Mustang Vs Stratocaster Guitar [Difference & Which is Better]

Fender-produced guitars are always versatile as they can meet a wide array of music genres especially when you talk about Mustang and Stratocaster. Among all their guitars, these two are now in the limelight and guitar lovers want to know which one is the best!

Well, even though the creator of the guitars is the same but they are not the same. Mustang vs Stratocaster indicates there are differences in their appearance, tones, features, and others. Moreover, both models have plenty of variants.

Mustang Vs Stratocaster

Considerable Differences in Short:

Stratocasters are a bit extraordinarily different from the Mustang ones because they are designed with additional single coil pickup. Moreover, Stratocasters have way longer scale lengths with a more regular featured body. They sound utterly bright whereas Mustangs produce a warmer sound. Again, they have different tuning stability. The only good similarity between the Mustang and Stratocaster is that they both have similar C-shape necks with a fret number of 22.

Comparison Table:

An elaborate discussion with a precise comparison table below will make you enlightened more regarding the topic.

Sound quality Brighter and warmerThicker and
PickupTwo single-coilsThree single-coils
Music genre Country, indie-rock, punk, grungeRock, pop, jazz, blues, heavy metal, punk
Scale length 24”25.5”
Neck StructureModern-CModern-C
Comfort CompactA bit heavy
Price range Medium to highMedium to high

Stratocaster Vs Mustang Guitar Review –

Till now we have received mixed reactions from the users of Mustang and Stratocaster. To make you more decisive we are offering a detailed perception.

Mustang – In-detail Idea:

Mustang Guitar In detail

To make a student guitar series, Fender Mustang was first invented in the 1960s. It was launched with a blue-collar offering on a medium scale. This guitar was a great help to the beginners out there. Moreover, the Fender mustang was meant to invent the simple version of Jaguars and Jazzmasters. Their simple layout says it all.

However, now that it comes with multiple variants, all are featured with single-coil pickups. Again, you will find both humbuckers and MP-90 pickups in different variants of Mustang. Nonetheless, the standard ones have featured two slanted single coils with on and off switches.

Then again, 3-way standard position switches are also found in Mustang. With some uncanny resemblances to older ones, the new Mustang models are extensively popular among rock and country musicians.

Almost all Mustang series guitar comes in almost the same price ranges. However, among all, the Vintera is a bit more expensive.

Things We Liked About / Pros:

  • Offers a wider range of variants with distinct specialties.
  • Comes with a short neck, 22 frets, dual pickup systems, and other reliability features.
  • Best for beginners and can cover versatile music genres offering a brighter music tone.
  • Creates bite in the sound and is designed with single-coil pickups.

Things We Didn’t Like About / Cons:

  • Cannot produce thick sound.

Stratocaster – In-detail Idea:

Stratocaster brand

The Stratocaster was also first invented by Leo Fender. The first creation was launched in 1954 and instantly becomes the top guitar in the US. Now, you will find several copies of Stratocaster. But the original ones are distinct with an alder body.

Moreover, the Strat is contoured with more like a dual-cutaway design. The maple neck adds more to the guitar. Even most Stratocaster guitar series have maple fingerboards. However, rosewood Strat fingerboards are also there, especially in 60s-style models.

Nonetheless, with 21 frets, most Strat can produce bright and also thick and warm sounds. Also, the frets are wired with nickel-silver material. The feature supports the entire fingerboard. Moreover, the wire comes with promising durability and is also, resistant to oil stains.

Things We Liked About / Pros:

  • Comes with a unique contoured alder body which offers comfortable use.
  • Exceptional building features let the upper frets play effectively.
  • Maple fretboards create precise and articulate notes and add extraordinary bite.
  • Single-coil pickups of Stratocaster offer great volume control with a frequency response of a higher rate.

Things We Didn’t Like About / Cons:

  • Not that suitable for beginners.

Difference Between Mustang Vs Stratocaster Guitar:

Some more evident differences between the models are given below.

1) Neck and Fretboard –


Both features are different in Mustang and Stratocaster according to their building materials and design. Undoubtedly, Mustang guitars are compact with C-shape necks. Their necks also have a great finish for bringing an amazing appearance. Most Mustang models are designed with a satin polyurethane finish.

On the other hand, we have already mentioned that the material of the Strat guitar neck is maple wood. The fretboards are also constructed of maple wood that has 22 frets in most cases. The fretboard is equipped with durable wire.

Moreover, Stratocaster models have bolt-on necks as well for having a concave shape. Also, they have a truss rod of dual-action in the neck. The entire design makes the pulling of strings easier for the user.

2) Squier –

To have a more precise idea, the Squier classic vibe’60s of both Stratocaster and Mustang are great options. Both models are highly expensive in price. However, there are other models of Stratocaster from the Squier range.

Now to compare them according to their body shape, both Mustang and Strat Squier comes with the same double cutaway body shape. However, the wood materials differ. In Strat, the material is Nato whereas in Mustang it is made of poplar.

Moreover, their necks are C-shape but Strat has the slimmer version. Also, their necks are made of maple wood. Again, according to weight Squier Mustang is a bit lighter weighing 2.7 kg than Squier Start which weighs 3.3 kg.

Furthermore, both Squier models have bolt-on neck construction. To talk about the bridge, Squier Strat has a synchronized tremolo whereas Mustang has a dynamic tremolo. Again, speaking of their sound production, Mustang sounds way darker and warmer than the one that Start produces and also, offers more bite.

3) Sound –

Mustang Sound quality

Well, to talk specifically about the sound, Mustang comes with a medium scale and short neck. This feature produces a brighter tone for the music. The short scale helps minimize the tension in the guitar strings even though having limited fret spacing.

However, the strings do not hurt the fingers as the tension is minimized. Again, since the newer models are equipped with two single-coil pickups, they add more bite to the tone. Hence, the sound becomes brighter.

However, in Stratocaster, the sound is bright, crispy, and at the same time thick and warm. All thanks to their alder body construction. Also, the maple fretboard provides you with clean notes while adding exceptional bite. It is simply because the building material s dense and hard tonewood.

Then again, the exceptional five alnico magnets are built-in features in Strat. Balancing the lower end, the feature can bring the punchy output on the mid-range sound.

4) Body –


Mustangs come with a shorter neck and compact size making the strumming process easier for the users. Because of their body compactness, Mustangs do not feel clunky while holding. Moreover, the C-shape in the body affects the sound quality positively.

Moreover, the appearance of Mustang models is suitable for rock musicians out there. Again, about Strat, the alder body is made of medium-weight wood. Their body material produces a clear sound with powerful mids. Again, it makes the lows warm and resonant. The C-shape also benefits the same way it does Mustangs.

5) Price –

Both Mustang and Stratocaster models come in almost the same price ranges. However, Stratocaster can be a bit more expensive according to their specifications and variants.

So, Which Guitar to Choose?

Well, if you are a beginner yet looking for the best electric guitar, go for the Mustang model. They are compact and strumming is also easy. Again, they sound bright offering easy accessibility to the frets.

Again, if your music genre requires thick and warm tones, go for Stratocaster ones. Then again, it totally depends on the music genre you work with. So, choose according to your need.

FAQs –

Question 1: What are Fender Mustangs good for?

Answer: For easy strumming techniques, compactness, durability, and brighter sound, Fender Mustangs are really good.

Question 2: Is a Mustang a good first guitar?

Answer: To find the best electric guitar for the beginner, surely the Mustang models are a great start.

Question 3: What is so good about a Stratocaster?

Answer: The snappy and bright sound with amazing building quality makes a Stratocaster stand out. Moreover, the pickups, magnet features, and tonewoods add bite to the sound.

Question 4: Should a beginner buy a Stratocaster?

Answer: Compared to Mustangs, professionals do not suggest using Strat as a beginner. Rather Mustang should be the first go. But again, compared to Las Paul, beginners can choose Strat.

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