Super Reverb Vs Bassman Amp [Difference & Which is Better]

Among many renowned amps, Super Reverb and Bassman are two very classic amps from Fender that come with amazing sound. But there are a lot of facts to consider when you are comparing these two amps. Amp manufacturers are trying super hard to progress in updating amps.

However, the real difference between the two top-notch amps lies in their sound quality. The same happens when you want to compare Super Reverb vs Bassman amps together. The latter one comes with more mids and that’s why it sounds beefy and creamy.

On the other hand, a Super Reverb amp has a sharp and clear sound. Besides the difference in sound, these two amps carry other many differences. Even though their outer appearance gives off a vibe that they are almost the same amps, they actually carry slight yet major differences. A comparison table is added for your better understanding.

Super Reverb Vs Bassman


Comparison Table:

Features –Super ReverbBassman
Tone Sharp and clearBeefy and muddy
Music genreBlues and JazzRock n roll, heavy genres
HeadroomCleanerLess clean
Watt power45W45W
Gain of Saturation LessMore
Ohms 8Ohm8Ohm

Super Reverb and Bassman Review:

Fender knows how to hold up the business with the music industry. Among their marvelous musical instruments and devices, amps are one of the significant creations. You will want to learn more about Fender amps once you encounter their Super Reverb, Deluxe, or Bassman reviews. However, today we are supposed to talk more about Super Reverb and Bass amps. So, let’s see what they have got as their individual features.

About Super Reverb Amp –

About Super Reverb Amp


Super Reverb amp comes with great influence that the Fender brand continuously updates its feature for its glory. This amp is great while you talk about its sound. With the sharpest and clearest tone, this amp wins the heart of a lot of musicians.

Those musicians consider this Super Reverb Amp as one of the magnificent lineups of the series tone master. The 45 watts of power of the amp let it rises up the volume to a pretty great range. Besides, a Super Reverb comes with 2 speakers to offer more strength to the sound.

The vintage appearance of the amp is more appealing and most of the Super Reverb amps are tube amps. They are greatly pedal-friendly and can come with effects for music. With the clear headroom, you can witness crystal clear and non-interrupted sound. However, because of this feature, a Super Reverb amp cannot break up at a lower volume and has fewer mids too.

Things We Liked / Pros:

  • The amazing crunchy, clean, and sharp sound helps you go along with a lot of songs
  • Most devoted to the jazz and Blues music genres because of their unique tone
  • Comes with clearer headroom, 8hms voltage, and has XLR output for better sound
  • Get a vintage “Fender” sound amp with a lot of amazing features including the toggle switch

Things We Didn’t Like / Cons:

  • The Super Reverb amp is super heavy

About Bassman Amp –

About Bassman Amp


Bassman is another creation of the Fender company and this amp also gives off a vintage vibe like the former one. The tone of this amp is also noteworthy as it comes with a unique sound. Also, the creamy and muddy sound of the amp goes perfectly well with hard rock or heavy metal genres.

Bassman amps come with a vintage flavor too as Fender never compromises in making the best outer appearance of their amps. A Bassman amp carries a huge amount of head rooms. And that’s why the sound distortion happens with it.

The saturated tone is also the result of the amp’s feature of more mids and high volume. Besides, the tone easily breaks up at a lower volume. This helps to give you more opportunities to experience new musical tones. The 45-watt power supplies enough energy to make louder sounds and clean tones. Besides, Bassman amps are great at coping with fuzz pedals.

Things We Liked / Pros:

  • Comes with the option of saturated and distorted tone for more twisted sound
  • Works better with its 45 wattages of power and offers a more clean tone with its 4 10-inch speakers
  • Very much friendly with fuzz pedals for more musical effects
  • More mids and easy break-up tones provide a “Marshally” effect on the sound too

Things We Didn’t Like / Cons:

  • It is a bigger-sized amp with 4 speakers and has less portability

Difference Between Super Reverb Vs Bassman:

Fender never ceases to manufacture arguable and competitive amps that people want to compare one amp with another to have clear knowledge about them. Even the slightest difference in the schematic situation can change the mood of a musician from a Super Reverb amp to a Bassman amp. That’s why it is important to look at their differences at least once.

1) Sound Quality –

Sound Quality Bassman


We have already mentioned that sound quality brings the primal difference between a Super Reverb amp and a Bassman amp. If you play them one after another, you can understand the difference right away. A Super Reverb amp sounds crunchier and louder.

Its tone of it is sharp and clean at its core. One would love the calmly clear tone of his music. On the other hand, the Bassman amp has a beefy tone and it sounds muddy even though loud. One would love this amp because of its high ability to make twisted sounds.

2) Headroom –

Because of headroom, the amp decides if it is going to give a clear sound or an interrupted sound. A Super Reverb amp comes with less headroom and it is cleaner. That’s why you get to hear a clean sound for a very long time.

Conversely, because a Bassman amp comes with huge headroom, they are not clean like the Super Reverb one. That’s why you will get to hear a distorted sound at a point from this amp. This helps the heavy music genres to have the actual sound they need.

3) Gain of Saturation –

Many musicians follow the fact that the amp gains enough saturation or not. Saturation makes it easier to play heavy genres of music without needing more instruments. In this case, the Bassman amp wins every time as it has more mids.

Also, it’s because it can gain saturation at a really low volume. But things are different in the case of Super Reverb amps as it has fewer mids. It takes a lot of time and high volume to gain saturation.

4) Speakers –

Speaker of Amp


Both Super Reverb and Bassman amps are standard to stand a gig. It is because they both carry 4 speakers and each is 10 inches. Because of these speakers, both amps are heavy and do not provide much portability.

5) Appearance –

Fender gives off a vintage vibe to the manufactured amps. You will see the basic vintage shape of the amplifiers in both Super Reverb and Bassman amps. Yet, the Super Reverb amp is more “Fendery” in both appearance and tone while the Bassman amp gives off some energy of “Marshal”.

So, which one is better?

Apart from the differences and dissimilarities, we found both amps have the same 45-watt power and 8 Ohms voltage. They carry some other basic similarities too. So, in the end, it depends on the music genre you want to play with these amps. If you want a muddy and creamy texture in the tone, then bring the Bassman amp. But if you want a sharp and less saturated surface, call for the Super Reverb amp.

Comparing two top-notch amps is kind of a difficult task. Super Reverb Vs Bassman both amps are good for sound quality. Yet you will be benefited from seeing the slightest difference. This way you choose the right one to fulfill your desire for music.

FAQs –

Question-1: Does Fender still make Bassman amps?

Answer: Fender was initially popular for its huge announcement of Bassman amps. During different phases of the Fender brand, it produced different versions of Bassman amps and ceased producing them later on.

Question-2: Is Fender Bassman for guitar or bass?

Answer: Fender Bassman initially served for bass only as it is a bass amp. But later on, they would cope with other electric guitars, musical instruments, and so on.

Question-3: Does Fender Bassman have a master volume?

Answer: Fender Bassman carries master volume. This volume provides a cleaner tone than the regular volume. The regular one easily gains saturation.

Question-4: Which Fender Bassman is the best? 

Answer: More people have voted for the 59 Bassman which is a 5F6 amp as the best Fender Bassman amp. It has high value and high-end features.

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