Marshall Vs Vox [Difference & Which is Better Performing]

The brands of amps are gradually making a solid position and Marshall and Vox amps are a true sign of this fact. These two British companies manufacture amps and update their versions for the good of real musicians. And they have been doing this for more than 50 years.

As both these amps are famous and have gained popularity, comparison between Marshall Vs Vox is a common issue that arises in any fan of the amp. However, their primal and significant difference lies in their sound quality.

Marshall Vs Vox

While a Marshall amp produces this saturated and crunchy sound, a Vox amp produces more of a brighter and cleaner sound from it. Apart from this main difference, there are more than you should come across.

Let’s start with a comparison table for your benefits.

Comparison Table:

Features –
Sound Dark and crunchyClean and shiny
Head roomsMoreFewer
Appearance Vintage and ModernMore vintage
Music GenreHeavy metal, hard rockBlues, Jazz
Wide varieties YesYes
Power 10 to 100W4 to 150W
Negative Feedback HasDoesn’t have

Marshall Amps and Vox Amps Reviews:

The differences will be unfolded when you know more about Marshall and Vox Amp models individually. From the history of these two amp companies, we came to learn that it is Vox that came before Marshall. But the irony is that people recognize Marshall amps more genuinely. However, that does not lower the quality of a Vox amp. We will be witnessing that through their reviews soon.

The Details About Marshall Amps –

Marshall amps are so good that most musicians want to experience at least one amp from Marshall company in their music carrier. The sound quality of a Marshall amp provides a vintage flavor. Apart from that, the sound quality of this amp is very loud and distorted.

The whole internal circuit of a Marshall amp comes with great reliability. Besides, the wide variations of Marshall amps are worth a mention. If you are a hard rock or heavy metal fan and want to try them with an amp, bring the Marshall amp for a great combination of sounds.

With a texture of both vintage and modern looks, the appearance of a Marshall amp is praiseworthy. You can get both solid-state and tube models of Marshall amps. These amps come from different wattages of power.  Starting from 10 wattages power, it goes up to 100 wattages power of the amp.

Things We Liked/Pros –

  • A Marshall can be of 100 wattages of power at best
  • The distorted, grim, and dark sound quality helps Marshall amp for classic rock and home use
  • Offers an immense availability of settings
  • It comes with more head units for a different effect

Things We Didn’t Like/Cons –

  • Does not provide a cleaner tone

The Details About Vox Amp –

Vox amps have been serving their purposes since 1957 and their improvement is mind-blowing. A Vox amp is impressively well-built. The sound it produces has so much uniqueness. You will get the crystal clear sound using a Vox amp.

Also, this brighter and clearer sound quality provides the perfect tone for singing Blues and Jazz music. With their fewer headrooms, it is also possible that the sound does not get interrupted. Also, the Vox Amp offers amazing effects so you can experiment with new sounds or tones.

The clean effect of the sound of a Vox amp impressed some major brands including The Beatles, The Animals, and the Zombies. There will be a continual distortion in the sound which is great for players who want it fast and clean. A Vox amp can be of 4 wattages of power to 150 wattages of power.

Things We Liked/Pros –

  • The built-in effects of a Vox amp are complex and reliable
  • You can have the 50W powered Vox amp at the lowest price
  • The sound is fast, clean, and very much loud
  • The wide range of Vox amps is advantageous for many musicians

Things We Didn’t Like/Cons –

  • You will get a less twisted sound from a Vox amp

Differences Between Marshall Vs Vox:

There are some significant changes we can already sort out from their reviews. Though both Marshall and Vox brands create hype on the market, they are very much competitive and arguable. Besides, some of their features have made them for different genres of music. Today we will try to get to a conclusion about which one is more efficient and effective.

1) Sound Quality –

Marshall Sound Quality

As we have already mentioned how a Marshall amp and a Vox amp provide totally two types of sound quality. A Marshall amp is mostly famous for its amazing way of dealing with tone. With a grim and dark environment, a Marshall amp produces a crunchy and loud tone.

On the other hand, a Vox amp produces completely an opposite tone than the Marshall amp. This tone is clean and fast. You will have the real sound that The Beatles play by playing a Vox amp.

2) Head Rooms –

Headroom in an amp is a common feature. It puts a great impact on the sound quality as well. A Marshall amp comes with more headroom. This amount of headroom interrupts the sound and you get the distorted and saturated tone coming out of the Marshall amp.

Vox on the other hand comes with fewer headrooms. Thus, the sound of it remains plain and no breakups happen in the continuation.

3) Music Genre –

Marshall amps are more famous just because of their unique sound quality. Because of the creamy, beefy, and loud texture of the sound, you can experience the more twisted sounds of hard rock and heavy metal with it.

Conversely, this experimental part is limited to Vox amps. The plain and clean sound suits the playing of Blues and Jazz music.

4) Appearance –

Appearance of VOX Amp

Both Marshall and Vox amps have a vintage look. Yet their new versions have a touch of modernism. You can still differentiate the two amps as Marshall amps have got more modern look than Vox amps. There are different looks and appearances to get fit everyone’s choice.

5) Varieties –

You will be glad to learn that both Marshall and Vox provide immense varieties of amps. There are solid-state, tube amp, combo, and whatnot. You can choose any as per your choice.

6) Price Range –

As Marshall and Vox amps come with different wattages of power, they vary in price too. You can have cost-effective amps from both brands if you look into it. Also, both brands provide costly amps too.

So, which one you should take?

You can already understand that an amp with the right sound quality is what you need to check in the first place. It all depends on what music you play and what sound you desire. Go for Marshall, if you are heavy metal and hard rock fan.

Then again, go for Vox amps, if you like to play Blues and Jazz. Both amps have won the heart of many musicians. But you should go with your preference only.

Working with amps might be confusing as there are numerous varieties of amps available in the market. Marshall vs Vox amps come with some extraordinary features that make them unique and versatile to the greatest extent. Now, it is your turn to select one as per your wish and preference.

FAQs –

Question 1. Is Marshall the best amp brand?

Answer: Because of their grim, dark, guttural crunchy sound, many musicians find it more interesting. Besides, a Marshall amp is easy to experiment with. It provides twisted sound and helps you grow with your music passion. That is why many popular musicians adopt this masterpiece and get along with it for a lifetime.

Question 2. Does Vox make a good amp?

Answer: Vox provides a good amp and it has the potential to grow more in the future as well. The AC30 model of Vox amp provides immense built-in effects and it is also cost-effective. You can get the best out of a Vox amp as it produces no issue with its power tube. Grab this to get an uninterrupted sound using a Vox amp.

Question 3. What is better Marshall or Fender?

Answer: The mid-range feature provokes the Marshall amp to produce more of a beefy and crunchy sound. But a Fender amp produces a clearer and brighter sound than the Marshall amp. As they are invented for different genres of music, selecting the best one will not be justifiable. Both amps are preferable to many musicians of different categories.

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