Why are Jackson Guitars Good [from Beginners to Pro]

There is a mixed reaction we got from musicians when we ask them about Jackson guitars. And you might ask why so? The answer to the question is not very complicated and yet not very simple too. Where Ibanez, Fender, and even Gibson have immense popularity, Jackson legit struggles still hard to get the same kind of recognition.

Now, are Jackson Dinky & Soloist Guitars good?

The answer is Jackson guitars certainly have some distinctive qualities with which you can judge them thoroughly. But what makes the Jackson brand actually famous are their metal guitars. They make guitars for heavy music genres and their sound quality is also reliable.

The rest depends on the model of Jackson guitars that you are playing. So, we will next talk elaborately about Jackson guitars and briefly about their structure, sound quality, and many more things.

Are Jackson Guitars Good

Who Possesses Jackson Guitars Now?

Jackson guitars are now constructed under the Fender brand. Earlier, the situation was a bit different and Grover Jackson, the ex-owner, used to conduct Charvel and Jackson brands together. Later on, Fender bought the Jackson brand directly from its owner in 2002 and later on took possession of Charvel guitars as well.

Where is Jackson’s Guitars Made?

Today, we see Jackson guitars made in almost all the major countries like Japan, China, America, Indonesia, and many other countries. But there are some sections divided into different countries to manufacture different series of Jackson guitars.

While the X series of the Jackson brand is manufactured in Indonesia, the JS series of Jackson guitars is manufactured in a different country and is in China. Other series of Jackson guitars are made in the USA.

Why Are Jackson Guitars Good from Beginners to Professionals? Review:

A Jackson guitar is definitely worth a shot as long as it is under the care of the Fender brand. It has now become decades and Jackson produces pretty much convincing guitars with top-notch quality. Though it is hard to tackle the quality of a Gibson or Fender guitar, Jackson guitars are not lagging behind anymore.

1) Material of the Body –

Material of the Body

Most of the Jackson guitars come with a wooden body. The best Jackson guitars for metal are also made with basswood, mahogany, or Alder. Especially, Soloist and Dinky guitars come with a quality wooden body. But the cheapest wood wouldn’t affect much in the sound quality much, so it is not a big problem.

However, the neck of the guitars is made with maple wood mostly. Mahogany also contributes to the making of the neck part of a Jackson guitar. Then again, fretboards are made with rosewood and ebony mostly.

2) Quality Hardware & Pickups –

Quality Hardware and pickups

Jackson guitars have the most reliable hardware. From beginners to professionals, the function of the guitar is very much understandable. It carries settings that are best and top-notch.

  • Bridge – You will see the most efficient guitar of the JS series comes with a double-locking tremolo bridge from Floyd Rose’s original. Some guitars also have a fixed bridge of Tune-O-Matic. But the cheaper Jackson guitar has a fulcrum bridge and this bridge is not so bad too.
  • Pickups – To some players, the pickup is the most important part of the hardware. Jackson is generous enough to provide two quality humbuckers even within the affordable price of most of their JS series. And surprisingly, these pickups have ceramic-based magnetic features.
  • Tuners–Jackson uses the same tuner for almost all types of guitars. They generally attach Gotoh-styled die-cast tuners for these guitars and they are convincing enough even though not the best kind.
  • Nut – It ensures the tune of the strings so the nut is important for locking strings. They are mostly made of plastic and can sustain the tune of the strings for a long time in a Jackson guitar. However, many costly Jackson guitars have steel-made nuts from Floyd Rose and they are durable.

3) Seamless Fretboard –

A fretboard in a Jackson guitar is quite a reason for questing a Jackson guitar. There are many possibilities that the fretboard in a Jackson guitar comes with uneven frets. But this type of case is also limited to the models of entry-level only.

The expensive ones of Jackson guitars do not come with uneven frets or sharp edges in the frets. These fretboards are errorless and quite seamless.

4) Varieties in the Model –

Varieties in the Model of Jackson Guitar

It would be a great miss if you don’t give a thorough glance at the models of Jackson guitars.

a) Dinky:

This model is the most popular one among other many models of Jackson. Dinky models are the best for metals. Questions like “are Jackson guitars good for blues” do not fit when it comes to Dinky. It’s because they are solely made for heavy music genres inspired by the hard rock music of the 80s.


And their JS series has become the first priority for beginners. This series was the biggest trend of the 80s and still, we found the reflection of the glorious era through dinky models of Jackson.

b) Soloist:

There is a thin similarity between a Dinky and a soloist model. They almost look alike but the soloist model has a Superstart-like mold in the structure. This model was once the most satisfying instrument for players who craved neck through body and also bridges with a cutting-edge whammy.


Still, people worship this model of the Jackson brand and most lead guitarists choose this guitar as their primal instrument.

c) King V:

King V

King V model is one of the deadliest guitars in the Jackson brand. Dave Mustaine achieved this model and he plays it for thrash metal even now. To explore the wide range of metal genres, owning one of these King V models is enough for sure.

d) Rhoads:


Rhoads model is made per the name of Randy Rhoads, the first guitarist and solo musician. This lineup of the Jackson brand gets updated and improved every year. For classic songs of metal genres, punk, and rock, a player just cannot think it without the Rhoads model.

e) Kelly:


You can find a thin kinship between Kelly and Gibson Explorer models. It carries a fast neck and comes with a very metal-like cool look. This look fascinates many players. Besides, it is bigger than any natural Jackson guitar. So, you are going to get a different tone and resonance in the sound quality.

5) Incredible Jackson Lineup (Beginners to Pro Musicians) –

Its lineup of Jackson varies from one series to another and you should check them out.

  • JS Series – the most popular series, so to speak. They come in an affordable price range and are popular for beginners and intermediate players. The parts of the guitars of this series are insanely top-notch compared to their price range.
  • X Series – this series has the most unique design that gives off a modern vibe. Also, with modern settings like neck-thru advances, active pickups, pedals, and marvelous flame tops, this series is extraordinary big time.
  • USA Series – this series is being built in the USA as well. Thinking of the professional players only, this series is built. With great specs and advances, this series demands an insane amount of money for the price.
  • Pro Series – even for beginners the guitars of this series are the best kind. They leave you feeling like a pro even maybe you are just an amateur. So, is Jackson a good beginner guitar? Definitely, yes. For recording studio and stage performance, this series provides the best-ever performance.

So, you can already tell how great Jackson guitars are by their construction, variety, and amazing lineups.

FAQs –

Question 1: Are Randy Jackson guitars good?

Answer: Randy Jackson guitars do not have any positive reviews honestly. These guitars come in cheap quality and the color is not very well. Most importantly, the tone of those guitars is weird.

Question 2: Are Jackson guitars good for metal?

Answer: Jackson’s guitars are the god of metal and heavy music genres to the greatest extent. These guitars come with pickups favorable for playing heavy metals.

Question 3: Are Jackson Dinky guitars good?

Answer: Dinky models of the Jackson brand are mostly known for their amazing performance in the metal section. From beginners to pro musicians, Dinky never ceases to amaze them with its reverse headstock. So, Jackson’s Dinky & Soloist Guitars are good for beginners to professional musicians without any doubt.

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