LR Baggs Anthem SL Vs Anthem: Which Guitar Pickup is Better?

A common misconception in loiters people’s minds is that acoustic guitars cannot be attached to electric material.  But the real truth is, there are some electric parts that you can use to improve and amplify the sound of a guitar. LR Baggs Anthem Sl and Anthem are two of those parts that work as guitar pickup and microphone to enhance the right tune efficiently.

In this article Lr Baggs anthem SL vs anthem, we will give you a clear idea about the differences between these Pickups so that you can make a precise decision. Both these options are so similar in the feature that people get confused while choosing one between LR Baggs Anthem SL and Anthem pickup.

Therefore, we have come up with some ideas to make a segment to distinguish one device from the other and thus compare which one is better. But it is important to let you know that both LR Baggs Anthem SL and Anthem are efficient enough. They provide exact resonance and natural sound from the guitar.

Still, in some cases, they differ from each other and the difference between them that we are going to bring about today will make the concept clear to you. So, without further ado let’s get started with our main topic.

LR Baggs Anthem SL Vs Anthem

About LR Baggs Anthem SL and Anthem Acoustic Pickup:

Before setting up a comparison paragraph, it’s necessary that you learn about LR Baggs Anthem SL, and Anthem individually. It’s because that’s the way you can put them into a comparison table and select one regarding your choice on your own. However, to ease your road we are here to represent the devices, particularly for your better understanding.

LR Baggs Anthem SL Guitar Pickup
LR Baggs Anthem SL Guitar Pickup

LR Baggs Anthem SL: Best Budget-friendly Acoustic Guitar Pickup –

Why would you let your guitar sacrifice its true tone just because you didn’t attach a true pickup with its mic? Just like LR Baggs Anthem, we found LR Baggs Anthem SL doing its job proficiently.

However, Anthem SL comes with more significant features and that’s why it is more appreciated than LR Baggs Anthem. Yet, if you are confused that in what way these two pickups are different then we are here to lead you on the right track about it.

With the minimalistic system, this is recognized as one of the truest Tru-Mic Acoustic pickups. It is capable of providing 100 percent natural sound. Moreover, it adds extra sound quality to the resonance of the guitar. This acoustic pickup is a development for a long time. Also, it comes with maneuverability that you won’t believe. With a simple and minimalistic figure, this Anthem SL works finely. It fits easily into the system of the acoustic guitar without creating any hassle.

You just have to install this slim-figured pickup to your desired guitar and let it spread its magic. It accompanies the strings with their spacings and saddle widths. You can already assume the versatility of LR Baggs Anthem SL. The most amazing feature of this acoustic pickup is that it gets into the root of your guitar. Thus it pulls out the authentic and magical sound of the guitar.

However, LR Baggs Anthem SL is the result of slow progression. Technology has been insinuated in it properly and therefore you can have a remarkably handy and easily usable model. It also comes with less trouble and enhances sounds better than other pickups. You will also notice that this pickup can resist feedback like no other pickup.

For string-to-string balance, it encourages your guitar magically. To get the utmost performance, use the pre-set mic and pickup. Like other pickups, this Anthem SL also is able to cancel other sonic sounds of the environment and let you concentrate on the main tune providing 250Hz-20kHZ frequency response. Also, you can adjust microphone sensitivity. This controlling power simply increases the value of the thing.


  • It comes with a 9V battery and takes less time to be recharged
  • It can work up to 1500 hours of playtime
  • It provides the perfect tune by canceling honky and boxy beats from the inside of the guitar
  • The pleasure of adjusting sound sensitivity to get the desired environment
  • Comes with a compact feature and is easy to install


  • It doesn’t possess a mix control.


LR Baggs Anthem Acoustic Pickup
LR Baggs Anthem Acoustic Pickup

LR Baggs Anthem Guitar Pickup: Best for Live Performance –

If you are choosing a pickup for your guitar, then there is no better option than LR Baggs Anthem as it carries all the systems you need in a single package. This pickup alone can enhance the performance to the extent that your performance will amplify with it. For live performances, people generally choose LR Baggs Anthem and they do the exact good deed to increase the level of the song.

This LR Baggs Anthem is featured to capture all the good sounds of the studio microphone. Besides, it cancels the unnecessary sounds from the environment and helps to catch the authentic sounds of microphones. By receiving and amplifying the sound, you can get a vivid and clear tune with full perfection. As it is featured with patented Tru-mic, the resonance is evident. Also, it increases the frequency of the guitar by lowering the frequency of the pickup.

On top of that, using the LR Baggs Anthem, you can get the exact feel of studio mics and that is all you want for sure. Usually, in-studio recordings, we hear a sound that cancels out all the other earthly noise to reflect the sound of the musical instrument only. And to amplify and enhance the sound more parts are added in general. This LR Baggs Anthem as a pickup provides the same advantage as studio recording by eliminating the boxy beats and honky qualities inside a guitar.

Some pickup is not so efficient to pull out the exact sound of the instrument let alone enhancing the performance. But when you choose such a pickup like LR Baggs Anthem, you don’t have to think about other things anymore. It carries a soundhole preamp. This feature includes phase inversion, battery check, ultra-sound volume, and so on. Therefore, this pickup is alone capable enough and suits almost all types of acoustic guitars.

If you are not into electric instruments and especially electric guitars and are prone to attend live performances then this is your pickup and you should legit give it a chance.


  • Works like a complete package of the whole system
  • The feedback-controlling power is praiseworthy
  • The soundhole preamp carries all the necessary advantages
  • Fits easily with spacings and saddle width of strings
  • The advantage of preset crossover of pre-contoured soundhole preamp


  • It comes with less versatility
  • Requires hassle to get fit into an acoustic guitar
  • A little bit expensive

LR Baggs Anthem vs Anthem SL Pickup’s Comparison: Which Pickup is Better?

As we have already taken deep notice of both LR Baggs Anthem SL and Anthem. From the individual explanation, we got a lot of information already. Now it’s time to differentiate and measure the features of these two pickups for acoustic guitars to give you an ultimatum of which one is the best. But before that, we want to clear our stance by stating that whatever one you choose if you know how to utilize these devices, you’ll get enough of it. So, let’s check out the major differences.

1) Tonal Factors:

In this section, we’ll take a close look at the tonal characteristics of Lr Baggs’ two acoustic guitar pickups, the Anthem and the Anthem SL, to see how they compare and contrast.

Lr Baggs Anthem produces a crystal-clear sound output whether you’re plucking or playing fingerstyle. You’ll be able to hear the treble and bass strings clearly. The base notes will sound more balanced. The entire sound balance provides a completely stabilized output for plucking.

The same sound will become louder and more distinct if you blend the Tru-Mic just 50 percent to the middle. The entire output becomes warmer as a result of this. Anthem SL has a brighter sound when compared to Anthem. It can excel in any style of music, whether it’s classical or Spanish acoustic. The output is of studio quality. Anthem SL’s professional sound will provide you with complete satisfaction when it comes to plucking or flamingo-style acoustic playing.

2) Mic and Pickup:

If you want to measure LR Baggs Anthem SL and Anthem from the point of view of mic and pickup, then we would like to inform you that both these devices carry the same equipment. But there is an actual difference that we certainly cannot overlook.

These two devices, though have the same mic and pickup, vary in sound quality and range. You can have an adjustable setting to make the sound brighter or darker and this very feature is absent in LR Baggs Anthem.

LR Baggs Anthem vs SL Installation

3) Installation:

To install LR Baggs Anthem SL and Anthem you will have to follow certain procedures. During this procedure, you will notice that LR Baggs Anthem is taking more time as it is not so maneuverable and handy. The mic requires peel-and-stick adhesive to be installed in your acoustic guitar.

On the other hand, LR Baggs Anthem SL is a model of true technology as it fits easily without any hassle of using adhesive. Besides, it takes less time to be installed. On top of that, it is a compact device that you can carry easily anywhere to perform your live performance

4) Control Module:

If you want to measure LR Baggs Anthem SL and Anthem on the basis of the control module then you can already which one is going to win. It’s always the Anthem SL. As it carries a small screwdriver, you can adjust it to any range and place it on your desired sound.

If you want a darker or grim sound then check the manual and fix it that way. On the other hand, this controlling module is absent in LR Baggs Anthem. This is not entirely a disadvantage on the part of Anthem as it is efficient enough to enhance the tune of guitars.

5) Mix Control:

This feature matters to a lot of musicians as it covers a lot of areas to provide clear music. It works like a bridge. Basically, Element pickup and Tru-mic depend on this mix control to offer a magical sound together. But the thing is, you cannot have this amazing feature in LR Baggs Anthem SL. It is supposed to come with a fixed mix control setting.

Therefore, many people deny choosing this device, though it carries mic-level control. On the other hand, Anthem carries this amazing mix control feature and offers an excellent combination of sounds with Tru-mic and Element Pickup.

6) Budget:

It is a discussion about whether your device is budget-friendly or not. However, LR Baggs Anthem SL seems to be low in cost while Anthem is higher. The difference in their cost is also remarkable. Because LR Baggs Anthem is expensive, most people peak through the door of LR Baggs Anthem SL. Though both are individually expensive, if we go through the point of comparison then LR Baggs Anthem SL with its high-end features is less costly.

Final Decision:

After a thorough reading of the article about LR Baggs Anthem SL vs Anthem, you should already have some major ideas about both these acoustic pickups.  From our perspective, both are appreciative and proficient enough to enhance your performance with acoustic guitars. Both have their individual advantages and benefits.

If you want to have a clear tone by adjusting the mic controlling level then go for LR Baggs Anthem Sl. It is also budget-friendly. Then again, if you want to have a mix of control and vivid sound providing some extra money from your pocket then LR Baggs Anthem is the best option for you. Finally, the decision is yours according to your desire and budget.

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