Epiphone ES 339 Vs Gibson ES 339 [Difference & Which is better]

When it comes to the world of electric guitars, few models have captured the hearts of musicians and enthusiasts alike like the Epiphone ES 339 vs Gibson ES 339. These two instruments stand out as epitomes of craftsmanship, sound quality, and playability.

Epiphone ES 339 vs Gibson ES 339

In this comparison, we will delve into the myriad of facets that differentiate these guitars and ultimately decipher which one might suit your preferences better. From design nuances to tonal variations, from neck profiles to musical genres, we leave no stone unturned.

Comparison Table:

Features –Epiphone ES-339Gibson ES-339
OriginVarious countries (e.g., China)USA
Price RangeGenerally more affordableGenerally higher-priced
Build QualityGood quality, budget-friendlyHigh-quality craftsmanship
MaterialsLaminate/veneer top, maple bodyMaple/poplar body, maple top
NeckMahogany with set neckMahogany with set neck
FretboardRosewoodRosewood or other premium options
Scale Length24.75″24.75″
PickupsTypically equipped with humbuckersVariety of humbucker configurations
ElectronicsBasic electronicsHigh-quality electronics
HardwareGenerally standard hardwarePremium hardware
Finish OptionsLimited varietyMore extensive finish options
Sound & ToneSlightly less refined toneRich, authentic Gibson tone
PlayabilityGenerally good, might need setupOften set up for optimal playability
Resale ValueLower resale valueGenerally better resale value
Iconic FeaturesInspired by Gibson’s ES-339Part of Gibson’s ES series lineage
WeightGenerally lighterVaries depending on specific model
Case/Bag IncludedOften includedOften included
Target AudienceIntermediate playersProfessional and serious enthusiasts
AvailabilityWidely availableLimited availability


Overview of Epiphone ES 339 –

The Epiphone ES 339 is a prime example of how Epiphone, a subsidiary of Gibson, has consistently provided affordable alternatives to its parent company’s iconic models. Epiphone’s “Inspired by Gibson” collection includes the ES 339, with the aim of capturing the same quality and style as the original Gibson models.

a) Design & Build:

Design & Build

The ES 339’s design draws inspiration from the classic semi-hollow body shape. That is offering a balance between the comfortable compactness of a solid-body guitar and the rich resonance of a hollow body. Its arched top, f-holes, and dual cutaway design contribute to its elegant appearance. The guitar boasts noteworthy build quality, reflecting the expected attention to detail of Epiphone instruments.

b) Sound & Tone:

In terms of sound, the ES 339 delivers a warm and versatile tonality. The combination of a semi-hollow body and dual humbucking pickups gives it a balanced output with a slight emphasis on the midrange. This makes it suitable for a wide range of musical styles, including blues, rock, jazz, and more.

c) Neck & Comfort:

The ES 339 features a comfortable SlimTaper C-shaped neck profile, offering smooth playability and easy navigation across the fretboard. This profile is favored by many players for its ergonomic design, allowing for extended playing sessions without fatigue.

Overview of Gibson ES 339 –

The Gibson ES 339, hailing from the iconic Gibson stable, embodies the essence of Gibson’s premium craftsmanship and timeless design.

a) Design and Build:


Much like the Epiphone version, the Gibson ES 339 features the same compact semi-hollow body design with f-holes and a double cutaway. However, the build quality, attention to detail, and premium materials used in the Gibson model set it apart. The fit and finish are immaculate, as one would expect from a high-end Gibson instrument.

b) Sound and Tone:

The Gibson ES 339’s sound is characterized by its impeccable resonance and unparalleled tonal depth. The use of premium woods and meticulous construction contribute to its exceptional acoustic properties, translating into a well-balanced and resonant electric tone. The Burstbucker pickups further enhance this sonic excellence.

c) Neck and Comfort:

Gibson guitars are renowned for their neck profiles, and the ES 339 is no exception. It typically features a Rounded “C” neck profile, which provides a fuller grip compared to the Epiphone’s SlimTaper profile. This neck profile is favored by players who appreciate a substantial feel in their hands.

Difference Between Both Epiphone ES 339 vs Gibson ES 339:

a) Sound and Tonal Differences –

Sound and Tonal Differences

While both guitars share a similar semi-hollow body design, the tonal disparities are noticeable. The Gibson ES 339, with its premium materials and meticulous construction, tends to offer a more resonant and rich tonality compared to the Epiphone ES 339. The Burstbucker pickups in the Gibson model contribute to a more authentic vintage sound. In contrast, the Alnico Classic PRO pickups in the Epiphone model offer versatility across genres.

b) Neck Profiles and Playability –

The choice of neck profile is highly subjective and depends on individual preferences. The Epiphone ES 339’s SlimTaper C neck profile is favored by players who enjoy a slimmer and more streamlined grip. For extended playing sessions, some players prefer the Gibson ES 339’s rounded “C” neck profile.

c) Pickups –


Equipped with Alnico Classic PRO humbuckers, the ES 339 can produce both vintage and modern tones. These pickups offer a well-rounded sound with a touch of warmth, making the guitar suitable for various genres and playing styles.

The Gibson ES 339 usually comes fitted with Burstbucker pickups. These pickups are known for their vintage PAF-style voicing. Which is delivering a rich and harmonically complex sound that’s highly responsive to playing dynamics.

d) Musical Genres and Styles –

Both guitars are versatile in terms of the musical genres they can handle. The Epiphone ES 339’s balanced tonality makes it suitable for a wide range of styles, from blues to rock to jazz. The Gibson ES 339’s richer tonal depth and vintage-style pickups lean it slightly more towards classic rock, blues, and jazz genres.

Making the Choice: Epiphone ES 339 or Gibson ES 339?

The decision between the Epiphone ES 339 and the Gibson ES 339 ultimately boils down to personal preferences and budget considerations.

If you’re looking for an affordable yet high-quality option that provides versatility across genres, the Epiphone ES 339 is an excellent choice. It captures the essence of the semi-hollow design and delivers a balanced tonality suitable for various playing styles.

However, if you’re a discerning player seeking the epitome of craftsmanship, tonal depth, and vintage authenticity, the Gibson ES 339 might be worth the investment. Its premium materials, Burstbucker pickups, and impeccable construction make it a coveted instrument among professionals and collectors.

Price Points:

As expected, the Gibson ES 339 comes with a higher price tag compared to the Epiphone ES 339. This price difference reflects the variance in materials, build quality, and overall prestige associated with the Gibson brand.

In Conclusion:

Both the Epiphone ES 339 vs Gibson ES 339 have their own unique offerings that cater to different segments of players. The Epiphone model provides an accessible entry point into the world of semi-hollow guitars without compromising on quality. The Gibson model stands as a testament to Gibson’s legacy of excellence and serves as a pinnacle for those who seek uncompromising craftsmanship and sound.

Ultimately, the “better” choice between the two depends on your musical aspirations, budget constraints, and personal preferences. Whichever you choose, both guitars offer a gateway to an enchanting realm of music and creativity. Which is carrying forward the legacy of semi-hollow body guitars for generations to come.

FAQs –

Q. Which guitar is better for various music genres?

A: The Epiphone ES 339 is designed for versatility, catering to a broad spectrum of genres like blues, rock, and jazz due to its balanced tonal character. With its Burstbucker pickups and richer tonality, the Gibson ES 339 leans toward classic rock, blues, and jazz styles.

Q. Do the neck profiles of these guitars differ?

A: Indeed, the neck profiles vary between the models. The Epiphone ES 339 features a SlimTaper C-shaped neck profile, offering a slimmer feel suitable for prolonged playing. Conversely, the Gibson ES 339 typically boasts a Rounded “C” neck profile, providing a more substantial grip.

Q. What tonal variations can I expect from these electric guitars?

A: The Gibson ES 339’s superior materials and Burstbucker pickups yield a richer and more resonant sound, well-suited for vintage tones. On the other hand, the Epiphone ES 339 delivers a warmer, balanced tone thanks to its Alnico Classic PRO pickups.

Q. Are both guitars suitable for professional use?

A: Certainly, both guitars can serve professional players, but the choice depends on personal preferences and budget. The Gibson ES 339’s exceptional construction and tonal richness make it a preferred choice among professionals seeking a top-tier instrument.

Q. Which guitar is ideal for achieving a vintage sound?

A: The Gibson ES 339 with its Burstbucker pickups is better suited for those aiming for a vintage sound reminiscent of classic PAF-style pickups. The Burstbuckers contribute to an authentic vintage tone with intricate harmonics.

Q. Can these electric guitars accommodate modern music genres?

A: Absolutely, both guitars are versatile enough to handle modern music genres. The Epiphone ES 339’s balanced tone and the Gibson ES 339’s adaptable sound characteristics make them suitable for a wide array of contemporary musical styles.

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