Jackson JS11 Vs JS22 [Difference & Which is Better]

Jackson is the famous brand that has been gaining popularity among guitarists. Jackson guitar series is the high quality configuration with a metal oriented design. Jackson has become a go-to brand for those who want to playing the heavy stuff.

Jackson js11 vs js22 are the best two models that have captured the attention of guitarist. Their looking design is same but some differences that set them apart. We will try to find out the difference with jackson js11 and js22.

We will cover with the guitar pickup, sound and tone, construction, hardware build, specifications and more. We will also discuss the comparison about the both guitars.

Jackson JS11 Vs JS22

Comparison Table:

Body Type & ShapeSolid body & Double cutawaySolidbody & Dinky
Fret size & Number of fretsJumbo & 22Jumbo & 24
Pickup switch3-way3-way
Number of strings6-string6-string
Body FinishGlossGloss Polyurethane

Main Difference Between Jackson JS11 Vs JS22:

a) Body Construction:

Body Construction

Each electric guitars body construction plays the important roll in determining the overall performance. In this section jackson js11 and js22 are the popular models which it significant following in the music industry. Both guitars have some special difference, lets see the point.

The JS11 features a solid basswood body, while the JS22 boasts a compound radius arched top quilted maple body. The pickup configuration is also different with the JS11 featuring dual high output humbucking pickups. Whereas the JS22 has dual Jackson High-output humbucking pickups.

Both guitars have a comfortable neck profile with a rosewood fingerboard and a bolt-on maple neck. The bridge of the JS11 is a hardtail bridge. While the JS22 has a Jackson-branded floyd rose licensed double locking tremolo. The JS22 features a tone knob that allows for fine-tuned sound adjustments.

b) Neck Dimensions:

The JS11 series build with a standard thin “C” profile neck shape that is comfortable to hold & easy to play. While the JS22 boasts a faster, more modern “speed” neck shape that is suited for shredding & fast playing. Neck shape is the significant impact on your guitar playing.

We compared the other features like as pickup, sound quality, tone, bridge, price & more. You need to know, which series is the better performer for your guitar playing. Some important things need to consider that make your decision.

c) Pickups:


The Jackson JS11 and JS22 are two popular models that come equipped with different pickups. The JS11 features a classic high-output ceramic-magnet humbucking pickup in the bridge position. While the JS22 is equipped with two high-output ceramic-magnet humbucking pickups in the bridge & neck positions. This difference in pickups can affect the tone, playability & overall sound of the guitar.

While the JS11 produces a higher output with a thicker and more sound. The JS22 offers more versatility with its combination of a clean, bright tone from the neck pickup and a heavier, more distorted sound from the bridge pickup.

d) Overall Sound:

The overall sound quality of the Jackson JS11 and JS22 electric guitars is a crucial factor for any serious musician when choosing the right instrument for their playing style & performance needs. Regarding tone, the JS22 delivers a richer and more defined sound with a more significant tonal range than the JS11.

When it comes to overall sound quality, the JS22 edges out the JS11, thanks to its more advanced pickup & bridge configuration.

e) Price Point:

If you’re looking to buy an electric guitar, the Jackson JS11 and JS22 are both great options to consider. One of the biggest differences between the two models is their price point. The JS11 comes in at a more budget-friendly price, while the JS22 costs a bit more. Simply considering price when making a decision may not be the best approach.

Both guitars have their own unique features that should be taken into account. Finally, both guitars are durable & well-constructed. The decision between the JS11 and JS22 should be based on your individual needs and budget.

f) Maintenance:

When it comes to the Jackson JS11 and JS22 guitars, the debate is often centered on which is the best option for guitarists, particularly those looking for something that combines affordability with high-performance levels.

Both guitars have similar but distinct features that make them highly sought after. On close review of the Jackson JS22 vs JS11, significant differences exist between the two models when considering aspects like Pickup, Bridge, Tone, Playability, Price, Sound, and Durability.

While the JS11 is celebrated for its affordability and excellent tone quality, the JS22 takes a different approach with added features like locking tuners and an alluring body shape.

Overall, both guitars have their unique advantages & disadvantages, and the choice ultimately comes down to individual preferences.

g) Durability:

When comparing the Jackson JS22 and JS11 guitars, durability is an important factor to consider. Both guitars are made with basswood bodies & maple necks. But there are some differences that may affect their longevity. The JS11 has a fixed bridge, while the JS22 has a Jackson-branded tremolo bridge.

Overall, while both guitars are solid and well-built, the JS11 may be a more durable option due to its simplicity in design & fewer components to maintain or potentially break.

h) Versatility:

If you’re interested in picking up a Jackson electric guitar, you may face the JS11 vs JS22 question. In terms of versatility, the JS22 seems to have the edge over the JS11. For example, the JS22 comes equipped with two high-output ceramic humbucker pickups. While the JS11 has a pair of Jackson high-output humbuckers.

This means that the JS22 can provide higher-gain tones than the JS11. That is making it suitable for metal & heavier genre players. In terms of tone control, the JS22 has a more versatile tone system than the JS11, with five-way pickup switching & a tone control knob. The JS11 has a three-way pickup selector with a master volume knob.

Which is Better: JS11 Vs JS22?

The Jackson JS11 and JS22 are two popular electric guitars among musicians and music lovers. While both guitars have a lot in common, there are distinct differences between them that make a difference in performance. The JS11 is slightly more affordable than the JS22.

While the JS22 is more expensive, it offers a better quality bridge & pickups, giving it a slight edge in terms of performance. The JS11 is still a great guitar that provides excellent value for its price and it can hold its own in terms of sound & playability.

When it comes to choosing between the two, it comes down to personal preference & what features best meet the needs of the player.

In conclusion, both the Jackson JS11 vs JS22 offer impressive features and are great options for beginners and intermediate guitar players. The main difference between them is the finish and some of the components.

FAQs –

Question: Is Jackson JS11 a good guitar?

Answer: The Jackson JS11 is generally considered a good guitar for its price range. It is well-built, has a solid body, and produces a decent sound. It is a good option for beginners or those on a budget who want a reliable electric guitar.

Question: Is Jackson JS11 good for beginners?

Answer: Yes, the Jackson JS11 is a good guitar for beginners. It is affordable, easy to play, and has a comfortable neck and fretboard. It has a versatile sound that can accommodate different genres of music. That is making it a great choice for beginners who are still exploring their interests in music.

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