Yamaha F310 Vs F370 [Difference & Which is better]

Are you looking for an acoustic guitar and considering Yamaha models? Yamaha is a trusted name in the music industry. It is committed to producing high-quality musical instruments for beginners and professionals. Their F series has grown in popularity among guitar lovers.

The Yamaha F310 and F370 have a lot in common. But there are some differences that set them apart. We compared two popular Yamaha acoustic guitars – the Yamaha F310 vs F370. These types of guitars are known for their quality. That makes them perfect for beginner and intermediate players.

Yamaha F310 Vs F370

We will discuss into the details of each guitar’s build, sound system, comfort, and playability to help you make an informed decision.

Comparison Table:

Features –Yamaha F310Yamaha F370
Body MaterialSpruce top, Meranti back and sidesSpruce top, Nato back and sides
Sound QualityBalanced tone with good projection and clarityBalanced tone with enhanced projection and resonance
DesignClassic dreadnought designClassic dreadnought design with cutaway
Neck MaterialNato neckNato neck
String TypeSteel stringsSteel strings
PlayabilityComfortable neck profile, suitable for beginnersComfortable neck profile, suitable for beginners
Sound ProjectionGood projection and volumeEnhanced sound projection and resonance
VersatilitySuited for various music genresVersatile for different music genres
DurabilityBuilt to withstand regular useSturdy construction with good durability
Price RangeAffordable, ideal for beginnersAffordable, suitable for both beginners and intermediates
Visual AppealClassic appearance with a natural finishClassic appearance with various finish options
Fret AccessStandard fret accessEnhanced fret access due to cutaway

Yamaha F310 and Yamaha F370 Overview:

Yamaha F310 and F370 both models are top popular acoustic guitars and it manufacturer Yamaha the renowned Japanese brand. These types of guitar normally designed for beginners players. Both are offering great sound quality with their affordable prices.

The F310 design comes with a simple and elegant. It’s body finishing natural and has a rosewood fingerboard. The Yamaha F310 body built in a classic dreadnought body; it also built in a stylish with sturdy.

On the other side, The Yamaha F370 built in a slightly larger body that provides the powerful sound. It comes with a colorful finishes, including natural, black and brown sunburst.

Both guitars sound quality is impressive, clear with a warm, mids and full bodied bass. Their high quality strings produce the brighter and clear sound. Both guitars built in high-quality materials that help to regular use and built to last.

Main Difference Between The Yamaha F310 Vs F370 Acoustic Guitar:

a) Body Shape & Dimensions:

Body Shape and Dimensions

The Yamaha F370 & F310 are the popular models but some difference on their dimensions and body shapes. The F310 has an acoustic dreadnought body with common shape. Their narrower waist and a wider lower bout produce the full powerful sound with well bass.

On the other side, the F370 has a concert body, which is slightly smaller than the dreadnought. It produces the clear mid range with crisp high balanced sound.

The F310 body dimensions are 100-118mm (3 15/16″-4 5/8″) for the depth, 412mm (16 1/4″) for the lower bout, and 96-116mm (3 3/4″-4 9/16″) for the waist. The F370 has a lower bout of 370mm (14 9/16″), a depth of 80-90mm (3 1/8″-3 9/16″), and a waist of 280mm (11″).

b) Material & Build Quality:

Both guitars are made with a spruce top. But their back and sides has some difference. The F310 built with a meranti back and sides, on the other side, the F370 has a nato back and sides. In this difference can affect the sound system of guitar. Such as, Meranti is producing the slightly brighter tone and nato is producing a warmer with fuller tone.

The F370 made with a higher gloss finish. This is giving it a more polished and refined look. The F310 has matte finishes that makes it more resistant to scratches & wear over time.

c) Sound Quality & Tone:

Sound Quality and Tone

The Yamaha F370 & F310 both guitars are designed for great sound. The F370 produces the richer and clearer sound quality for their dreadnought body shape with a solid spruce top. It also produces strong full bodied sound that makes ideal for finger-picking and strumming.

On the other side, the F310 produces a slightly lighter and brighter sound for their laminates spruce top with a meranti back and sides. So, it is very clear about the sound system of Yamaha F310 and F370. If you prefer the full and richer sound, F370 can deliver, while F310 delivers the brighter and lighter tone.

d) Playability & Comfort:

The Yamaha F310 built in a slightly smaller body that makes it easier to handle for beginners. The F370 built in wider neck and slightly wider string spacing that makes to more comfortable to players play.

Both guitars have a similar scale length. But the F370 is allowing for the access to higher frets for their longer fretboard.

e) Fretboard & Neck Design:

The Yamaha F370 built in a wider neck with rounded shape. This design shape is allowing the access better finger position and playability. The F310 look a traditional built in with a narrow neck and rosewood fingerboard. The F310 is more suitable for the smaller hand players.

The Yamaha F370 fingerboard built in a higher quality material like as ebony. That provides a smoother and consistent playing surface.

f) Hardware & Tuning Stability:

Yamaha is the trusted brand and they produce high quality different types of guitar and the F310 and F370 are no exception. Both guitars feature excellent tuning stability. These types of guitar are perfect choices for musicians.

The F370 comes with die-cast tuners, while the F310 has standard tuners. Both guitar strings are high quality, producing clear sound & suitable for any genre. The F370 comes with a larger body and deeper tone. Both guitars are appropriate for traveling with frequent use.

g) String Action & Intonation:

String Action

The string action can affect the ease and comfort of playing the instrument. You know what; string action refers to the height of the strings on the fretboard. Too low of string action causes buzzing, but lower string action makes things easier. On the other hand, higher string action can make playing more challenging.

It is critical to maintain the intonation of a guitar in order to produce accurate notes. Poor intonation can cause notes to sound out of tune when played. Proper intonation should be checked regularly for optimal sound quality. It is essential that a guitar’s tuning is accurate and in tune throughout the fretboard to play in tune notes.

Both the F310 and F370 have adjustable string action and intonation features, allowing customization to suit individual preferences.

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h) Price:

Price-wise, the F370 is slightly expensive around into $200. But the F310 usually costs around into the $150. As a result, the F310 is a more affordable option for beginners.
The F370 comes with a high design quality and higher performance with built in rosewood fingerboard and solid spruce top. In this reason their price is so high.

To conclude, the Yamaha F310 vs F370 are both excellent options for beginner to intermediate players looking for an affordable and versatile acoustic guitar. The F310 is lightweight, which makes it comfortable to play.

Finally, the choice is depend on your own need. Which types of guitar your choice and which guitar delivers the all your needs. Regardless of which model you choose, Yamaha’s has well reputation for their quality craftsmanship & the durability.

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