Positive Grid Spark Vs Boss Katana [Difference & Which is Better]

While talking about amps Positive Grid Spark and Boss Katana always find their way into the conversation. Their advanced feature and amazing quality make more people engage in music with the company of an amp.

But questions like between Positive Grid Spark Vs Boss Katana, which one is more efficient arise in many people’s heads. That is why we feel the urge to let you know the detailed comparison of these two magnificent amps.

However, one of the significant differences between Positive Grid Spark and Boss Katana is that the former comes with a limited range while the latter with a complete and wide range. Many people judge the brand of an amp by seeing their varieties and this is one noteworthy fact.

Positive Grid Spark Vs Boss Katana

Comparison Table:

Features: Positive Grid Spark Boss Katana
Variety Single in 2 colorsMany varieties
Sound Quality Clean and sharpCreamy and dark
Music Genre Blues and jazzHard rock and heavy metal
Speakers 21
Watt power40W7W-100W
Presets 45
Portability NoYes
Price Cost-effectiveCostly
FX Setting SuperiorInferior
Usability Home rig onlyMedium gig
Mobile app YesYes
Headphone JackAvailableNot available

Positive Grid Spark & Boss Katana Review:

Both Positive Grid Spark and Boss Katana come with their own impressive setting. Yet their comparison makes them more arguable and competitive. The moment Boss launched their Katana line Positive Grid puts it in the competition sector with its Spark series. Thus it has become important to judge the amps individually before we compare them all together.

About Positive Grid Spark Amp:

About Positive Grid Spark Amp

For modern musicians, Positive Grid Spark is literally a modern solution. With its amazingly well-built virtual setting, you can try different types and thousands of music. The jamming is incredible when you use a Positive Grid Spark Amp.

Besides, connecting an amp to the mobile app and setting the setting of the amp as per your choice brings immense coolness for sure. The sound of the Spark amp is crystal clear and fairly loud. Play any songs from Blues and Jazz with the help of Positive Grid Spark and witness the optimum sound quality.

This amp comes with two sets of customized speakers. Also, the headphone jack is among the best Spark amp settings allowing you to practice at home quietly. The 40-wattage power takes care of the wired amp to function well. However, positive Grid Spark lives sessions are amazing because of their reliable tone.

Things We Liked/Pros:

  • Get the best home rig performance with this amp
  • Offers numerous settings for your preferences
  • The crystal clear sound of the amp encourages you to play more jazz or blues
  • Get a cost-effective amp for your personal pleasure

Things We Didn’t Like/Cons:

  • Positive Grid Spark hums and lacks portability

About Boss Katana Amp:

About Boss Katana Amp

With 5 presets Boss Katana is really a quality amp without any doubt. This amp is not only standard for beginners but also professionals will also be amazed using it. The heavy and dark tone of the amp lets you perform the best of the best songs from hard rock and heavy metal.

Also, their convenient compact size and weight let you lift it anywhere you like for practice purposes. You can customize their wide variety of Boss effects in the amp. Boss Katana Mini MK2, 50, and air are some advantageous amps for beginners and professionals as well.

You will be surprised to hear that the Boss Katana mini battery life stays up to 9 hours straight. So, it does not die any sooner and you can practice pleasantly. The mini-one comes with the power of 7 wattages which is also great.

Things We Liked/Pros:

  • It comes with 5 impressive presets
  • Runs for a long time without the cable
  • Perfect for small gigs in a coffee bar or bar
  • Produces mid-ranged sound with punchy and dark tones for hard rock and heavy metal music

Things We Didn’t Like/Cons:

  • To some extent it is costly

Difference Between Positive Grid Spark Vs Boss Katana:

Only the differences and a full pact comparison can tell which one is better among Positive Grid Spark and Boss Katana. Their individual reviews have already revealed a lot of things to us. But the dissimilarities will lead us to the right path.

a) Sound Quality –

Sound Quality Positive Grid

It is important that you know what type of tone you want for your music. Whereas Positive Grid Spark has a very clean and sharp tone, Boss Katana produces more punchy and creamy tones. Both tones are unique in their own nature.

b) Model Variety –

Positive Grid does not provide much of model varieties. You will get only one complete version of the Spark amp. It comes in 2 colors and that is it. But in the case of Boss Katana, things are pretty different as Boss offers a lot of versions of the Katana line. You can get the mini version for beginners too.

c) Watt Power –

Watt Power

A Positive Grid Spark amp comes with 40 wattages of power. With this power, it helps the amp run boastfully. Then again, Boss Katana amps come with different wattage power. As there are several models of Boss, you will get the lowest to highest wattage power from this brand. Starting from 7 wattages to 100 wattages, Boss Katana amps can be found.

d) Speakers –

Both Positive Grid Spark and Boss Katana come with customizable speakers. But the difference is that the former comes with two speakers and the latter comes with a single speaker. But Boss Katana amp’s speaker excels because it is 12 inches. Spark amps 2 speakers are 4 inches each. That proves that the Boss Katana amp provides the loudest sound.

e) Usability –


A Positive Grid Spark amp comes with a great feature. But you cannot play it to a medium gig or little concert. The best you can do with a Spark amp is you can practice with it in your home or garage. But a Boss Katana amp lets you perform in a medium-room gig easily.

f) Portability –

As the Boss Katana amp is rechargeable, you can rely on its battery. Besides, their compact wireless size will offer you to take it to places for more practice. But for a Positive Grid Spark amp, you cannot move it without the connection of its cable. That’s why its portability is limited.

g) Price:

A Positive Grid Spark amp is cost-effective. On the other hand, the price of Boss Katana amps depends on what model you are buying. The highest price of a Boss Katana amp is almost around 600$.

So, Which one is better?

Now it’s your turn to decide which one will accompany your music and taste better. As both amps are efficient and advanced in features, you cannot look down upon any of them. Looking up to the price, if you are a fan of sharp and clean tones, then bring a Positive Grid Spark amp.

Conversely, if you are more into heavy metals and hard rock, bring about the Boss Katana and fill your music desire. There is actually a lot to consider while choosing an amp. But a Positive Grid Spark vs Boss Katana amp has some major dissimilarities. Judging those, you can choose the best one for you.

FAQs –

Question-1: Is Positive Grid Spark good for recording?

Answer: The advanced technology of Positive Grid Spark makes it a great source of practice in a modern way. By following their setting of recording, you can record the music you intend to play. The recording comes out really well with the help of the built-in feature in a Positive Grid Spark amp.

Question-2: Are Positive Grid Spark amps any good?

Answer: If you practice a lot in your house and don’t know which amp will provide you with the best service, then pick the Positive Grid Spark amp. It comes with the ultimate advantages so you can practice at your home using their headphone jack setting.

Question-3: Is Positive Grid Spark loud?

Answer: A Positive Grid Spark is loud, as it comes with 2 speakers. If you add a microphone, the sound range will be increased.

Question-4: Is Boss Katana Mini a modeling amp?

Answer: It can be said that the Boss Katana Mini is a modeling amp. Seeing their tube-amp-like progress and useful presets, tagging them as modeling amp is alright.

Question-5: What type of amp is Positive Grid Spark?

Answer: A 40-watt combo amp is the right type of Positive Grid Spark. This combo has a serious way to convey their service. You will be chilled using this amp.

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