Orange micro terror Vs Micro dark [Difference & Which is better]

Two of the most popular options are the Orange Micro Terror and the Micro Dark. These types of amps are small in size but pack a powerful punch. These types of amp perfect for the musicians who wants to finding portable with compact amp. Both amps provide the high-quality sound.

The Orange Micro Terror and Micro Dark are popular for their unique features with delivers the distinctive sound. These types of amp can deliver the exceptional tone. Their perfect design like to use any guitarist in the world.

Orange micro terror Vs Micro dark

There are many similarities between the two amps, making it difficult to make a clear decision. We will explore the differences between the Orange Micro Terror vs Micro Dark. It helps you decide which amp is the right choice for you.

Comparison Table:


Micro Terror

Micro Dark

FinishingWhite High Tensile SteelMatte Black High Tensile Steel
ControlsGain, Volume and ToneGain, Shape and Volume
Output1×8 or 1×16 Ohm1 X 8-16 Ohm Cabinet
Power20W20 Maximum

Main Difference between the Orange Micro Terror Vs Micro Dark:

a) Compact size:

Both amps are designed to be lightweight and easily portable. Despite their small size, these types of amps pack a powerful punch in terms of sound quality. For music, they offer a range of channels and effects.

Both have gain and control settings that allow you to customize your sound. The Micro Terror builds with a 1×8″ speaker and provides 20 watts of power. The Micro Dark built in a 1×12″ speaker and that can delivers the 20 watts of power.

b) Wattage:

The Micro Terror provides the 20 watts of power. The Micro Dark provides 20 watts of solid-state power with12AX7 preamp tube. This difference in wattage can have a noticeable impact on the overall sound with tone of the amplifier.

The Micro Dark is capable of producing a more distorted sound due to the connection of the preamp tube. The Micro Terror’s solid-state power provides a cleaner sound.

c) Preamp and power amp circuitry:

Both amplifiers utilize solid-state technology in their preamp sections. But the Micro Terror has a hybrid design that incorporates a 12AX7 tube in the preamp stage. This gives the Micro Terror a slightly warmer and more dynamic sound than the Micro Dark.

A Class D power amp is used in the Micro Dark to compensate for this. It produces less heat than the Micro Terror’s Class AB power amp. The Micro Dark has a switchable output power control that allows you to adjust its output from 20 watts down to 1 watt. That makes the more versatile for different playing situations.

d) Clean and distorted tone:

The Orange Micro Terror and Micro Dark are two mini amps used for their ability to produce clean and distorted tones. The Micro Terror builds a single channel with a basic tone stack and gain control. The Micro Dark features the two channels, one clean and one high gain. It includes the shape control for more tonal flexibility.

Both amps come with built-in effects loops that are allowing players to further customize their sound using external effects pedals. The Micro Dark come with a more gain than the Micro Terror, that is making it better suited for heavy metal and hard rock. The Micro Terror produces a cleaner sound that works perfect for classic rock and blues.

e) Orange Micro Dark’s shape control:

Orange Micro Dark's shape control

In addition to the shape control, the Micro Dark also offers a host of other useful features that is Including two channels, built-in effects, and a gain control. The Micro Dark weighs 1.72 kg compared to 0.85 kg for the Micro Terror, which is slightly heavier. The Micro Dark’s slightly larger speaker size and output make it a great choice for gigging musicians who need a little more power.

f) Tone and volume:

Tone and volume

The Micro Terror produces a slightly brighter and more classic British tone. It can deliver the more modern sound. The Micro Terror also has a higher maximum volume than the Micro Dark. That makes it better suited for larger performances. Both amplifiers have a single channel, but the Micro Dark has a built-in effects loop for adding external effects to your sound.

The gain control on both amplifiers allows for a wide range of distortion and overdrive tones. But the Micro Dark has an additional shape control for fine-tuning the mid range frequencies. The Micro Terror has a simple volume control, while the Micro Dark has separate volume & gain controls.

g) Effects loop for pedals:

Effects loop for pedals

An effects loop allows you to place your pedals in a specific spot in the signal chain. Typically it set after the preamp section but before the power amp section. This can have a significant impact on the sound of your pedals, as they can interact with the amp in a different way than if they were placed in front of the amp.

The Micro Dark features an effects loop, while the Micro Terror does not, that makes it a more versatile option for guitarists who rely heavily on pedals. It’s important to note that the Micro Dark also has more gain and channel control options than the Micro Terror. This can also impact the overall sound & tone.

h) Speaker output:

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The Micro Terror has a slightly larger speaker size, at 8 inches compared to the Micro Dark’s 6.5 inches. This can affect the overall sound and output of the amp. The larger speaker can produce more volume and a fuller sound.

The Micro Terror has a higher output, at 20 watts compared to the Micro Dark’s 15 watts. If you are looking for an amp with a stronger output & larger speaker size, the Orange Micro Terror may be the better option.

i) Price:

The Micro Terror is typically priced lower than the Micro Dark. That makes it a more budget-friendly option for those looking to purchase an Orange amp head. It’s important to note that the price difference does not necessarily reflect a significant difference in sound quality. The main differences lie in the speaker size and weight, with the Micro Terror being a more compact & portable option.

Which is better performance?

The Orange Micro Terror vs Micro Dark, it’s important to consider which features are most important to you. Sound quality is a crucial factor, and both amps are perfect for their excellent tone.

The Micro Terror offers a single channel with a simple tone control and a gain knob. The Micro Dark has two channels with separate tone controls and a built-in digital reverb effect.

Weight and price are also important factors to consider with the Micro Terror being lighter and more affordable than the Micro Dark, which is heavier and more expensive. Finding the best fit for you depends on your individual needs and preferences.

In conclusion, both the Orange Micro Terror vs Micro Dark are excellent small-sized amps that can deliver a great range of tones. The Micro Terror is more affordable and compact, that makes it an ideal option for musicians who travel frequently or need a space-saving practice amp. The choice will depend on your personal preferences.

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