Kiesel Vs PRS Guitar [Difference & Which is Better Performing]

Among some great branded guitars, Kiesel and PRS have become a central issue for some players. These two guitars are often criticized. But they have definitely a good reputation. Both brands of those guitars have been carrying out the business for decades.

Therefore, there are a lot of facts that people need or want to learn. As guitars are not any toys, some seriousness they deserve. Likewise, the difference between Kiesel Vs PRS will reveal how much these two guitars are capable of.

Kiesel Vs Prs

The Primal Difference in Short –

There are day and night differences between Kiesel and PRS guitars. While the former comes with immense versatility and modern taste, the latter brings a vintage and somewhat traditional feeling to its design. With some steadfast common rules, a PRS guitar is made. But a Kiesel guitar adopts diversity and experimenting is easier with this guitar.

Apart from these prominent differences, you will be encountering some more distinguished differences. For the elaborate part, prepare yourself, and right now take a quick glance at the added comparison table for your quick understanding.

Comparison Table:

Features –KieselPRS
Sound Quality:Clearer, modernVintage
Diversity: ImmenseLess
Neck structure:PrecisePrecise
Price:Over priceyBudget-friendly
Customer service:DefectiveEffective

Kiesel Guitars and PRS Guitars Review –

Both Kiesel and PRS guitars have tremendous histories. They are both guitars but they differ from each other to a great extent. And these unique differences will come up in front of your eyes only when you try to see them differently or individually. Both guitars are dominating the music industry for many years now and thus have gained huge personalities.

About Kiesel Guitars:

Details About Kiesel Guitars

Kiesel guitars are really fun to play because they come with variations and fulfill your modern taste. The versatility of a Kiesel guitar is immense and the high-end construction assures the fact with liability. From electric guitars to basses, you will get your desired one with a full-fledged feature.

Besides, Kiesel offers so many options, unlike other many guitar brands. They also offer hollow-body guitars and LP-styled single-cutaway guitars too. The neck of a Kiesel guitar is made with such precision that you will instantly fall in love with the guitar.

Kiesel offers guitars for metal, blues, fusion jazz, and for other many music genres. The problem is to maintain diversification in guitars, Kiesel somehow fails to govern all its models perfectly. Thus you might find the pickup of some Kiesel is not up to the mark. And, some are too pricey for the condition of the guitar.

Things We Liked About / Pros:

  • The pleasure of using a guitar with modern touch and design in the features
  • A wide range of models brings immense diversity in the construction of each guitar
  • From acoustic guitar to electric guitar to basses, you will get all types of Kiesel guitar
  • A precise neck and perfect sound quality provides you with a nice experience

Things We Didn’t Like About / Cons:

  • Some diversity carries faults
  • Too much pricey

About PRS Guitars:

About PRS Guitars

PRS guitars have a separate fan base as they are great in sound quality. You will get a vintage flavor from the guitar. One great thing about PRS guitars is the consistency in the feature. You will not get any guitar from this brand that has a faulty feature. Apart from that, PRS guitars follow some specific rules.

And all its guitars have some common features. That’s why you will find less variety and diversity in PRS guitars. With the cheapest price range, you can have a PRS guitar and their customer service is also mention worthy. Even you can get many overseas models at a far more reasonable price.

Their electric guitar also has this traditional vibe as their other acoustic guitars have. In the case of music genres, PRS is cable of covering all genres including classic rock, jazz, metal, hard rock, and whatnot. While playing a PRS guitar the guitar gives off the flavor of Gibson’s grittiness and Fender’s playability.

Things We Liked About / Pros:

  • Comes with a traditional flavor of many golden old brands like Gibson and Fender
  • You will find some steadfast features in all PRS guitars that assures the consistency
  • Covers almost all types of music genres from blues to classic rock
  • Wide options for an affordable price range and great customer service

Things We Didn’t Like About / Cons:

  • Does not come with wide diversity in the guitars

Key Differences between Kiesel Vs PRS Guitar:

As we have already said that there are many dissimilarities between Kiesel and PRS guitars, but they are not hard to distinguish. Both guitars have separate fan bases. Because both guitars come with reliable features you will also find some similarities too.

1) Design –

Kiesel Guitars Design

You can understand a lot by seeing the design of both guitars. Kiesel comes with updated designs. You will get a modern vibe coming out of the design and structure of the guitar. Anyone who remains with the dated design will appreciate a Kiesel guitar way too much.

Conversely, a PRS guitar has a traditional look. There is not much tasteful design for those who care for modern design a lot. Yet the traditional look of the guitar brings back a retro vibe and they are likable to many people too.

2) Sound Quality –

Sound System Kiesel

It is very important for a guitar to have nice sound quality. In this case, Kiesel and PRS guitars have their own very style of producing sound. Kiesel has this very mesmerizing modern tone. It produces a clearer and brighter tone.

PRS guitars, in this case, have a very vintage tone. They produce sounds almost similar to classic branded guitars like Gibson and Fender.

3) Pickup Condition –

Pickup Condition of PRS

Some people ask “are Kiesel pickups good?” The answer is vague because some Kiesel guitars have Strat-like pickup and some have low quality. But PRS guitars have a good start in the case of pickups. They provide trustworthy pickups.

4) Versatility –

Kiesel comes with incredible versatility in their guitars. The wide range of the versatile arsenal will startle you for sure. But it has a downside too. To maintain versatility, some guitars of Kiesel come with a less promising feature which gets many negative reviews.

On the other hand, we found that PRS guitars cannot reach the range of diversity that Kiesel has. Yet the collection of PRS guitars is great and reliable. But among Kiesel Vs PRS acoustic guitar, Kiesel wins for its diversity.

5) Music Genres –

Music Genre of Guitar

The best thing about PRS guitars is that they almost cover all the classic rock, country music, metal, and so on. Kiesel guitars are not lagging behind too. For modern musicians of prog, these guitars are great.

6) Customer Service –

Kiesel has some problems with its customer service. We found some negative reviews because they don’t take responsibility for their faulty guitars and that makes many players mad. PRS, in this case, is very much responsible and they take special care of their customers.

7) Price Range –

Kiesel is infamous because of their excessive price range. To some extent, the price seems extraordinarily high. But PRS guitars are great and can be found within your price range.

So, which guitar is better?

Both Kiesel vs PRS guitars have pros and cons. If you want some varieties and your budget is pretty big, then look for a Kiesel guitar. But be sure the guitar does not carry any faulty features. Then again, if you want some classic essence from a guitar, then go for a PRS guitar within your budget.

FAQs –

Question 1: Is PRS better than Gibson?

Answer: To some extent, Gibson and PRS have the same quality and features. But Gibson guitars are not as affordable as PRS guitars. Therefore, it is always better to have a PRS guitar instead.

Question 2: Is Kiesel better than Carvin?

Answer: Kiesel has an open and unconventional way of making guitars. That quality makes the guitar of Kiesel very cool. On the other hand, Carvin has some specific and uptight traditions and rules to follow from which they don’t generally deprave.

Question 3: Is PRS better than ESP?

Answer: PRS guitars don’t limit their selves only to metal or blues music. The guitars are both capable of playing hard rock and jazz. But ESP guitars are targeted to play only metal and heavy metal music. This limits the brand to a great extent and that’s why PRS wins over ESP guitars.

Question 4: Why is Carvin now Kiesel?

Answer: Because Carvin guitars were involved in other many brands and productions, they hardly had their own entity earlier. Later on, the owner of Carvin conducted their very own production for making guitars with his own name that is Kiesel. PRS guitar is good for metal or blues music, but Kiesel makes good bass guitars.

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