Ibanez Mikro Vs Squier Mini: Difference & Which is Better?

It is actually hard to find an entry-level guitar with features that meet the expectation level of players. But things are pretty different when you are choosing either Ibanez Mikro or Fender Squier Mini guitar. These two come with promising features and decent sound.

But when you want to choose between Ibanez Mikro Vs Squier Mini, then you need to take a lot of things into your consideration. These two guitars are tremendously efficient and inexpensive. But which one is superior to the other is a question that requires great attention.

Ibanez Mikro Vs Squier Mini

Primal Differences in Short  –

The main difference between these Ibanez Mikro Vs Squire Mini guitars lies in their appearance. The former carries a bigger body size with a 28.6 inches scale neck while the latter has a compact body with a 22.75 inches scale neck. They differ in sound quality too. An Ibanez Mikro guitar has a smooth bass flavor in the tone while a Squier Mini has a brighter and clearer tone. In the case of price, the Ibanez asks for more money than a Mini which is worth it too.

There are more dissimilarities that make these two guitars different from each other. We will explain those gradually, and for now, see the comparison table we have added for your quick knowledge.

Comparison Table:

Features –
Ibanez MikroSquier Mini
Body Quality:
Scale Neck:28.6 inches22.75 inches
Sound quality:Smooth bassClearer and brighter
Knob: Tone, volume, neck, bridgeTone and volume
Hardware: BasicDefined
Versatility: MoreLess

Ibanez Mikro Guitars and Squier Mini-Reviews

Ibanez Mikro and Squier Mini guitars come with this smaller size, generally ¾ scale, and they are great for beginners or any kids. Both these guitars have their unique personalities. One has to witness the wonderful individualities of these two guitars to decide which one suits their desires more.

About Ibanez Mikro Guitars –

About Ibanez Mikro Guitars


For kids, the best choice should an Ibanez Mikro, and why so? It’s because the guitar comes with bridge and neck pickups and offers a great and decent sound. Besides, an Ibanez Mikro offers greater quality than any other guitars for kids.

The body structure is great and made with Agathis which does the job quite well. You will get different colors of this electric guitar to choose from them. Besides, the neck is different than the regular bass scales and it is 28.6 inches scale.

The fretboard is made with rosewood and lasts long as well. However, the sound quality is mesmerizingly amazing for it comes with a dual neck and produces tons of versatility in the sound. Besides, the knobs of the guitar let you tune volume, neck, bridge, and so on.

You will feel great with the bass-like smooth sound of the guitar. Besides, the perfect hardware condition of the guitar sustains the sound quality, and lower notes too. Also, the hardware condition is not very complicated.

Things We Liked / Pros:

  • As a ¾ bass, this guitar has the perfect grown-up look and more frets on the fretboard
  • You can have several colors to choose from one and all of them carry a neck and a bridge pickup
  • The knobs allow you to control and fine-tune to get the sweet spot of the Ibanez guitar
  • The amazing smooth bass sounds of the guitar have versatility and diversity in them

Things We Didn’t Like / Cons:

  • It costs 70 percent more than any guitar for kids

About Squier Mini Guitars –

Squier Mini Guitars

A Squier Mini guitar comes with a perfect size for your kids and they also have this toy-like look sometimes. However, a Squier Mini guitar has a neck scale of 22.75 inches. So, you will have fewer frets in the fretboard but it is okay.

The best thing is Fender’s Squier Mini guitar has a strong build quality. The maple-made neck is C-shaped and it enhances the guitar’s uniqueness. Besides, the body is made with both maple and basswood and they assure powerful sonic attachment.

Moreover, the sound quality of the guitar for kids is very promising. The guitar is popular mostly because of its clear tone and also because its basses are warm enough. Also, the strings of the guitar are comfortable enough to strum. The hardware of the guitar has detailed features.

You will get three single-coil and a switch that controls five ways also. There are knobs for volume and tone too. The mods of the hardware are reliable and offer to experience different frequencies too.

Things We Liked / Pros:

  • A perfect size for kids who finds trouble playing a grown-up guitar
  • Comes with strong body materials and Fender’s special features
  • Offers clear high notes and warm bass notes in the sound
  • Great hardware design with extra mods and two knobs

Things We Didn’t Like / Cons:

  • The guitar lacks some features as an electric guitar

Differences Between Ibanez Mikro Vs Squier Mini Guitar:

Even though both Ibanez Mikro and Squier Mini are entry-level guitars, they have different qualities. There are dissimilarities through which you can choose the perfect one for you. But one fact is clear both guitars can do nothing wrong and are promising in nature.

1) Body Appearance –

The first dissimilarity which will attract you at first is their different body appearance. An Ibanez Mikro guitar has a cool and mature look. It does not look like a toy and almost looks like a grown-up electric guitar.

On the other hand, a Squier Mini has a toy-like appearance. For kids, this appearance attracts them. Apart from that, the former guitar comes with different finishing options including pickguards.

2) Size of Scale Neck –

Size of Scale Neck

The Ibanez Mikro and Squier Mini guitars have Strat necks and these necks have different sizes. The former has 28.6 inches of scale neck while the latter has 22.75 inches of scale neck. This also determines the fact that an Ibanez Mikro has more frets in the fretboard and the Mini lacks in it.

3) Sound Quality –

The sound quality of an Ibanez Mikro is pretty good and impressive. You will get a smooth bass sound from the guitar. Besides, the lower notes are stable as well. Conversely, a Squier Mini is great in providing clearer and brighter tones.

4) Pickups –

Squier Mini Pickups

An Ibanez Mikro comes with two pickups in its neck and bridge position. So, these pickups help to provide versatility in sound quality to a great extent. On the other hand, you will see three single coils in a Squier Mini. They also participate in providing unique sound quality.

5) Knobs –

Ibanez Mikro guitars have knobs for tone, volume, neck, and bridge. They help to bring out the sweetest sound from the guitar. But a Squier Mini offers knobs for tone and volume. This insufficiency affects badly to the electric guitar.

6) Body Material –

In the case of body material, Ibanez guitars are made with a little cheaper Agathistonewood. But these guitars are really built with high-end quality. Oppositely, the Squier Mini guitars are made with basswood and have a study quality. However, both have rosewood-based fretboards.

7) Hardware –

The Ibanez Mikro guitar has very basic condition hardware but it serves promisingly. But the Squire Mini guitars have great design of the hardware.

Price –

To buy an Ibanez Mikro you need 70 percent more money than a Squire Mini guitar.

So, Which Guitar should you buy?

From the comparison, it is clear that the Ibanez Mikro guitar has more efficiency and sounds great as an electric guitar. A Squire Mini sucks on its features as an electric guitar to some extent. So, if you want a great experience, buy an Ibanez Mikro. But if you want to save up some money then go for a Squier Mini.

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FAQs –

Question 1: Is Ibanez a good brand for beginners?

Answer: Ibanez provides the best entry-level guitars and they are perfectly suitable for beginners. With a strong appearance and basic hardware, the Ibanez Mikro is a good-to-go guitar for amateurs.

Question 2: Are Mikro guitars good?

Answer: Mikro guitars have their own identity and solid features. The smooth bass sound quality and stability in the lower notes make the guitars pretty impressive for both professionals and beginners.

Question 3: Is the Ibanez Mikro small?

Answer: An Ibanez Mikro is smaller than a basic bass guitar. They are ¾ in size but they look like grown-up guitars with a compact size. As an electric guitar, the Ibanez Mikro has covered all the possible features promisingly.

Question 4: Is Squier Mini for kids?

Answer: A Squire Mini is for kids as it is smaller in size. The fretboard is smaller and it comes with fewer frets too. But for a kid, this is not a problem at all.

Question 5: Are Squire Mini guitars good?

Answer: Fender’s Squire Mini guitars are pretty good for a beginner and especially for a kid. The guitar comes with a great sonic attachment and its hardware is also powerful and defined.

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