Positive Grid Spark Vs Yamaha THR [Which Amp is Better]

When we talk about amplifiers some legendary branded amplifiers never cease to amaze us. Positive Grid Spark and Yamaha THR are two of those legendary amps that come with multifunction and amazing features. Be it electric or acoustic guitars, these amps know how their duties well.

That’s why most people want a competition between Positive Grid Spark Vs Yamaha THR. As both can provide an impressive service, they both are precious. With advanced technology, these amps can be connected to apps and computers.

But the most important difference is a Yamaha THR amp comes with fewer settings and customizable options than a Positive Grid Spark amp. However, other important aspects differ from each other, and to learn this, stay with us.

Positive Grid Spark Vs Yamaha THR

A comparison table is given for your advantage –

Features –
Positive Gear SparkYamaha THR
Sound QualityLoud and ClearLess Clear
Power40 wattStarts from 10 watt
Music Genres Blues, JazzHeavy metal, hard rock
Weights 11.46lbs6.2 lbs
Mobile AppYesYes
USB PortYesYes
Headphone JackYesNo
Settings and EffectsMoreLess

Positive Grid Spark & Yamaha THR Review:

Amps have always been saving the integrity of the music and its various genres. Also, you will not get any amp free from flaws. Different brands including the manufacturers of Positive Grid Spark and Yamaha THR are launching different updated versions of amps to provide musicians with a better sound system. However, their reviews will reveal more of the positive and negative sides of Positive Grid Spark and Yamaha THR amps.

The Details About Positive Grid Spark –

You will never know the real spark of the Positive Grid Spark amp until you use it. The jamming ability of this amp is incredible along with its smart virtual setting. Just conduct the amp and mobile app together and voila! You will get the actual bass sound from this amp.

This virtual tube amp gives you the chance to play blues and jazz music with a proper sound system. The sound is also loud and crystal clear and comes from two speakers. This will perfectly more or less match any tempo of any music genre.

A Positive Grid Spark amp comes with 40-wattage power to bring about robust sound quality. All the best Spark amp settings are almost the same. A positive Grid Spark and live shows with it is one of the wisest ideas. Connect it with Bluetooth and you are all set for tremendous audio.

Things We Liked / Pros –

  • An amazing piece for a home rig
  • Comes with a built-in tuned bass-reflex port and more customizable settings
  • Provides a high crystal clear sound
  • Very much more cost-effective than other branded amps

Things We Didn’t Like / Cons –

  • Comes with no portability
  • Positive Grid Spark hums a little bit

The Details About Yamaha THR –

Yamaha THR is a wireless amp that has immensely impactful features. It is so lightweight that you can carry it in several places for moderate gigs. The portability is evident in this amp because of its battery power. You can jam after recharging it to any quiet place far from the locality too.

The amp also allows you to use a mobile app for better convenience. Besides, this amp comes with varieties of effects with which you can make better sound effects and experiment with it. The USB port of the amp also works as a Bluetooth speaker.

However, talk about the sound quality, it is not as high and clear as other amps. For small gigs, this amp works really well. You can easily get along with a Yamaha THR amp as they come with simple instructions for conduction. Nevertheless, the Yamaha THR30ii line out is still a crazy product for musicians. Also, between Yamaha THR30ii Vs THR10ii, the former comes with more wattage power.

Things We Liked / Pros –

  • Comes with many cool effects including echo, delay, cool, etc
  • Five presets makes you save different songs for later usage
  • The power battery and less weight make it more portable
  • Provides a USB port and is perfect for small gigs

Things We Didn’t Like / Cons –

  • Highly pricy than other amps

Difference Between Positive Grid Spark Vs Yamaha THR –

When comparing two amps, you have got to consider a lot of things. An amp is not just an amplifier of sound. There are more to check. From its sound quality to its quality feature, you need to examine everything. Between Positive Grid Spark and Yamaha THR amp, you will find a lot of similarities. Still, their dissimilarities will help you choose one.

1) Sound Quality –

Sound Quality of Yamaha THR

A good amplifier is known for its sound quality. In this case, the Positive Grid Spark amp provides a very robust and bold sound. This sound is also clear and transparent. On the other hand, a Yamaha THR is not so loud and you can find a muddy distortion in it. This effect in sound quality also makes a Yamaha THR amp popular enough.

2) Power Gain –

A Positive Grid Spark amp comes with 40 wattages of power. With it, the connection remains safe and the boastful sound gets better. Conversely, a Yamaha THR comes with varieties and they vary from each other in the case of power watts. It starts with 10 wattages of power.

3) Wireless and Portability –

Wireless and Portability

The best thing about Yamaha THR amps is they are wireless. And that’s why you can carry them anywhere. The compact size of these amps makes them more portable. Also, the battery of the Yamaha THR amp dies never so soon.

On the other hand, a Positive Grid Spark comes with less portability as it is not wireless. That’s why you will face a little disadvantage with the cable of it.

4) Weight –

Weight does matter, as sometimes you need to carry your amp to any gigs. A Positive Power Grid is about 11.46 lbs whereas a Yamaha amp is almost about 6.2 lbs. As you can see, the lightweight feature of the Yamaha THR amp makes it easy to carry.

5) Music Genres –

As a musician, you might have your own choice of music. The Spark amp provides a clear and soothing tone which is almost perfect for most genres of music. Yet Blues and Jazz genres are their best companion.

On the other hand, because the Yamaha THR provides somewhat distorted sound, it is best for heavy metals and hard rock genres.

6) Headphone Jack –

The Spark amp knows the practical conditions of your house and so it comes with a setting for a headphone jack. You can practice quietly using the advantage. The Yamaha THR has no such option and this disadvantage makes a lot of difference.

7) Settings –

Setting in an amp is important. You will be glad to know that a Spark amp comes with more settings. Besides, it offers customized options. The speakers in it are customizable too. But a Yamaha THR lacks in it to a little extent.

8) Price –

Price does matter to people. A Positive Grid Spark is really cost-effective. But a Yamaha THR amp is highly costly.

So, which one is better?

By observing the dissimilarities, we can tell that both the Positive Grid Spark amp and Yamaha THR amp have their own advantages and disadvantages. Both have in one way or another some specific qualities and features.

Now, it’s your turn to decide if you want a loud and clear sound or a little bit of distorted sound. It is because both types of sounds provide twisted effects to cope with different genres of music. So, in the end, it depends on your choice and budget.

It is a great relief to find out the perfect amp as per your desire. Both Positive Grid Spark vs Yamaha THR have features to win your heart. Even their differences are unique.

FAQs –

Question 1. Is Positive Grid Spark worth it?

Answer: The Positive Grid Spark is undoubtedly one of the most convenient amps for musicians. It comes with modern features and its high-functioning settings are capable to produce the desired sound for musicians to the greatest extent.

Question 2. How do I update my Yamaha THR?

Answer: Thanks to the advanced technology, you can update your Yamaha THR easily at home. Visit the download site of Yamaha first. And then install the very latest version of the THR amp. Open the app and set the features of the amp into an updated version.

Question 3. Do pedals work with Positive Grid Spark?

Answer: Well, the pedal can be problematic to some amps to an extent. But in the case of a Positive grid spark, you can rely on the pedal. A Spark amp is mostly pedal-friendly and a wah pedal suits it more. And with the digital setting, you can have the best service from the Positive Grid Spark too.

Question 4. What type of amp is Positive Grid Spark?

Answer: A Positive Grid Spark amp comes in 40-wattage power and suits almost all types of acoustic, electric, and bass guitars. It has digital settings and can be connected to apps. Besides, with its headphone jack setting, you can practice at home calmly and quietly.

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