Mesa Boogie Mark V 35 Vs 25 [Difference & Which Is Better]

Mark amps have been leading the music industry for 40 years now. Their main attraction is Mesa Boogie Mark V35 and Mark V25 without any doubt. As these two amps came from the same brand, you might think there are not many differences between them.

But in reality, when you compare Mesa Boogie Mark V 35 Vs 25 together, you will find some major differences. These differences help to solidify your decision on buying one of them. However, apart from the dissimilarity in the watt power, these two amps have different settings too.

Mesa Boogie Mark V 35 Vs 25

Also, their weight is different. And that also defines their portability. Whereas Mark V35 is 45 pounds, Mark V25 is only 24 pounds. To know all the significant differences, stay with us and watch the comparison table next.

Comparison Table:

Features –
Mark V35Mark V25
Watt Power3525
Solo BoostAvailableNot available
Sound quality GreatGood
Gigging YesNo
Portability LessMore
Weight 40pounds24pounds

Mesa Boogie Mark V 35 & 25 Details of Quality:

Because an amp has more functions to support your music quality, many manufacturers are strongly creating and updating their amps and the Mark brand is one of them. Its Mesa Boogie Mark V35 and V25 have separate fan bases regarding their individual feature.

About Mesa Boogie Mark V35 –

Mesa Boogie Mark V35 is an amazing creation of Mark. With its 35 watts of power, this amp is pretty liberal in performance. Besides, the solo boost setting on the amp is the right call for the musicians. On top of that, you adjust the solo boost setting in your own way.

However, this amp is also more costly than the other Mark amps. Besides, it weighs almost 45 pounds which is also a heavy deal to carry here and there. In terms of sounds, this Mark V35 amp catches the attention of the audience with its loud and classic tone.

But this amp cannot switch the sound from clean mode to crunch mode. They are on the same switch. This lacking makes a negative impact on the impression of the amp. Nevertheless, this amp is a king in a gig and people also know it as gigging amp. This amp has more mid-range and Cab Clone offers voicing options for this amp too.

Things We Liked/Pros:

  • Comes with a footswitch that allows you to switch the foot according to your choice
  • Offers solo boost setting to enhance sounds and diversity of channel modes
  • The 35 watts of power provides a hell of a sound for a gig
  • The easier setting of the power switches helps you switch instantly

Things We Didn’t Like/Cons:

  • Weighs a lot
  • Cannot switch from clean to crunch mode

About Mesa Boogie Mark V25 –

Mark’s Mesa Boogie Mark V25 is an incredible invention so far. Even with its 25 watts of power, the amp sounds pretty loud surprisingly. It comes with little price and is undoubtedly a fair deal to spend your money on.

Also, it weighs only 24 pounds and that heightens the portability of the amp to the greatest extent. You can perfectly match this amp with your bass guitar. The amp also comes along with two extreme channels and switching options. You will get to play the crunch mode too.

But the shortcoming of this amp is you cannot expect it for gigging with its 10 inches speaker inside. The cab clone setting sets a bridge to the high gain of the amp. Besides, the sound of the amp is brighter, clearer, and crispier. Also, you will get several options to fix your desired tone on the amp.

Things We Liked/Pros:

  • Comes in a refined and compact size with the minimal weight
  • Provides a very clean and bright sound
  • Perfectly loud to cover a room with 15-20 people
  • Cab clone built-in technology heightens the greatness of the amp

Things We Didn’t Like/Cons:

  • The 10 inches speaker cannot cover a gig

Difference Between Mesa Boogie Mark V 35 Vs 25:

Mesa Boogie Mark V produced amps worth a try. Each invention of the brand catches the attention of any major to minor musical bands. Some of the amps come with great efficiency and sound quality. But they are not almost the same. There are differences between Mark V 35 and V25. These dissimilarities will help you get to a conclusion.

1) Sound Quality –

Mesa Boogie Mark Sound Quality

Even though Mesa Boogie Mark V 35 and 25 come from the same brand, they don’t sound similar. The former one has more mid-range and so it produces some dark and deep sound. But the sound of the Mark V35 is louder and more efficient.

On the other hand, the Mesa Boogie Mark V 25 amp comes with fewer mid ranges and thus it sounds brighter. You can hear the crispy sound coming from your Mark V25 amp soothingly.

2) Watt Power –

It is an important fact when you look for an amp. For Mark amps, the watt power is imprinted with their name. So, the Mesa Boogie Mark V35 amp comes with 35 wattage of power. And the other one, Mesa Boogie Mark V25 comes with 25 watts of power.

Between them, the former is louder because of its more watt power. And the latter is less loud because of its less wattage of power.

3) Efficiency and Solo Boost Setting –

Both Mesa Boogie Mark V35 and V25 amps come with great efficiency. They are filled with special settings and features. Also, they both have cab clones built-in and that enhances their quality. Apart from that, the Mark V35 carries an extra setting – the solo boost setting. But Mark V25 lacks the feature in it.

4) Switch of Clean and Crunch –

Clean and crunch are two very important modes that an amp should have. The Mesa Boogie Mark V 35 and 25 amps are no exception too. They have these modes but the former has the two-in-one mode.

So, you cannot switch from clean to crunch mode in this amp. But the latter does not have this shortcoming and you will enjoy its crunch mode truly.

5) Gigging –

AMP Gigging

Some amps come for home practices, and studio recording, some for gigs, and others for concerts and so on. In the case of the Mesa Boogie Mark V35 amp, it can stand a gig pretty nicely. Conversely, covering a gig is a little bit tough for Mark V25 amp.

6) Price –

Because Mark V35 comes with an extra setting and loudness, you have to cost 400$ more to buy this masterpiece. On the other hand, Mark V25 is cost-effective.

7) Portability and Compactness –

In terms of portability and compactness, Mark V35 cannot beat Mark V25. The latter one weighs only 16.5lb and the compact enhances its portability. But Mark V35 weighs around 40 pounds and you will need time to get along with the size.

So, Which Should I Choose?

Seeing the fantastic setting and loudness, Mesa Boogie Mark V35 excels at Mark V25. So, you can buy it if this feature seems correct to you. But if you want it for home practice, a pretty loud sound, and more portability, then call for a V25 amp.

The brand Mesa Boogie Mark is producing amps for great musicians for many years now. Their Mark V amps are great and their Mesa Boogie Mark V 35 vs 25 are two very popular amps. You will never regret trying them once.

FAQs –

Question 1: Is Mesa Boogie Mark the best amp brand?

Answer: Mesa Boogie Mark is one of the best amp brands. They honestly make tremendous amps perfect for gigs and practices.

Question 2: When did the Mesa Boogie Mark V come out?

Answer: Mesa Boogie Mark brand is an old brand but they launched their Mark V amp in early 2009. This series of amps put a great impact on the brand positively.

Question 3: Does Mesa Boogie Mark V35 make a good amp?

Answer: It is certainly a good amp with its solo boost amp. Besides, the loudness of the amp is a matter of attraction.

Question 4: What tubes are in a Mesa Boogie Mark V?

Answer: The Mesa Boogie Mark V amp features four 12AX7 Preamp tubes, four EL84 power tubes, and a 5U4 rectifier tube.

Question 5: Is Mesa Boogie a boutique amp?

Answer: Yes, Mesa Boogie is a boutique amplifier company that specializes in producing high-quality amplifiers for guitar and bass.

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