Jackson JS32 Vs JS34 [Difference & Which is Better Performing]

Jackson’s guitars are always hyped especially by the guitarists of metal and hard rock genres. Among all its series, the Jackson JS series guitar models always stand out. Hence, guitarists often ask for a discussion on Jackson JS32 vs JS34.

Though all guitar models of this JS series are almost the same still, they have differences. But you will find the least differences between Jackson JS32 and JS34. Their main difference lies in their pickup configuration. And this feature is also responsible for some other differences as well.

Jackson JS32 VS JS34

However, a short comparison table with an elaborate discussion of the differences between the Jackson JS32 and JS34 might help you to make the right decision. So, let us help you with that.

Comparison Table:

FeaturesJackson JS32Jackson JS34
BodyPolyester satin finishGlossy finish
ToneFat, warm, fullFattier, clearer
Neck and FretboardRadius, amaranth boardRadius, rosewood board
PlayabilityPlayableLess playable

Differences Between Jackson JS32 Vs JS34 Guitar –

Guitar lovers are very much aware of Jackson guitars, especially its JS series models. The JS32 and JS34 models are not an exception. However, these guitars are slightly different from each other. Let’s get to know them.

1) Body:

The Jackson JS32 and JS34 both are basswood guitars. Both these Super Start guitars have a very sophisticated look. Also, the Jackson JS32 and JS34 DKA electric guitars come with a Dinky arch top.

The JS34 has an arched time along with a polar body. Moreover, the quilt maple arched top makes the guitar quite exceptional. Also, this guitar has a beautiful gloss finish. However, the JS32 has it all the same but its body comes with a satin polyester finish.

2) Pickups:

Jackson JS32 Pickup

The main difference between the Jackson JS32 and JS34 is in their pickups. The JS32 comes with an HH pickup configuration whereas the JS34 has a magnificent HSS configuration. Hence, the Jackson JS34 is more versatile than the JS32.

Due to the HSS configuration, the JS34 guitar comes with a minimum of one single coil. In contrast, because of the HH configuration, the JS32 guitar has two humbuckers. One remains in the bridge while the other is in the position of the neck.

However, the HSS pickup makes the JS34 guitar look crowded. The guitar has single coils in its neck and also, in the middle position followed by a humbucker in the bridge. These all make it look crowded.

3) Bridge:

Both Jackson JS32 and JS34 are equipped with a tremolo bridge. The JS32 has a fulcrum bridge that makes the guitar great and does not offer any flimsy vibe. However, both have their branded Floyd Rose double-locking tremolo bridge feature.

4) Tone:

The tone or sound of a guitar almost completely depends on the pickup configuration. Since the JS32 and JS34 guitars come with different types of pickups, they also produce different sounds. The HH pickup in the JS32 produces a full and warm tone.

Its 3-way pickup selector configuration offers three different tones. Whereas, the JS34 has a 5-way pickup selector and delivers five different tones.

As the Jackson JS34 has a single coil pickup, it delivers way clearer tones than the JS32. Moreover, the guitar can cover a wider range of music styles. The humbucker in its bridge allows high gain while maintaining more brightness and clarity.

5) Neck and Fretboard:

Both electric guitars have almost similar kinds of neck and fretboard features. Both have radius bolt-on maple necks. The JS34 has an amaranth fretboard with 24 jumbo frets. However, the JS32 also has the same number of jumbo frets on a rosewood fretboard.

6) Playability:

Jackson JS Sound

To speak fact, due to the HSS pickup in the Jackson JS34, its setup is very complicated. And that is why its playability is also less compared to the HH Jackson JS32. So, playing this guitar is not everyone’s cup of tea.

On the contrary, the JS32 is quite playable. The 3-way pickup switch configuration makes it easy to play.

7) Price:

Well, both guitar models are expensive compared to other models of the Jackson JS series. However, between the Jackson JS32 and JS34, the JS32 guitar costs a bit more.

So, Which One is Better?

Now that you know, there are not many differences between these two models, you can go for anyone. The only major difference is in their pickup configuration.

So, if you want a guitar with the HSS pickup then go for the JS34 guitar. According to versatility, HSS pickups are more versatile than HH pickups.

Again, if you are looking for a less crowded and easy playable guitar, then go for the Jackson JS32.

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