Yamaha C40 Vs C70 [Difference & Which is better]

The Yamaha one of the top popular guitar brand for classical and acoustic guitar. Their high quality guitars like to use any professional guitarist or beginners alike. The Yamaha C40 vs C70, these two types of classical guitar comes from the Yamaha c-series. Both guitars have many similarities but some difference between from the each others.

We are trying to sharing the comparing of both guitars. We discussed here the both types of guitars sound, design, fingerboard, neck, price and many more. Our comparing will help you the proper selection between the C40 and C70 guitars. Which types of guitar perfect for your need?

Yamaha C40 Vs C70
Comparison Table:


Yamaha C40

Yamaha C70

Tuning MachineChromeGold
PatternFire/Sunburst, Single Coloured, WoodSingle-Coloured

Overview of Yamaha C40 and Yamaha C70:

Yamaha is the world popular brand for classical and acoustic guitars. Their two types of model C70 and C40 are the best for the beginners or professional players.

Both Types of Guitars have an excellent design, their classic and elegant looking is more attraction for their black natural finishes. Both guitars built with a high quality materials and construction.

Their strings made of nylon that delivers the warm and soft tone. This tone is perfect for classical music. Both guitars built in quality for long last and regular use. The C70 provide the more refined and balanced sound.

The Yamaha C40 is the perfect choice for beginners and it offers affordable budget. But more experienced players use the Yamaha C70 for their superior sound and construction.

Pros & Cons of Materials Used of C70 and C40 –

Both Guitars have pros and cons from their built in material. The Yamaha C40 uses of meranti back and sides. But some guitarist thinks that meranti wood produces the less resonant sound and a less rich tone.

But the Yamaha C70 is a higher level classical guitar and it uses solid wood. This solid wood provides the sounder and richer tone. This solid wood construction makes the C70 more expensive. But the laminated nato back & sides not a durable as the construction of C40.

Main Difference Between The Yamaha C40 Vs C70 Acoustic Classical Guitar:

a) Body dimensions and weight:

Body dimensions and weight

In the terms of body dimension, the Yamaha C40 is the smaller body’s guitar than the C70. The C40 guitar length of 40.2inch but the C70 measures 40.9inch. The body dimensions can affect the guitars sound & tone. As results, the C70 built in larger body that produces a richer sound.

In the terms of weight, both guitars are constructed with high quality materials that long last their durability system. The C70 weights of 2.76lbs but the C40 is lighter weight at 2.65lbs. The guitars body dimension and weight are making them suitable for beginners.

b) Sound quality:

These types of guitar come with the category of classical and acoustic guitars. Generally acoustic guitars are known for their warm and rich tone. The musical construction of guitar is playing a vital role for the sound quality. Such as the guitar designs, string, body, neck, nut, width, and other materials.

The C70 delivers fuller sound due to its larger body size. A laminated spruce top is used in the construction of the Yamaha C40, while the C70 was built with a solid spruce top. These spruce qualities can also impact sound quality.

c) Fingerboard and frets:

Fingerboard and frets

The C40 comes with a rosewood fingerboard & it has 18 frets. Though, the Yamaha C40 has shorter fingerboard and has a fewer frets that makes it more suitable for beginners.

If we look at the C70, it built with a wider & longer fingerboard and it has a 19 frets. But the C70 offers the more space for your finger placement. This is perfect for the controlling with greater comfort for the advanced players.

d) Tuning stability and intonation:

Both guitars are popular for the beginner’s choice. But they have some differ for their intonation and tuning stability. In the terms of tuning and intonation, the Yamaha C70 built in a unique bracing pattern that enhances the guitar intonation. This bracing pattern system more accurate & consistent the tuning delivers.

But the C40 doesn’t deliver the more tuning and intonation like as the C70. Reason on their low construction materials and design but i’m not sure at all. The C40 is the perfect for the beginners. Behind the C70 design allow the more sustain and resonance.

e) Neck shape and playability:

Both guitars neck shapes some differ from the each others. The C70 guitars built in a modern with slim profile neck. But the C40 comes with a traditional classical guitar neck shapes. Normally, the guitar neck shapes depend on your personal preference & play style.

Because, both types have some advantage & disadvantage from their neck shapes. Which types of neck shape perfect for you that give more comfortable to play?

f) Strings:


Both guitars have some specifications that affect on thier strings section. Which strings that match the guitar sound and tone, you need to choose it. Normally, the C40 has nylon strings which it perfect for the guitars, such as D’Addario EJ45. These types of strings deliver the more balanced tone, warm sound and comfortable feel.

But the C70 comes with a higher tension string, such as Savarez 520R. We recommended that, you need to use this type of strings on your C70 guitars for their brighter sound and better sustain.

g) Price:

Both guitars have some difference from on the price list. In the terms of price, the C40 is more affordable that is the great choice for beginners. But the C70 comes with high quality material with classic design that is price is so high than the C40. The Yamaha C70 comes with a rosewood fingerboard with a gloss finish that may be the reason of price.

Which Guitar is suitable for beginner or professional?

The Yamaha C40 vs C70, these types of guitars are more suitable for the beginner & professional guitarist. Acoustic & classical guitars are popular because of their playability, durability, sound, tone, and comfort. Their high quality string ensures the perfect tone and sound.

Individual preferences & needs will dictate which is best C40 or C70 or C80. You can choose any guitar type that suits your skill level.

In conclusion, both Yamaha C40 and C70 are great classical guitars for beginners & professionals alike. With their reliable construction, excellent playability & affordability, it’s no wonder why Yamaha’s C series is so popular among guitar enthusiasts.

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