Taylor T5 Vs T5z [Difference & Which is better performance]

As a musician and guitar enthusiast, you undoubtedly know that choosing the right guitar is crucial to your sound and performance. The Taylor T5 and T5z are two guitars that have gained immense popularity among guitarists for their exceptional performance and versatility. Many people often find it challenging to decide which one to choose between the two.

Both type of hybrid guitars that combine the acoustic and electric guitar designs. They designed to deliver a versatile sound. It can handle a wide variety of genres with playing styles. Both guitars have many similarities. But some notable differences that set them apart from each other.

Taylor T5 Vs T5z

We will find out into the differences in body shape, tonal qualities, playability, and other features.

Comparison Table:

Features –

Taylor T5

Taylor T5z

Body TypeHollowbodyHollowbody Thinline
Number of Strings66
Body FinishPolyurethaneGloss
Nut and SaddleTusqTusq Nut/Micarta Saddle
Frets2121, Jumbo
BracingStandard T5Standard T5z
TunersChrome-platedTaylor Nickel tuners

Main Difference between the both Taylor T5 Vs T5z Guitars:

a) Sound and Tone:

Sound and Tone

Both guitars are designed to deliver exemplary sound quality and tone. But the T5 and T5z differ slightly in this aspect. The T5z model designed with a smaller body size. That provides the results in a brighter & more focused tone.

The T5 model has a larger body size, which produces a fuller and richer sound. Both guitars come with versatile tone control that is allowing the player to adjust the sound to preference.

b) Body Shape:

Body Shape

The T5 build with a hollow body design and it has a Venetian cutaway with a standard acoustic guitar shape. The T5z comes with a sleeker and more compact body shape. It built in a unique and modernized sound-hole design.

Its slightly smaller size also makes playing it more comfortable than playing the T5. There is a difference in body shape between the guitars that can affect their tone and sound. It also affect as well as its playability.

c) Neck:

The T5z offers a shorter scale length of 24-7/8 inches that makes it slightly easier to play and navigate the fretboard. It is especially helpful for those with smaller hands or who prefer a more compact instrument.

The T5 features a longer scale length of 25-1/2 inches. That delivers the slightly richer & fuller tone.

d) Fretboard:

The T5z is making a sleek and compact design; it includes a shorter scale length & more comfortable fretboard radius. This design makes it easier to play; especially it is perfect for smaller hands.

The T5 has a longer scale length and a wider fretboard radius. That takes some getting used to if you’re accustomed to playing on a smaller guitar.

The T5z is slightly more affordable. But the T5 offers a wider range of customization options and a more traditional look & feel.

e) Pickups:


The T5z is equipped with a set of custom-designed humbuckers that are mounted closer to the strings. It is allowing for a more direct signal and improved sustain. The T5 built in a more traditional setup with a combination of magnetic and piezo pickups. This is allowing for a wider range of tonal possibilities.

Humbuckers on the Taylor T5z produce a clear and bright tone that is suitable for rock & blues genres. This guitar’s combination of pickups adds a more versatile sound for a wide variety of music styles.

The T5z’s pickups build a greater control over your tone. It includes separate volume and tone controls for each pickup, while the T5’s controls are more limited.

f) Hardware:

In terms of design, both guitars have a similar look, with a single-cutaway hollow body and a sleek finish. However, the T5z features a shorter scale length and a more compact design. That is making it a more comfortable option for players who prefer a smaller guitar body.

In terms of control, both guitars have a range of knobs and switches. That is allowing players to adjust the volume, tone, and pickup selection. Both guitars offer excellent playability and durability, thanks to their high-quality construction & materials.

g) Portability:

The T5z is designed with a smaller body size and a more compact profile. This makes it a more portable option. This design feature allows for greater ease of transportation and storage.

That is making it perfect for musicians who travel frequently or have limited storage space. Because of the smaller T5z body, it may also produce a slightly different sound and tone from the T5.

h) Versatility:

The ability to switch between different playing styles and genres is essential for any musician. While the T5z is more compact & suited for a lighter, more mobile style of playing. The T5 comes with a wider range of tonal options. It has a larger size with traditional design.

This type of model offers the excellent sound quality. The T5z guitar is offering a slightly brighter tone and the Taylor T5 produces a fuller with richer sound. The Taylor T5 vs T5z guitar has easy control system. This durable construction that ensures they can withstand the rigors of live performance.

i) Price:

While both guitars are of high quality & offer exceptional performance, there are differences in their prices. The Taylor T5z is generally more affordable compared to the Taylor T5 that makes it a great choice for musicians who are on a budget. The decision on which guitar to choose will depend on your personal preferences & budget.

So, Which should I choose?

Both models have their unique features and specifications, which cater to different needs and desires of the players. The design of the T5z is sleeker & more compact than the T5, which some players may find more visually appealing.

Playability & durability are also factors that should be considered. Both models are built with high-quality materials and are equally durable.

In conclusion, both the Taylor T5 vs T5z are versatile guitars that offer a wide range of tonal possibilities. That makes them perfect for a variety of playing styles with genres. The T5z acoustic electric guitar builds in a compact size and a slightly different for tonal character. The T5 guitar is a classic model which it trusted by musicians for over a decade.

The Taylor T5 & T5z comes down to personal preference and intended use. Both guitars delivers the excellent sound quality & exceptional performance.

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