Yamaha LL16 Vs Martin [Difference & Which Better Performs]

People really need help when it comes to choosing between a specific guitar of brand and a guitar brand. No wonder why people search comparison for Yamaha LL16 vs Martin guitars.

It is simply because they are comparable. And if you actually want to buy one, you need to know which one would be the best for you. Well, both Yamaha and Martin brands offer some of their best collections. But of course, the mentioned ones have distinct features and differ from each other.

Yamaha LL16 Vs Martin

Major Differences in Short –

Among 17 several guitars in the Yamaha L series, the LL16 is one of them. Again, among the Martin guitars, the Martin DSR is comparable with the Yamaha LL16. However, both branded guitars are great and also, come in almost the same price range. Then again, they sound different. The LL16 has less bass but the Martin guitars will offer you more resale value. Furthermore, LL16 delivers a warmer tone.

Nonetheless, you need an elaborate discussion regarding the topic. Otherwise, it will not be clear to you. Thus, we have come up with a precise comparison table and other detail below.

Comparison Table:

Features – Yamaha LL16Martin
Sound quality Full, brighterBass, delicate
Playability Less comfortableComfortable
Construction Solid wood bodyLaminated wood body
FretboardEbony fretboard‘T’ frets
Neck structure 5-ply mahogany + rosewoodC-shape, thick, free neck reset
Comfort Not so muchVery much
Price AffordableAffordable

About the Martin and Yamaha LL16 Guitars:

Certainly, both brands and their guitars differ from each other. But obviously, both brands ensure quality. Hence, the guitarists and users give a mixed reaction to the guitars. So, let’s dive into the detail.

Yamaha LL16 in Detail Discussion:

Details About Yamaha LL16

Firstly, the brand Yamaha is popular for guitars since its birth. Again, among all Yamaha guitar series, the L series is the most popular one for its acoustic guitars. Till now, the series has offered 17 different guitars to their customers.

However, all these guitars come almost with the same features. But then again, they have different price ranges.

Speaking of the Yamaha L series, the both LL16 ARE and LL16D ARE are famous. Also, people often want to know the differences between guitars. here, ARE refers to Acoustic Resonance Enhancement.

This is a process that Yamaha ensures while manufacturing their guitars. It improves the tonewood and hence, the guitars last longer.

Difference between Yamaha LL16 and LL16D:

Surprisingly, both LL16 and LL16D guitars come with the same full jumbo shape. Also, we have already mentioned, both guitars offer acoustic resonance enhancement.

However, the Yamaha LL16 comes in different finishes including brown sunburst, natural, and dark tinted. The 16 refers to the second-level model in this series. The guitar has solid rosewood sides and back.

Again, the Yamaha LL16 delivers a brighter tone compared to other guitars of the Yamaha L series. Then again, sometimes the guitar provides more pronounced and more overtones.

On the other hand, the LL16D guitar comes with an Abalone inlay. The guitar also comes with only in black and natural finishes only.

However, the main difference between these two guitars is their price. To buy the Yamaha LL16D, you need to pay $265 extra. The extra cost is basically for the inlay feature. Otherwise, they sound almost the same.

Moreover, there are other models, like the LL16Mwith a strong mid-range and warm earthy tone. Again, there is an LL16L model that is made for all the left-handed guitarists out there.

Things We Liked About / Pros:

  • Comes with versatile finishes and has a traditional shape.
  • The guitar can cover both the rock and country genres.
  • Manufactured and treated with A.R.E process for having Englemann spruce top.
  • Long-lasting, budget-friendly, and also, best for beginners.

Things We Didn’t Like About / Cons:

  • Though the guitar is defined as Dreadnought but looks oversized.
  • Comes with a plastic saddle and nut.

Martin Guitar in Detail Discussion:

Martin Acoustic Guitar

Like Yamaha, Martin also manufactures and offers acoustic guitars to both beginners and professionals. The brand Martin & Co. is running their instrument manufacturing company for around 200 years.

You must have seen Willie Nelson or Johnny Cash holding a Martin guitar in their hand and playing them. Moreover, you will get a Martin at any given price rate. The brand is only experimenting while maintaining a long catalog of classic collections.

But again, the Martin guitars have their very own Martin Bass. If you talk about Martin DSR, the guitar is entry-level and has a satin finish. However, the most convincing part of a Martin guitar is its compactness. Again, some have a giant body shape.

Things We Liked About / Pros:

  • The guitars come with a resonant spruce top.
  • Most guitars are compact, portable, and high in playability.
  • Highly affordable with quality features.
  • Comes with different finishes and appearances.

Things We Didn’t Like About / Cons:

  • Most guitars do not come with solid wood back and sides.
  • Manufacturing does not go under enough care.

Differences Between Yamaha LL16 Vs Martin:

You can already predict that both guitars are different from each other. From their construction to their sound, everything is different.

1) Sound Quality:

Sound Quality of Acoustic

We have already mentioned that Yamaha LL16 sounds way brighter. The guitar also sounds ballsiest delivering balanced highs and mids. Also, they have great sustainability. Moreover, the sound never gets noisy even after strumming hard.

Thus, the guitar sounds very clear, whole, loud, and powerful. While fingerpicking, the strings produce bell-like sounds and it is considered ideal as well. Nonetheless, distortion occurs when you play hard.

However, on the other hand, the chords of the Martin guitar also sound lively and bright. When recording, a Martin offers a deep and full lower end. It makes a great bass sound.

2) Construction:

Between a Yamaha and Martin guitar, the Yamaha always wins in terms of its construction. The Yamaha LL16 has a solid wood construction. The dread has a solid mahogany-made spruce top. However, the construction is also somewhat a bit responsible for sound distortion as well.

Again, according to construction, the LL16 can beat any high-end guitars from other renowned brands. For the price, the woods for LL16 are the best deal. It also goes for the tuners.

In contrast, the Martin guitars do not come with solid wood construction. Rather, they have back and sides with laminated wood.

3) Fretboard and Neck:

Well, the Yamaha LL16 comes with a great fit but it lacks in better setup. The third fret of the fretboard has a buzz. And it is not accepted.

However, the guitar has a fretboard made of 3-ply ebony with an ebony bridge. The neck Is also made of mahogany-rosewood-mahogany. Again, the bracing is non-scalloped. The golden Grover-type tuner also adds to its value.

On the contrary, Martin guitars come with a free neck reset. The manufacturers use glue to join the neck with the body. However, a Martin guitar neck is not made of wood pieces but is truly made of wood. The neck has a birch wood laminate feature. Again, most of their guitars have ‘T’ frets.

4) Playability and Durability:

According to the construction method, high-quality materials, absolutely amazing finish, and everything else, the Yamaha LL16 is highly durable. However, the size of the guitar is giant. Hence, initially, it may feel troublesome to adjust.

So, the guitar shows less playability. Then again, for professionals, it is nothing. However, Martin guitars always come with a high level of playability. They are compact and also quite durable. However, it cannot beat the LL16 when it is to sustainability.

5) Price:

Both Yamaha and Martin offer some of their best guitars at affordable price rate. The Yamaha LL16 is not an exception. It costs around 1,099 US dollars to buy. While different Martin guitars have different price ranges. However, some are affordable too.

So, Which Guitar to Choose?

Well, now that you know both Yamaha and Martin are famous guitar brands and can offer affordable guitars, you can select them both.

However, the Yamaha LL16 is always better in terms of everything inside and outside. Then again, you need to know which sound you require. The guitars deliver different sounds. So, it is up to your choice and needs. Now, You are clear about the both Yamaha LL16 vs Martin guitar quality and their own performance.


Question 1: Is the Yamaha LL16 worth it?

Answer: Undoubtedly, the Yamaha LL16 offers everything nice and a great deal of tone for a decent amount of price. The solid wood construction would be the best for you if you are concerned about the quality build. Hence, of course, the guitar is worth it.

Question 2: Which Yamaha guitar series is best?

Answer: All acoustic guitar series from Yamaha are the best. However, people mostly prefer the L series because of its versatility and budget-friendly features. The LLM, LL6, LL16, LL16D, and others are some fine guitars to get on.

Question 3: What is the most sought-after Martin guitar?

Answer: The most expensive guitar from Martin is its D-18E model. Surprisingly, this model is also the most sought. Again, there are other expensive Martin models that are also sought the most.

Question 4: What is special about a Martin guitar?

Answer: For delivering a nice sound with quality features, the Martin guitar is forever special and famous. Moreover, the brand has diversified and some exclusive collections to offer.

Question 5: Are Martin guitars any good?

Answer: If you are looking for the best acoustic guitars, you must bring the Martin guitars on the list. Since 1833, the brand is only improving.

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