Fix Taylor Expression System 2 Problems [6 Effective Ways]

Undoubtedly, Taylor guitars are slaying the market being the guitarists’ favorite. The same goes for their newly launched Taylor Expression System 2 pickup!

Surely, the pickup is advanced and promising with the best amplification possible, especially when it comes to acoustic guitars. But along with everything, Taylor Expression System 2 problems also come. The problems include buzzing sound, squealing, louder output, amp issues, compatibility, tone issues, and others.

Taylor Expression System 2 Problems

Thus, before you add a Taylor ES2 to your cart, you should be acknowledged for its share of problems as well. So, bear with us till the end and know everything regarding the topic.

Taylor Expression System 2 Problems: Effective Way to Fix

With exceptional output quality and tune amplification, Taylor ES2 is surely out of the ordinary. But some probable problems are also undeniable. The problems are given below.

1) Less Compatible:

This is arguably the biggest issue with Taylor ES2 pickups. They are only meant for Taylor guitars. Thus, there are compatibility issues.

Not that you cannot install the pickup on guitars other than Taylor ones but it changes the tunes remarkably. This negative change in tunes does not allow the pickup to fit in properly.

Fixing Guide:

Thus, unless you own a Taylor guitar do not think of getting its Expression System 2 pickup. Otherwise, your hard-earned bucks will be wasted.

2) Function Issue:

Owning a Taylor ES2 pickup, you may find yourself asking why your pickup is not working. Well, it happens when there is a battery issue. If you want a pickup to function, first you have to make sure the battery is not dead.

A dead battery surely will not allow the pickup to work. Therefore, the Taylor pickup has to have a full charge in its battery. Also, you have to ensure the battery is connected to the pickup. Then again, there can be some problems around the wiring of the pickup and battery.

Fixing Guide:

You have to inspect that there is no damage. Also, make sure the pickup is nicely placed on the terminals of the battery. It is important for optimizing the current supply. So, always ensure full charge in the pickup battery.

3) Shrill and Incorrect Sound:

Shrill and Incorrect Sound

You need to know that pickups work with the strings. If you desire to produce deep sound but the pickup is making shrill or thin sounds, then be sure that there are problems in the strings.
Pickups are designed in a way that they work on the vibration of the guitar. Their sensor can produce sound according to the strings’ vibration.

Thus, it is important to ensure that your Taylor guitar has the right strings. For your acknowledgment, there are strings available in different categories like heavy, medium, and light.

Thus, to create a deeper tone, you need to go for heavy strings. However, heavy strings are not a good option for beginners out there since they are not easy not manipulate.

Moreover, if the strings are damaged, then the Taylor ES2 pickup will create an incorrect sound. Also, if the strings are old, rusty, and corrosive then they will create a dull sound.

Fixing Guide:

Professionals suggest cleaning the strings with string cleaners before banging the Taylor ES2 pickup on them. In such cases, stainless steel strings are the best deal. These strings offer a clean tone with a promising, bright, and balanced sound.

Moreover, these strings are corrosion and rust-resistant. They also last longer. Ensuring minimal damage, the stainless steel strings offer strength for higher tensile.

Again, strings of nickel-plated steel are also a great option. They are suitable for producing warm sounds. They are unbreakable and also, quite flexible.

4) Buzzing Sound:

Buzzing Sound

This is another common issue for Taylor ES2 pickup specifically when you intend to play higher notes. However, this problem takes place when the grounding wire of the guitar is not connected properly.

In some cases, you may find the wire is damaged or bent. Nonetheless, there can be other reasons for the pickup producing a buzzing sound as its single-coil construction. Single coils produce a buzzing sound.

Fixing Guide:

If the grounding wire is damaged then you better replace it and connect it to the guitar properly. Also, if it is the problem with the coil construction of the pickup, then you may have to change it as well.

However, replacing the single coils with humbucker can be effective. Humbuckers can reduce buzzing sound since they have two wire coils. Again, you can try softening the default humming sound. Also, make sure that the height of the Taylor ES2 is checked properly.

5) Unexpected Output:

Many complain about the louder output of Taylor Expression System 2. It happens mostly when you connect the pickup too close to the guitar strings.

Moreover, if the placement of the pickup is not correct, then certainly, the sound will turn into distortion and echo.

Fixing Guide:

Firstly, make sure you have not placed the pickup too close to the strings. Secondly, if necessary, you may have to calibrate your Taylor ES2. You can also lower the pickup to make the heavy sound diluted. It also helps produce bass sounds.

6) Squealing Problems:

Squealing Problems

This problem takes place on Taylor Expression System 2 when the gain of the amp of the pickup is turned up. The squealing sound is produced when you run the pickup at a level of low volume. Again, it can occur due to damage to the tube.

Fixing Guide:

If you turn up the amp gain, then mute the guitar strings to stop the squealing sound. Again, if the problem is in the tube, then you may need to replace it. Also, sometimes putting a small piece of foam under the Taylor ES2 can resolve the sound issue.

Taylor Guitar Expression System Replacement and Control –

Taylor ES2 has featured three soft-touch knob controls. The feature ensures accurate control over the amplified tone of the guitar. The control management comes in volume, treble, and bass features.

For having proper control, the knobs create bumps while rotating back and forth. Again, the replacement comes with versatile features. Its drop-in feature also includes an onboard microphone. Moreover, the battery offers around 75 hours of service.

Taylor Expression System 1 vs 2:

Surely, the Taylor ES is the original version and the second and third edition is Taylor ES 1 and 2. Surprisingly both pickups have their very own fanbase.

However, some gui­­tarists complained that the original ES sounds more metallic rather than an acoustic guitar. Eventually, when its second edition came, it didn’t improve much. But when it comes to Taylor Expression System 2 problems, the edition is highly improved and developed.

Though it also lacks the bite bit of the original one, Taylor ES2 can make a consistent sound. Hence, it is undoubtedly a killer pickup.

FAQs –

Question: How do you adjust a Taylor Expression System 2?

Answer: First, plug the guitar in and turn up the volume. Then turn the adjustment screws while plucking two strings together. It is done to loosen the sensor pressure.

Question: What is Taylor ES2?

Answer: The Taylor ES2 is a great pickup invention that offers great service for Taylor acoustic guitar amplification. The main formula is Taylor’s signature behind-the-saddle pickup.

Question: Is Taylor ES2 a piezo?

Answer: Yes, Taylor ES2 is a piezo-driven system. The strip sounds something like between the bring and the saddle of the acoustic guitar. Nothing is exceptional with Taylor ES2 since it makes us think about the under-saddle transducer.

Question: Do Taylor Guitars have a lifetime warranty?

Answer: Taylor guitars do not offer a lifetime warranty but you can get a 12-year warranty with the purchase of any Taylor guitar.

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