Taylor 210ce Vs 214ce [Difference & Which is Better Performing]

The Taylor 210ce and 214ce are two popular acoustic guitars from Taylor’s 200 series. The two popular acoustic guitar models from Taylor Guitars have been around for a few years. Many professional and amateur guitarists alike have praised their high-quality instruments. Two of their most popular models are the Taylor 210ce and the 214ce, both of which have become renowned for their excellent sound and performance.

We will look at the differences between the two instruments, as well as discuss the performance of each one. Discuss which guitar is best for certain styles of playing. We compare the Taylor 210ce vs 214ce differences in their features, sounds, and performance. Which one is the better-performing model?

Taylor 210ce Vs 214ce

Comparison Table:

FeaturesTaylor 210ce Taylor 214ce
Top Wood:Sitka SpruceSitka Spruce
Back & Sides:Layered SapeleLayered Sapele
Back & Sides:Tropical MahoganySapele
Cutaway:NoYes / Venetian
Body shape:DreadnoughtGrand Auditorium

Difference Between Taylor 210ce Vs 214ce Acoustic Guitar:

1) Body Size and Type –

The size of a guitar can have a significant impact on both the sound and the instrument’s performance. Two popular guitars that are often compared are the Taylor 210ce and the Taylor 214ce. While both tools provide exceptional sound Quality & craftsmanship, they do differ in size. While they share certain features, such as a solid Sitka spruce top and laminate back and sides, their body sizes are quite different.

The Taylor 210ce Plus is part of the 200 Series of acoustic guitars and has a more petite body. The body of the 210ce Plus is a grand auditorium shape with a Venetian cutaway. The 214ce Plus is part of the Taylor 200 Deluxe series & has a larger body. The body of the 214ce Plus is a Grand Auditorium shape with a Venetian Cutaway. The larger body of the 214ce Plus gives it a louder and more powerful tone than the Taylor 210ce Plus.

2) Tonewoods –

The Taylor 210ce and the Taylor 214ce are two of the most popular acoustic-electric guitars in the Taylor line-up. Both guitars offer superb sound Quality & playability. The Taylor acoustic guitars have a few differences in terms of their tonewoods. The Taylor 210ce Plus has a Sitka Spruce top and layered Sapele back and sides. This combination of tonewoods results in a bright, articulate sound with an outstanding balance of highs with mids.

The Taylor 214ce Plus has a Sitka spruce top layered with rosewood back and sides. This combination of tonewoods produces a warm, mellow tone with a good balance of lows, mids, and highs. Both of these Taylor acoustic guitar series offer excellent sound Quality, with the 214ce Plus producing a slightly warmer sound.

3) Top Material –

The 210ce has a solid Sitka spruce top, while the 214ce features a layered rosewood/Sitka spruce top. The 214ce also has a slightly larger body shape and a few more features, such as an onboard preamp, binding, and a Venetian cutaway.

Although similar in design and sound, their top materials have a few key differences. The 210ce features a Sitka spruce top, which provides a balanced and articulate tone with plenty of clarity. The 214ce boasts a slightly brighter and punchier tone due to its solid top.

The Taylor 210ce Plus and the Taylor 214ce Plus are both members of the Taylor Acoustic Guitar Series, and they both feature high-quality materials that make them excellent options for experienced players & beginners alike. The 210ce Plus has an ebony fretboard and bridge, a Sitka spruce top, and layered koa back and sides.

The 214ce Plus has a maple fretboard and bridge, a Sitka spruce top, and layered koa back and sides. Both models have a comfortable neck profile & a sleek cutaway body design. The materials used in both models provide a balance of warmth and brightness, along with great sustain with projection.

4) Sound Quality –

Taylor 210ce Sound

As any experienced musician knows, the subtle variations in sound between different guitar models can significantly impact the instrument’s overall tone. Taylor guitars are known for their classic acoustic sound & highly sought after by musicians of all genres.

One of the critical factors that set the Taylor 210ce Plus and the Taylor 214ce Plus apart is the sound Quality. The Taylor 210ce Plus is renowned for its bright, balanced tone, full bass, and precise treble frequencies. The Taylor 214ce Plus has a more complex sound with more depth and character, provided by using a mahogany top.

5) Neck –

The neck of a guitar is one of the most essential components that can affect the instrument’s performance. The Taylor 210ce and 214ce are two of the most popular acoustic guitar in the Taylor Acoustic Guitar Series, and both have a few distinct differences in their neck design. The 210ce has a standard dreadnought neck that is 1 11/16″ wide at the nut and 20 frets.

The 214ce has a slimmer neck profile, only 1 11/16″ wide at the nut, and a Venetian cutaway, allowing more accessible access to the higher frets. The 214ce also has 21 frets. Both models have a 25.5″ scale length.

6) Scale Length –

Both are part of the Taylor Acoustic Guitar Series and have a scale length of 25.5 inches. The scale length is the distance from the bridge to the nut and determines the guitar’s tone. Longer scale lengths typically produce louder, richer & more defined tones than shorter ones, making them an excellent choice for players who like to play in various styles.

As such, the Taylor 210ce Plus and 214ce Plus are unique guitars for players of different genres, providing excellent sound Quality in all applications.

7) Playability –

Taylor 210ce Playability

The 210ce Plus features a Venetian cutaway, giving players access to the higher frets and allowing for more intricate playing. The 214ce plus features a Grand Auditorium cutaway for a more balanced sound. Both models feature Taylor’s patented Expression System pickups for an even, natural tone.

While the 210ce Plus is better for complex playing, the 214ce Plus is more versatile, making it an excellent choice for live and studio performances. Both guitars offer exceptional playability & sound quality that make them a great addition to any Taylor Acoustic Guitar Series.

8) Durability –

The 214ce has a slightly higher level of durability. This is because the 214ce features a solid Sitka spruce top, a more complicated, durable wood than the 210ce laminate spruce top. The 214ce is equipped with the ES2 electronics system. That offers a bigger, more natural sound with a more dynamic range than the 210ce’s ES-T pickup system.

The 214ce also features Taylor’s Expression System 2 (ES2) bracing system, which helps to strengthen the top of the guitar & improves overall volume with projection. As a result of these features, the 214ce is a more durable instrument than the 210ce.

Both models feature Taylor’s revolutionary neck joint, which adds to their longevity. Although the 214ce is more durable overall, the 210ce is still an excellent choice for those looking for an acoustic-electric guitar of the highest quality.

9) Price

The Taylor 210ce is more affordable than the 214ce, with a street price of around $1,000 USD. The 214ce, however, is more expensive and typically retails for about USD 1,400.

So, Which Should I Choose?

Deciding on the suitable Taylor acoustic guitar series is a matter of preference. Both the Taylor 210ce & 214ce offer excellent sound Quality & playability. These series are outstanding choices for any guitar player.

Both body shapes offer a comfortable playing experience, but their tonal characteristics are slightly different. The Grand Concert body shape is known for its precise, balanced tone & the Grand Auditorium body shape is known for its deep, rich sound. So if you’re having trouble choosing between the two, try them out in person.

All in all, the Taylor 210ce vs 214ce has many similarities, as well as some distinct differences. It comes down to the player’s preference, budget & the type of sound they are looking for. The 210ce is a great mid-level guitar for those wanting a smaller body size, while the 214ce offers a slightly bigger body and better-quality tonewoods.

FAQs –

Question 1: Is the Taylor 214ce better than the 114ce?

Answer: The Taylor 214ce is an acoustic-electric guitar with a cutaway, a slightly higher price tag than the Taylor 114ce. The 214ce has more features & a fuller, richer sound. The 114ce is a great guitar for beginners, with a comfortable neck & bright sound. It really depends on what sound you’re looking for and your budget.

Question 2: What body style is a Taylor 214ce?

Answer: The Taylor 214ce is a Grand Auditorium body-style acoustic guitar.

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