Gibson ES 330 Vs 335 [Difference & Which is better]

Gibson has many iconic electric guitars like as Gibson ES 330 vs 335 are of the top popular guitar series. Both guitars are high respected and it choice for countless top guitarists over the years. Their looking is similar to each other’s but there are some important differences that set them apart.

Gibson brand was introduced the ES 330 guitar with two P90 pickups and a thin-line semi hollowbody, in 1959. ES 335 guitar series was released in the earlier year in 1958. ES 335 included a solid center block with two humbucking pickups.

Gibson ES 330 Vs 335

We will try to share with you, which is the best performance? We will also explore the both guitars body design, pickup system, sound system, playability and many more. If you are beginner for guitar player, you must know about the musical instrument details.

Comparison Table:

Features:ES 330ES 335
Neck ShapeSlimTaperSounded “C”
PickupsP90 Single CoilHumbucker / Burstbucker 1 and 2
Controls2 x volume, 2 x tone, Toggle switchLead Volume & Tone, Rhythm Volume and Tone
Center BlockN/AMaple

Main Difference Between Gibson ES 330 Vs 335 Guitar:

a) Body style and neck:

Body style and neck

Body style is one of the main key of differences both guitar of Gibson 330 and 335. ES 330 builds with a hollow body which it made from laminated maple. ES 335 comes with a semi hollow body that’s built in a solid block of wood in the center. These difference can affect their tone with sustain of the guitar. It also varies with overall feel and weight.

When, we are following with the neck construction, some difference of two models. The ES 330 built a slim taper neck that is comfortable for play. The Gibson ES 335 build with a larger neck profile that is suited to players with larger hands.

b) Tonal Characteristics:

Tonal characteristics is the another main factor that is focusing, when you are comparing the both guitars. They are archtop electric guitars that produce a warm, rich sound, but there are subtle differences in their tonal profiles.

The ES 330 is focusing for their bright and trebly sound. The ES 335 is often described as having a thicker and more round tonality. This can be attributed to the ES 335’s solid center block. That is providing to adding sustain & reduces feedback, as well as its semi-hollowbody design.

c) Playability:

The ES 330 has a slimmer and lightweight body. That is making it comfortable to play for extended periods. It includes with a smaller neck, and the rosewood fretboard is ideal for players who enjoy a slick surface to glide on. The ES 335 build with a slightly wider nut and larger headstock, giving it a slightly heavier feel.

However, the neck profile and fretboard are identical to that of the ES 330 that makes it as easy to play. Both models have impressive playability, whether the player prefers the lighter body of the ES 330 or the slightly heavier feel of the ES 335.

d) Sound Versatility:

Sound Versatility

We will focus on one of the most important aspects of a guitar: sound versatility. The Gibson ES 330 is versed for its bright and chiming tone, thanks to its fully hollow body and P-90 pickups.

The Gibson ES 335 features a semi-hollow body and humbucker pickups, resulting in a warmer and smoother sound. Both models showcase exceptional playability and durability. The choice between the two largely depends on personal preference.

e) Bridge and pick-ups:

ES 330 pickups build with a single-coil P-90s, which it offer a warm tone with less distortion. The Gibson ES 335 builds with dual-coil humbucker pickups, which it offers a richer sound with more distortion.

The ES 330 build with a traditional floating bridge. The floating bridge on the ES 330 provides the player with more control over the action. It is perfect for fingerpicking. The ES 335 build with a fixed bridge.

Conversely, the fixed bridge on the ES 335 offers better sustain & stability. That makes it preferable for good playing styles, such as those used in rock and roll.

f) Volume and Tone Controls:

Volume and Tone Controls

These types of guitars feature similar layouts of two volumes with two tone knobs. The ES 335 includes an extra tone control for the middle pickup. It is allowing for a greater range of tonal possibilities.

Combined with the snappier response of the 335’s center block construction, that gives it an edge in versatility & dynamics.

The ES 330’s fully hollow body construction produces a distinct & warmer sound. This makes it a preferred choice for blues and jazz players.

g) Reliability:

Both models are known for their high level of reliability, making them ideal for professional players. However, the ES 335 has earned a more significant reputation for reliability among the two. It was designed to handle rigorous live performances and touring schedules, resulting in its widespread use by many famous guitarists.

The ES 335’s semi-hollow body design offers an optimal balance between sonic warmth and feedback resistance. This advantage makes it an incredible workhorse for recording or playing live.

h) Price Range:

Two models have some differences in terms of playability, durability, pickup, Tonal quality, build construction and sound, they also differ in price.

The ES 330 is generally more affordable than the ES 335. That is making it a popular option for those looking for a high-quality guitar at a more moderate price point.

The ES 335 offers premium features and is often considered a more elite instrument, which is lighted in its higher price tag.

i) Pros & Cons of Both Guitar:

When it comes to the Gibson ES 330 and 335 guitars, there are pros and cons associated with both. In terms of comparison, the 330 has a thinner body and more lightweight design, making it more comfortable for extended playing sessions. The 335 has a larger, more solid body, which can lead to a richer overall sound & better sustain.

  • In terms of playability, both guitars offer comfortable necks & smooth fretboards.
  • But the 335 has a slightly wider neck that may be more accommodating for those with larger hands.
  • As for durability, both guitars are built to last, but the 335 may be a bit sturdier due to its solid body construction.
  • In terms of pickup & sound quality, the 335 typically has a more traditional Gibson sound thanks to its humbucker pickups, while the 330 has a more unique single-coil sound.
  • When it comes to price, the 330 is typically more affordable than the 335, making it an attractive option for those on a budget.

Which is better for Performance?

A comparison of play-ability, durability, pickup, sound quality & price should be made to determine which guitar is better suited for your needs. The ES 330 is perfect for its lightweight and comfortable body, making it easier to maneuver & play for extended periods.

The ES 335 boasts a sturdy build and is equipped with more modern features and pickups. The 335 is considered to have a more versatile & rich sound compared to the 330, which is more suitable for specific genres like jazz.

Although, the ES 335 carries a higher price tag than the ES 330 guitars. It is considered a premium instrument with a superior sound quality with a long-term durability.

To conclude, both the Gibson ES 330 vs 335 are exceptional guitars that offer their own unique tonal qualities. The Gibson ES 335 provides a thicker and fuller sounds, the ES 330 is brighter & more articulate.

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