Guitar Amp Vs Speaker [Difference & Which is Better Sound]

Be it a gig or concert, you are well aware of the importance of a guitar amp or speaker as a musician for sure. But you might be wondering if a guitar amp and a speaker come with the same attitude and features or not.

That’s why a clean comparison between guitar amp Vs speaker is what most people want. Well, to speak frankly, an amp for a guitar does not come with the same feature as a speaker. They vary in their ranges, structure, capability, and so on.

Guitar Amp Vs Speaker

Also, a speaker is more powerful in producing high-voluminous sound than a guitar amp. But that does not conclude that the guitar amp is less effective. There are more about these two devices that will make the fact evident that both are fruitful and have their own distinctness.

Basics of a Guitar Amp and Speaker:

Before you come to learn about the differences between a guitar amp and a speaker, you should at least learn the basics about these two devices. These two come with more or less the same purpose. But if you don’t know what a speaker is or what a guitar amp is, then understanding their differences is tough. So, this segment is organized keeping all those in mind.

The Details About the Guitar Amp –

There are different types of guitar amps available in the market. But the main purpose of all the guitar amps is the same and it is to amplify the sound coming from an electric instrument. A guitar amp comes with three primal parts – an empowered amp, a preamp, and a reliable speaker.

You will get a total of four types of guitar amps and they are – tube amps, modeling amps, solid-state amps, and hybrid ones. These amps have differences regarding their speakers inside. Some come with bigger ones and some with smaller ones.

You can choose any of them according to the music genre you are playing. A guitar amp is designed to capture a limited or mid-range frequency. You cannot make it make louder than the determined and limited range. Because the speaker in an amp cannot get a signal directly from the pickup, the efficiency of an amp decreases to a great extent.

The Details About The Speaker –

If you want to increase the volume of a sound, the speaker will serve you till the last minute. A speaker is able to get a direct signal from the electric pickup of your instrument. Thus, they can produce and enlarge sound from the direct signal.

Besides, a speaker is a great source for adopting a high range of frequency. Also, their sound quality is something else. You cannot compare the clean and sharp tone of sound with any alternatives of a speaker. All the speakers come with the same mechanism.

You can only judge them by seeing the range of frequencies a speaker can capture. The more frequency a speaker can capture the better. Besides, a speaker in a way decides the quality of the tone of a guitar. The range covers making sound is tremendous and great for concerts and gigs.

Differences Between Guitar Amp Vs Speaker:

From the basics of both a guitar amp and speaker, it can be said that they individually serve their purpose. Their systematic feature, output, and other many facts are different from each other. That is why you will need to know the difference between an amp and a speaker to bring the right one to the right place.

1) Mechanics –

The two devices have different ways to get their selves connected to the electrical instruments. Speakers tend to do the direct business while guitar amps do it indirectly while producing sound from the electrical instruments.

Whereas the speaker plays the sound of stereo taking direct a signal from the pickup, an amp takes every copy of the signal and then takes the signal to its speaker. After that receiving the signal through the amp, the speaker in it starts to produce sound. And thus these two vary in their mechanism.

2) Frequencies –

Speaker Frequencies

Frequency determines the strength of both guitar amps and speakers. A guitar amp is comparatively less strong than a speaker in this case. It can only capture lower frequency or mid-range frequency. That’s why for bass since it requires a lower frequency to capture, guitar amps have a separate fan base.

On the other hand, speakers can capture a wide range of frequencies. This capability of capturing higher frequencies makes a speaker a lot different than a guitar amp. The larger the speaker, the higher frequency it can capture.

3) Sound Quality –

Checking tone or sound is another important aspect to consider while differentiating between a guitar amp and a speaker. As a guitar amp cannot produce sound until it sends a copy to its speaker, you will hear a muddy sound and grim tone. It also happens because a guitar amp is almost unable to catch high frequency.

On the other hand, when you directly send frequency to a speaker, it produces the exact clean and sharp sound. Also, it happens because the speaker itself is able to capture a higher range of frequency. The length of the diameter of a speaker determines the sound quality too.

For example, between 10 inches Vs 12 inches guitar speakers, the latter is capable of handling more power than the former one. For concerts and all, people use speakers bigger and almost 15 inches.

4) Music Genres –

We have already mentioned that both guitar amps and speakers have tremendous qualities. But if we measure and compare those qualities with each other then we can get to know which one possesses the highest discreteness.

Because a guitar amp provides a grim tone, this one is perfect for heavy metals and hard rock music genres. Also, as the speaker provides a crystal clear and sharp tone, it can convey the right tone of blues, jazz, or country song music genres.

5) Versatility –

Versatility matters, as the desires of different musicians, vary too. Guitar amps are of different types and you can make a guitar amp capture high frequency also. But the idea will not co-operate with you for long. However, there are different types of amps for electric instruments to play different songs.

On the other hand, speakers come in more varieties. For different types of musical programs, you can doubtlessly rely on speakers. Besides, you can choose a bigger speaker to measure the number of people and space inside or outside.

So, Which one is better?

It partly depends on your preference and what type of music you want to play through your electrical musical instruments. A guitar amp is perfect for playing music in a small gig. And for metal heads, know how perfectly a guitar amp sounds when you play heavy metals and hard rock with them.

Then again, if you want to play blues or jazz in a big room with over 4 or 5 hundred people, then a bigger-sized speaker is all you want. Besides, speakers can hold up to low frequencies too for their immense versatility, so you can bring them too for playing heavy music genres.

Can You Use a Bass Amp as a Speaker?

Bass Amp as a Speaker

A bass amp can be used as a speaker in several ways. Play music directly through the bass amp and see it working as a speaker. But you cannot have the full advantage and sound quality that you get from a speaker. It will sound muddy.

Direct plugging of the music turns the amp into a speaker but cannot absorb the power of frequency as a speaker. But remember to lower the volume to the lowest level while connecting the two to avoid internal wire damage to both devices.

However, a bass amp can act as a speaker if it carries an option or socket for a microphone. Once you plug in the wire of the microphone to the bass amp, it will give the service like a speaker to a great extent too.

Final Words:

In the sector of music, the guitar amp is an ancient device whereas the speaker is the latest invention to provide the clearest sound. You cannot demean one for another. Both of these devices have their own way to appease the hearts of many musicians. They are equally needed and have demand for their own way of conveying sound and tone. Hopefully, you understand the main key features of a Guitar Amp Vs Speaker.

FAQs –

Question 1: Can a speaker be used as a guitar amp?

Answer: Speakers carry a built-in amp. This amp is supposed to amplify the sound to a wide range. Many people using stereo speakers for guitar amps solve the problem of not having an amp. Besides, widening the range, the amp also strengthens the power of the sound signal. Thus the signal gets split to other speakers equally and then they produce a loud and clear sound.

Question 2: Is the amp better than the speaker?

Answer: An amp is in means better than a speaker. They can contribute equally to the music segment. You will have a limited range of services from a guitar amp. But that does not lower its distinctive features. Amps are masters at providing a vintage flavor to the sound and generating signals by boosting the surrounding tools.

But the speaker comes with more power and is boastful in nature. For a larger space, relying on a speaker is wiser. They are pros at making sound waves by transferring audio signals.

Question 3: Can you play guitar on a speaker?

Answer: It is possible to play the guitar on a speaker. But some conditions are applied here. The speaker should have a socket for the wire of the guitar. And your guitar should be an electric one to make the whole process successful. Just plug in the cable of your guitar to the determined hole of the speaker. When they are connected, you can hear the amplified sound of your strumming.

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