clean sound. However, they have Fender-style bridges. The JM guitars have tune-o-Matic bridges. Moreover, the brand uses bridges of the Gotoh 510 model.

They also have a variety of pickups. You can get pickups from modern humbuckers to vintage single coils. Now to talk about PRS guitar pickups, they are also hand-wound by professionals.

Moreover, they also have a wide pickup range with versatility and various tone. Most guitars have two 85/15 humbuckers. Exceptional PRS comes with DS-01 bridges.

4) Body:

Indeed, both brands pick the best wood for building the body of the guitar. Suhr uses mahogany, flamed maple, Indian rosewood, and even cedar to manufacture their guitars. Using a laser, PLEK, CNC, and other technology, Suhr gives a perfect finish to its guitars.

However, most PRS guitars have a maple top or a complete Fender-style arched top. They are also violin-style and use different wood like maple, mahogany, or rosewood.

5) Neck and Fretboard:

Fretboard and Neck

Most Suhr guitars have a flamed maple fretboard. Whereas most PRS have a fretboard made of rosewood. However, Suhr guitar necks have a satin finish and not Ibanez-type thin necks. Also, the fretboards are radius.

In contrast, PRS guitars have a wide thin necks. Most are 1/32 narrower and not like the wide fat neck. However, they mostly have a number of total 24 frets.

6) Playability:

The fretboards of Suhr guitars are a bit curved to offer a compound radius. The curve is made in the lower part. Hence, the compound radius feature provides the best playability along with great string action.

PRS guitars come with apparent molded tremolo. This feature helps the users to have better control over the guitar while playing.

7) Price:

Both Suhr and PRS brands offer guitars of different price ranges. But Suhr is way expensive. The Suhr basic model guitars come with a price range of $2000. The price can go up to $20000 according to the customized designs and advanced features.

Surprisingly, PRS guitars are quite affordable. You can get a variety of PRS guitars within the price range from $650 to $5000. You can also get customized models within this range as well.

So, Which Guitar to Choose?

Well, if you are a new buyer then getting started with a PRS would be a great idea. But again, if you are willing to pay money to have the best experience ever then please get a Suhr! So, now we are clear about the Suhr vs PRS guitar.


Question 1: Why are Suhr guitars so good?

Answer: It is very obvious that Suhr guitars are great. The brand uses the most advanced technology to manufacture the guitars. From the body construction to the neck and fret and locking tuners everything is top-notch. Moreover, the PLEK system technology makes it way better.

Question 2: Are PRS overpriced?

Answer: Not at all. In fact, they are worth the price. However, beginner-level guitarists may find it a bit expensive but for professionals, their price range is absolutely okay.

Question 3: Is PRS as good as Gibson?

Answer: Well, both PRS and Gibson are great brands. You will not go wrong with any of the two brands. However, for freshers, the best idea would be to go for a PRS one at an affordable price rate. The cheaper Gibson guitars may seem a bit overpriced to them.

Question 4: What PRS is equivalent to Les Paul?

Answer: PRS Custom 24 is often compared to the Gibson Les Paul guitar models. However, some other exceptional PRS guitar models are also compared with Les Paul ones.

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