Yamaha FG800 Vs Fender CD 60S [Difference & Which is Better]

Numerous popular brands are manufacturing the best acoustic guitars for beginners. Among them, the Yamaha and Fender brands always remain on top. And often experimental guitarists ask for a discussion on Yamaha FG800 Vs Fender CD 60S.

Well, there are a lot of differences between them as they belong to different guitar brands. Hence, before getting any of them, knowing their differences is important.

Yamaha FG800 Vs Fender CD 60S

Major Differences in Short:

First, these guitars do not come in the same size even though both are dreadnought models. Moreover, they also have different body finishes. Again, there are a lot of differences in their configurations as well. The Fender CD 60S does not feature scalloped bracing. Thus, they produce different sound quality. So, there is a difference in their price range as well.

However, knowing this little is not enough. Thus, we are about to discuss the topic more precisely with an added comparison table below.

Comparison Table:

Features Yamaha FG800Fender CD 60S
Body ConstructionSolid spruce top, scalloped bracingSolid spruce top
Tone Balanced brightness, warmVersatile, lively
Neck and FretboardNato C-profile neck, rosewood fretboardEasy-to-play neck, walnut fretboard
HardwareChrome tuners, headstock, nut, and saddleChrome tuners, plectrums, hard-shell case
Playability HighMedium

Yamaha FG800 and Fender CD 60S Review:

Well, both guitars have their own customers. Till now, the users of the guitars have given different reactions. Let’s get to know their individual review.

Yamaha FG800 in Detail Discussion –

Yamaha FG800 Details About

Yamaha FG800 is one of the most popular entry-level models from the brand’s FG series. It is the upgraded version of the model Yamaha FG700 from the same series.

With a solid spruce top, this dreadnought acoustic guitar is big and the best for beginners. Moreover, the scalloped bracing feature in this guitar makes a world of difference in its sound quality.

It delivers a punchy tone and powerful projection, ideal for recordings and live performances. Additionally, the guitar boasts unique features regarding talking about its neck and fretboard.

With pretty much everything good, the Yamaha FG800 guitar is great even for intermediate players.

Things We Liked About / Pros:

  • The guitar features an excellent design and finish.
  • Suitable for both beginners and intermediate players.
  • Made of quality materials and delivers a punchy tone.
  • Highly durable and offers powerful projection with the best low-end.

Things We Didn’t Like About / Cons:

  • The guitar has high action.
  • The setup of the guitar is complex.

Fender CD 60S in Detail Discussion –

Fender CD 60S Review

Being one of the most popular iconic brands in America, Fender is bound to offer the best guitar to its customers. The Fender CD 60S is also not an exception.

This is undoubtedly one of the best guitars for beginners from the Fender Classic Design series. Its easy playable feature makes the guitar more acceptable to new learners of acoustic guitars.

However, this guitar is also a dreadnought guitar with all the features a learner may need to learn into deep. Overall, with a wonderful look and solid spruce top, the Fender CD 60S can be your first model in your guitar collection.

Things We Liked About / Pros:

  • Comes with great design and materials.
  • Easy to play and suitable for beginners.
  • Has a solid spruce top and laminated body.
  • Delivers lively and versatile tones.

Things We Didn’t Like About / Cons:

  • Comparatively expensive.
  • Does not feature scalloped bracing.

Differences Between Yamaha FG800 Vs Fender CD 60S:

There are distinct differences between these two guitar models from different brands. Let’s get to know them.

1) Body Construction –

fg800 body

There are very prominent differences between Yamaha FG800 and Fender CD 60S guitars. We have already mentioned that their sizes are different. The Yamaha one is a bit larger than the Fender one. Both are dreadnought guitars. However, the Yamaha FG800 comes with a more aesthetic look.

The guitar is designed with a scalloped-braced top, unlike the Fender one. Hence, the solid Sitka spruce top offers more quality. Moreover, the guitar features laminated Nato back and sides. The Fender CD 60S has mahogany laminate sides and back, which is also good.

Also, the Fender guitar has a natural glossy finish. Hence, it appears the wood grain. So, the overall wood pairing helps the guitar to perform well. On the other hand, the Yamaha FG800 arrives with a matte finish.

2) Tone –

Since the Yamaha FG800 has the scalloped bracing feature, it offers a better tone. So, this guitar is 100 out of 10. This feature makes live performances easier as it offers low-end and strong projection.

However, the wood pair of spruce and mahogany in the Fender CD guitar helps deliver a well-balanced and versatile tone. Solid wood features deliver warmth in tones while ensuring more volume and open-up.

Nonetheless, due to having scalloped bracing, the Yamaha FG800 is louder and quite resonant as well. Moreover, the guitar also balances brightness in tone while making sweet and warm sounds.

3) Neck and Fretboard –

Yamaha Neck Fretboard

The Fender CD 60S has an easy-to-play neck with a walnut fretboard. The fretboard has rolled edges. It has a scale length of 25.3”. The Yamaha FG800 has a 25.56” scale and rosewood fretboard. Moreover, it also has a Nato C-profile neck.

This Yamaha guitar also looks cool with the tapered neck and the round fingerboard edges. However, both guitar models come with 20 frets. Again, the Fender guitar has a walnut bridge, whereas the Yamaha has a rosewood bridge.

4) Hardware –

Well, both these Yamaha and Fender guitars offer quality hardware to their buyers. But both of them come with no electronics, which is okay since they portray beginner-level guitars. So, plugging is quite unnecessary.

However, they have quality tuners. The Fender CD 60S comes with die-cast chrome tuners. Moreover, the guitar includes a digital tuner, plectrums, and a hard-shell case.

On the contrary, the Yamaha FG800 also comes with quality die-cast chrome tuners fitted with the headstock. It also features a urea or plastic-made nut and saddle.

5) Playability –

Guitar of Tone and playability

According to playability, both mentioned guitars are good. All newbies who are up to learning acoustic guitars can go for any of them. However, the Yamaha FG800 is more playable due to its thick nut feature.

Its nut is 43mm thick. As a result, playing chords does not require much stretching of your finger. Again, both guitars are lightweight and easy to play.

6) Price –

The Fender CD 60S costs a lot more than the Yamaha FG800 guitar. Yamaha guitars are always well-known for their budget-friendly yet quality guitars. This specific model is also not an exception.

The Yamaha FG800 costs around 140 dollars, whereas the Fender CD 60S costs about 200 dollars.

So, Which One to Choose?

You can decide for yourself now that you know the differences between Fender CD 60S and Yamaha FG800. You should always go for the sound you desire. Since there are differences in the sound quality of these guitars, choose one that will meet your need.

Again, the Yamaha FG800 is not only for beginners. They are meant for intermediate players as well as their features are great. Also, they are good for live performances.

So, if you want live performances, you better not choose a Fender CD 60S. Again, the Yamaha FG800 would always be the best choice for the scalloped bracing and budget range.

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