PRS Vs Schecter Guitar [Difference & Which is Better]

If you ask me about guitars that are coming into the limelight, I would gladly name PRS and Schecter guitars. These two companies are producing hilarious guitars. You might ask me why I emphasized these two particular guitar brands.

Well, the sharp contrast between these PRS Vs Schecter guitars will reveal soon how unique these two guitars are. Both have their flaws and at the same time adequacy in performance and that’s why they became reliable companies for musicians to trust on.

PRS Vs Schecter

Major Differences in Short:

PRS guitars are more versatile in the sense that you can play from the blues genre to metal and rock genres with them. Conversely, Schecter is more concerned with modern rock and metal genres than blues. Schecter guitars also have slim necks that offer easy accessibility in the upper fret too. A PRS has more of a traditional look and each of its guitars comes with a different tonal effect in the pickup. On the other hand, Schecter mostly provides humbucker pickup that can saturate and distort tones for heavy metal genres.

These differences evoke other slight differences between these two types of guitars. We will be talking about them elaborately. For the time being give a glance at the added comparison table below for quick knowledge.

Comparison Table:

Features –
PRS Schecter
Sound quality:VersatileWarm
Pickup:Hand-wound by professionalsHumbucker and EMG
Music genre:Blues, rock, metal, countryHeavy metal, hard rock
Scale length:25 inches25.5 inches
Neck structure: Not slimSlim
Comfort:Not so muchVery much

Schecter Vs PRS Guitar Review –

To get reviews of both PRS and Schecter guitars, you will find mixed reactions. Some would take the side of Schecter and then some PRS. What matters most is what you want in a guitar. And to meet your desires, you need to ransack the ideas that each brand of the guitar provides.

About PRS Guitars:

about PRS Guitar

PRS guitars come with this passionate look that you hardly will think of modification of these guitars. With the perfect finishing, wooden structure, and glued materials, the PRS guitar couldn’t have been better. From an ordinary classic look to an extraordinary vintage look, PRS guitars are great.

Then again, different PRS guitars provide different types of pickups. So, you can already assume each PRS guitar offers a different effect in tones. These pickups are made by some reliable professionals and actually offer a vast range of tones.

This much versatility in every pickup let the musician play from blues to rock and metal. You can also play jazz music and country finding the right pickup in the guitar. The scale length is 25 inches long which is convincing good but not as good as the length of a Schecter guitar.

However, the rosewood fretboard and the implantation of the “signature bird” marks on it enhances the look of the guitar. In terms of price, a PRS guitar is comparatively less affordable, unlike a Schecter.

Things We Liked About / Pros:

  • Comes with immense versatility and each guitar has a different specialty
  • Offers immense durability, great edges, and reliable finishing
  • Comes with different pickups made by professional specialists
  • Different tonal effects in the pickup allow you to play rock, blues, country, and many other genres

Things We Didn’t Like About / Cons:

  • It is a little pricier

About Schecter Guitars:

about Schecter Guitars

Schecter guitars are hilariously famous for their unique structure perfect for metal players. Not that Schecter guitars are only meant to play metal, their primal focus is on metal players. The Mahogany made body and neck give off a sense of firmness.

The 25.5 inches lengthy scale is great in look and the flat and thin structure allows the player to play upper frets with ease. One firm thing about a Schecter guitar is its Super-Strat double-cut traditional body. The enhancement adds to the look of the guitar is immense.

Moreover, you will fall in love with the warm tone coming from the Schecter guitar, thanks to their EMG and humbucker pickups. The defined sound helps the player to have high gain from the guitars too. This guitar is a blessing for heavy metal players.

In terms of versatility, I would not say Schecter guitars have yet flourished like the PRS but their development is attractive. The manufacturer of this guitar is pouring their heart to make the guitar more acceptable and the affordable price range is a bonus.

Things We Liked About / Pros:

  • Exceptionally thin neck to make the upper frets easier to grasp
  • Great EMG pickups with awesome hardware and knobs for controlling the sound quality
  • Perfect warm sound for playing hard rock, and heavy metal, also has high gain
  • Can saturate and distort sound at a very low volume and comes with a reasonable price

Things We Didn’t Like About / Cons:

  • Diversity is comparatively less than PRS guitars

Differences Between PRS Vs Schecter Guitar –

From the review part, it is already revealed that the two brands have their own distinctive qualities. Both provide players with advantages and disadvantages. They are worthy, and efficient in their own territory but they differ from each other when put in a comparison table.

1) Sound Quality:

PRS Sound Quality

As a musician, it is sound that matters from first to last. PRS guitars are great in providing versatile and numerous types of tones. If you can choose the right PRS guitar, you can meet the right sound quality you desire to have. From blues to rock to country music, PRS guitars cover all.

On the other hand, Schecter guitars are mostly metal-focused guitars. So, you will get a warm, beefy, bass, and creamy type texture in the sound quality. But you can also have guitars from this brand capable of playing other genres too. So, it’s not a bad deal for players who don’t play metal.

2) Pickups:

about Pickup quality

This is a very significant feature in both Schecter guitars and PRS guitars. The former comes with humbucker pickups and some of the guitars have EMG pickups too. This helps to distort and saturate the sound of the guitar to a great extent.

The latter, on the other hand, comes with pickups hand-wound by specialists of pickups. The various tone of the pickups and the range of their versatility is worth a mention.

3) Construction:

These two guitars come with differently constructed bodies. They also have similarities though. Both of their fretboards are made with rosewood. But the scale length is different. In PRS, the scale length is 25 inches and in Schecter, the scale length is 25.5 inches. Besides, the body of the latter is made of mahogany.

4) Aesthetic:

The PRS looks so great right out of the box that you will love it. From its firm construction to its seamless edges, everything gives off a classic look. Schecter guitars have a flashy look but that’s only because the manufacturer concentrates on the sound mostly.

5) Comfort:

Guitar playing Comfort

Finding comfort in a guitar is a challenging task. Schecter, in this particular term, assures you of immense comfort. With its slim neck and great scale length, this guitar makes it easy for the player. But the PRS lacks this characteristic. Read Also: Electric Bass Vs Upright Bass Guitar [Difference & Which is Better]

6) Price:

PRS guitars, with their immense versatility, ask for more money while the Schecter, with its great warm tones, comes within an affordable price range.

So, which Guitar is better?

Some people try both PRS and Schecter guitars to examine which one will suit their taste. I would recommend you to go for both as both are tremendously efficient in sound and stricter. But if you have a tight budget and you are a metalhead, don’t doubt to buy a Schecter. And if you play mixed and different genres, select one suitable guitar from the PRS brand.

FAQs –

Question: Is Schecter better than PRS?

Answer: In terms of metal music, I would say, a Schecter guitar is pretty much better than PRS. But in terms of versatility, the former lacks while the latter excels.

Question: Are Schecter Guitars worth it?

Answer: Schecter guitars are very much affordable compared to their outstanding warm tone. These guitars have the best potential and they are gradually developing too. Their EMG pickups are also great in quality.

Question: Is Schecter owned by Gibson?

Answer: Originally, Schecter was not owned by anyone but its very founder David Schecter. Initially, this brand used to send guitar parts to famous brands like Gibson and Fender.

Question: Which is better Schecter or ESP?

Answer: ESP wins the race of a great guitar brand with Schecter. It’s because ESP has a wider range of versatile guitars and they are more top-notch. Schecter is more concerned with playing rock and metal music genres.

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