LR Baggs Anthem Vs Lyric Pickup: Key Differences Explained

A quality condenser mic is the best option to capture your acoustic guitar’s sound.  Such devices are installed in acoustic guitars and allow you to pick the best tone in the proper manner. Without the right guitar pickup, picking the accurate tone will be difficult.

So, you will need to choose the best option that meets your requirements and needs. Two such options that are highly preferable among acoustic guitarists are LR Baggs Anthem and LR Baggs Lyric. If you are confused between them both, here is a comprehensive guide on LR Baggs Anthem vs Lyric.

LR Baggs Anthem vs Lyric

Comparison Chart –

The below chart will give you an idea of the key differences between the LR Baggs Lyric and Anthem.

Read them carefully to make a precise buying decision.

FactorLR Baggs AnthemLR Baggs Lyric
TypeUnder-saddle transducer with a microphoneMicrophone
DesignActiveActive and need a 9 V battery
PreampVolume, battery check, mic trim, preset crossover, phase inversion, mixYes, volume and microphone presence
Cable LengthN/AN/A
InstallationModerate to difficultEasy to moderate
ToneClean and clear tone, no annoying feedbackPowerful lows and sweet high
Noise Cancelling FeatureTru-mic technology cancels noise and boxy sound effectivelyIt also features Tru-mic technology
Strings Optimized for steelOptimized for steel
Types3 types: Anthem, Anthem SL, Anthem SL-C2 types: Lyric, Lyric-classical

LR Baggs Anthem vs Lyric Guitar Pickup – In-depth Discussion

The two are pretty different in that the anthem is still using an under-saddle to carry the low end, while the lyric is not even a “pickup”; it’s just a mic.

Let’s look at the features and benefits to learn more about these two guitar microphones.

LR Baggs Anthem Acoustic guitar Pickup
LR Baggs Anthem Acoustic guitar Pickup

LR Baggs Anthem (Acoustic Guitar Pickup) – Best for Live Performance:

This pickup is a high-end offering from the manufacturer LR Baggs. It comes with all the necessary acoustic guitar pickup technology features, such as an incorporated preamp.

This guitar mic will enable you to turn your acoustic guitar into a liver-concert-ready instrument. The impressive feature of this device is, it is a multi-source pickup. This is a combo of an under-saddle transducer and an internal guitar microphone.

The transducer provides excellent sensitivity and body articulation using L.R. Baggs’ proprietary Element system. Moreover, the device focuses on the low-frequency range.  Furthermore,   it features revolutionary Tru-mic Technology to deliver natural and clear acoustic sound.

In addition, the noise-canceling technology prevents the honky and boxy sound of the guitar’s sound box. In fact, this device helps you create an electric guitar-like performance.

The Preamp offers different controls, enabling you to create the sound that you want from your guitar. Like all other under-saddle systems, you will need assistance from a professional to install it.

You may find it a drawback of this device. The transducer and the TRU MIC high-fidelity microphone need to be installed.   Be noted that LR Baggs Anthem comes with a proprietary mounting system, making it challenging for beginners.

Key Features:

  • The built-in Tru-Mic technology will carry the most frequency range of your guitar
  • Element Pickup carries the lowest frequencies
  • Extremely feedback-resistant mic
  • Free from boxy or honky sound as it features noise cancellation technology
  • Preset mic and pickup level for highest performance
  • The created tone is a lot more true
  • Anthem SL-C  model  is usable in nylon strings guitar
  • It delivers good amplifications

The performance of the LR Baggs Anthem is pretty remarkable, without a doubt. Also, its exceptional quality will satisfy you the most.  Although it is a bit more expensive than other guitar pickups, this is worth the price.

Lyric Acoustic guitar Pickup Microphone
Lyric Acoustic guitar Pickup Microphone

LR Baggs Lyric – Best Budget-friendly Acoustic Microphone Pickup:

Let your elusive dream come true with the LR Baggs Lyric microphone. It is an ideal device for live performance that transports the guitar’s true sound to audiences.  Also, the device generates the most inspiring and realistic tune that you will ever experience. The included microphone is highly responsive.

It is mounted underside of the bridge plate with simple peel-and-stick adhesive.  In order to hear the even balance and tone of the soundboard, the capsule is positioned just 3mm from the top surface.

A 9-volt battery powers this internal guitar microphone. Like LR Baggs Anthem, it also includes Tru-mic and noise-canceling technology.  Many guitarists appreciate its discrete design.  Even a beginner guitarist will not sweat while installing it on a guitar.

The installation process is as below:

LR Baggs Lyric and Anthem Installation
LR Baggs Lyric and Anthem Installation

Step 01: Make a hole in the body of the guitar. Pass the Amp port through it.

Step 02: Then figure out how the guitar’s battery holder will be mounted.

Step 03: Install the preamp in a suitable position where its mic presence controls and volume can easily be accessed.

Another interesting feature of this microphone is that it produces a more natural and beautiful sound to melt your heart. The generated sound is so realistic and inspiring that you prefer to play your guitar for prolonged hours.

Key Features:

  • Tru-mic and noise-canceling technology
  • Soundhole volume and tone control
  • Microphone presence control
  • Effortless installation process
  • The lyric Classical model is usable in nylon strings guitar
  • Analog signal conditioning
  • It sounds way better in real life

LR Baggs Lyric vs Anthem – Which Acoustic Guitar Pickup to Choose?

Well, the decision entirely depends on your preference.

Both offer satisfying features and deliver a beautiful tone.

Buy LR Baggs Anthem If

  • Your budget is high since the installation process requires professional help that would cost you a little bit extra $

Buy LR Baggs Lyric If

  • You are a beginner guitarist. The price is affordable, and you can install this microphone of your own.

Final Words –

Many of us think that getting amplified sound from a guitar is so simple. However, this is not simple because the guitar microphone is not mounted correctly and will get a boxy sound. Boxy sound is unpleasant to hear on the inside.

LR Baggs comes with the perfect solution by introducing LR Baggs Anthem vs Lyric to the music industry. Both deliver excellent fidelity with high resistance to feedback. You will get the best acoustic sound if you choose between LR Baggs Lyric vs Anthem. Best of Luck!

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