Martin LX1 Vs LXM [Difference & Which is Better Performing]

For the best guitars, the Martin brand always remains on top. All its guitars come in top-notch quality and the Little Martin range ones surely stand out from all. Martin LX1 and LXM include the range. Hence, they have similarities and distinctions as well. hence, the discussion Martin LX1 vs LXM comes.

Well, both these little martin guitars are arguably hyped in the instrument market because of their unique features. Both guitars are small in size. Hence, they are handy even for small-hand people and easy to play with.

Martin LX1 Vs LXM

Major Differences in Short –

The main difference between the Martin LX1 and Martin LXM is their body material. The Martin LX1 is mainly a wood-based guitar whereas the Martin LXM is plastic-based guitar. Hence, there are differences in the method of their manufacturing. Moreover, due to their different construction materials, both guitars sound significantly different from each other. Again, the guitars also come in different price ranges.

However, there are other things to elaborate on as this little information is not going to be helpful enough. So, let us discuss elaborately the topic with an attached precise comparison table.

Comparison Table:

FeaturesMartin LX1Martin LXM
Body Construction Wood-basedPlastic-based
String 66
Tuning Chrome-basedNickel-based
Neck and Fretboard Stratabond Neck and Rosewood fretboardStratabond Neck and Richlite fretboard
Durability and Playability  HighHigher
Price ExpensiveAffordable

Martin LX1 and LXM Review:

Till now the users of these guitars have given mixed reviews. However, a discussion on individual guitars might help you a bit.

Martin LX1 – Detail Discussion:

Martin LX1 Review

Martin LX1 is becoming everyone’s first choice when it comes to buying a small guitar. The guitar fulfills all the criteria one may require. It is built with wooden material and is exceptional from other guitars of the Little Martin Series.

The guitar has High-Pressure Laminate Mahogany sides and back with a Sitka spruce top. Hence, the quality of the guitar is ensured. So, the guitar also lasts long. Moreover, the compact size of the guitar makes it easy to play for people with small hands.

Again, the 3/4 scale guitar is also easy to carry or travel anywhere. Beginners out there can choose this guitar without any second thought. Even left-handed people can also play the little Martin LX1 guitar because of its unique design.

However, there is no electronic component attached to the guitar. Hence, you cannot amplify the sound. But overall, according to the price and features this guitar is surely worth having.

Things We Liked / Pros:

  • Made of wood-based materials hence produce better sound.
  • Laminate sides and back make the guitar resistant to humidity and temperature changes.
  • Sounds almost like a full-sized guitar.
  • Highly durable, comfortable, and playable as well.

Things We Didn’t Like / Cons:

  • Performing Live with it is tough since the guitar is not featured with electronics.
  • The full body is not solid hence, the sound is compromised.

Martin LXM – Detail Discussion:

Martin LXM Review

For your information, the Martin LXM was invented before the Martin LX1. We have already mentioned it is a plastic-based guitar. The materials are selected and filtered in a way that offers the characteristics of real wood.

Nonetheless, this guitar is also built with high-pressure laminate material. Hence, the guitar is durable enough. However, due to the plastic body, the guitar produces a sound that is significantly different. But for some people, this is not a problem.

Moreover, the Martin LXM also comes with a 3/4 scale body. Hence, this little guitar is suitable for guitarists of all sizes. Again, left-handed people can also play the guitar. Also, the guitar is travel-friendly.

However, this little guitar also does not include any electronic equipment. But the strings and tuning machines are made of quality materials. Overall, the Martin LXM guitar can also be a go-to guitar for beginners.

Things We Liked About / Pros:

  • The guitar is made of High-Pressure Laminate material.
  • Almost sound like a wood-based guitar.
  • Comfortable, great for beginners, and portable.
  • Comes at a budget-friendly rate.

Things We Didn’t Like / Cons:

  • Sound is highly compromised.
  • Not the best for professionals.

Differences between Martin LX1 Vs LXM:

From the review part, you already know both these little Martin guitars are quite different from each other. So, let’s compare the differences.

1) Body Construction –

Martin LX1 Body

We have already come to know that, the Martin LX1 and LXM are made of two different materials. the LX1 is partly wood-based. Whereas the LXM is plastic-based. However, both the little Martin guitars are made of HPL material.

Nonetheless, the LX1 is more popular for its Mahogany sides and back. Moreover, its Sitka spruce top is patterned HPL. Hence, it seems more like solid-wood guitar models out there.

On the other hand, the Martin LXM having a plastic body cannot beat other guitar models.

2) Sound –

How would a guitar sound is mostly depended on the material it is made of. Having said that, we know the Martin LX1 comes with an actual Sitka spruce top surface. This feature adds to the performance and helps produce better and quality sound.

Moreover, the guitar sometimes sounds like solid big-sized guitars. In contrast, the Martin LXM has it entirely HPL patterned. Hence, its sound is also compromised. So, the sound may not seem satisfying to all.

However, none of these little Martins has built-in electronic features. Thus, they cannot be connected to any sound system. As a result, both guitars are not suitable for any live performance. So, both these guitars play as acoustic guitars.

3) String and Tuning –

LX1 String and Tunning

However, both Martin guitars are built with quality strings and tuning. The Martin LXM has six strings and they are made of steel material. Moreover, the tuning device is made from Gotoh nickel. Thus, the materials are high in quality.

Nonetheless, the Martin LX1 has tuning machines of chrome-based. The small chrome knob tuners are also great. Moreover, its strings are also made of steel.

4) Neck and Fretboard –

Both guitars come in 3/4 or 23” scale lengths. The Martin LXM does not have any cutaways in its body. Also, it comes with 20 medium jumbo frets. Moreover, it has Richlite fingerboard material.

However, both Martin LX1 and LXM guitars have rust Stratabond necks. Additionally, the LX1 has a fingerboard made of East Indian Rosewood or Solid Morado. This guitar also has 20 frets.

5) Durability –

The Martin LX1 and LXM, both guitars are significantly durable. However, the Martin LX1 is comparatively less durable due to its wooden material. The guitar is vulnerable to damage under some particular conditions like while traveling.

Again, for being entirely LPH patterned, the Martin LXM is more durable. It is not prone to damage under certain conditions. Moreover, you can easily travel with the guitar.

6) Playability –

martin lx1 playability

Since both Martin guitars are little and compact, they are easily playable as well. Moreover, no setup is required for playing the guitar. Therefore, both guitars are perfect for beginners out there.

7) Price –

Sure thing that the Martin LX1 costs more because of its wood material. The authentic Sitka spruce top of the guitar makes it comparatively expensive. Moreover, the chrome-based tuning machines also make the guitar expensive.

In contrast, the Martin LXM comes at a much lesser price. As the guitar uses plastic materials and nickel tuning machines, it does not cost much.

So, Which One to Choose?

Now that you know the main differences, you must know which one to select. Select one that will meet your need and that sounds exactly what you want it to sound like.

But if you are still confused, then let us help you. Get the little Martin LX1, if you want the feel of a perfect guitar with a better sound. But if your budget is low, then get the Martin LXM.


Question 1: What Martin guitar did Ed Sheeran use?

Answer: Ed Sheeran, one of the most popular singers used a guitar from the Little Martin LX1 series. He also owns the new Martin Ed Sheeran Divide Signature Edition Guitar.

Question 2: Where is Martin LX1 made?

Answer: This particular Martin LX1 guitar model is made in Mexico. The guitar is designed with many unique features of Martin guitars.

Question 3: How small is a Little Martin?

Answer: A little Martin comes in a small and compact body. It has a 3/4 scale length. The LX1 acoustic guitar is a parlor-shaped guitar.

Question 4: Is the Little Martin worth it? Why this is a great guitar for beginners?

Answer: Undoubtedly, the Little Martin is worth it all because of its compact design and affordable price. The guitars are great for beginners as they are comfortable and highly playable.

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