Yamaha f335 Vs fg800 [Difference & Which is Better Performing]

Yamaha has been a renowned supplier of acoustic guitars in the musical arena for decades. Those searching for a high-quality entry-level acoustic guitar should consider the Yamaha f335 and fg800 models. Both instruments are meticulously crafted & produce excellent sound quality, yet some defining distinctions between the two should be taken into account before making a purchase.

We will illuminate the differences between the Yamaha f335 and fg800 and evaluate which performs better. By the conclusion of this article, you should be equipped with the knowledge needed to make an informed choice of guitars.

Yamaha f335 Vs fg800

Comparison Table:

Features –Yamaha f335Yamaha fg800
Tuning Machines:Chrome Die-castChrome Die-cast
Body:Spruce top, Meranti back & sidesSolid Sitka Spruce top, Nato back & sides
Neck Wood:Nato, C-ShapeNato, C-Shape
Body Shape:DreadnoughtDreadnought
Scale Length:25.6″25.8″
Finish:GlossNatural Satin

Difference Between Yamaha f335 Vs fg800:

1) Sound System –

The Yamaha F335 is equipped with a 4-inch, round-cone speaker, which produces a full-bodied sound. The Yamaha FG800, however, features an advanced scalloped bracing system that enhances good complexity and nuances. This bracing system adds additional resonance & depth to the sound, resulting in a more powerful and dynamic sound, making the FG800 the superior of the two.

2) Body Construction –

Yamaha F335 Body

The Yamaha f335 has a dreadnought body shape with a spruce top, laminated mahogany back and sides, and a rosewood fingerboard. It has a natural finish, chrome tuners, and a nato neck. The Yamaha FG800 has a slightly larger concert body shape with a solid Sitka spruce top, a nato back & sides, and a rosewood fingerboard.

It has a black finish, diecast tuners, and a nato neck. Both guitars offer a classic look, with the FG800 having a slightly more modern style.

3) Tonewoods –

Tonewoods play an essential role in the selection of an acoustic guitar. Different tonewoods give guitarists a wide range of options regarding resonance, sustain & sound. The Yamaha F335 and FG800 feature unique tonewoods, giving them their unique sound.

The F335 features a laminate spruce top, with meranti back and sides, while the FG800 is constructed with a solid Sitka spruce top and nato back & sides. The FG800 offers a brighter and more articulate tone, while the F335 has a warmer sound. Both guitars provide excellent sound quality and are an excellent choice depending on the player’s preference.

4) Action height –

The Yamaha F335 and the FG800 possess a notable distinction in action height. The F335 offers a lower action height, providing a more comfortable playing experience with decreased finger fatigue. This makes the F335 an ideal choice for beginners, as pressing down on the strings is notably less strenuous.

The FG800’s higher action height creates a slightly more challenging playing experience and a fuller sound, as the strings necessitate more force to vibrate further.

5) String type –

Action String of Yamaha

The Yamaha F335 and FG800 guitars feature steel-string construction; however, they have distinct differences. The F335 comprises a mahogany body and a spruce top, providing a warm and rich sound ideal for vocal accompaniment.

The FG800, in contrast, is composed of a solid Sitka spruce top and a nato back and sides, creating a brighter sound and a wider dynamic range. Both guitars are excellent options for a steel-string guitar with an individualized sound. However, the type of sound desired may influence which is best suited for the individual.

6) Neck profile –

The F335 has a “slim-taper” neck that is narrower than the FG800’s “traditional C”-shaped neck. The FG800’s neck is slightly thicker, potentially providing more stability & comfort for players with larger hands.

However, the F335’s neck profile is suited for smaller hands requiring an ergonomic grip while playing. Both guitars feature a rosewood fingerboard, which enhances playing comfort.

7) Scale length –

The Yamaha F335 & Yamaha FG800 feature different scale lengths; the F335 measures 25.6 inches, while the FG800 measures 25.8 inches. This minor difference in scale length significantly impacts the sound of the guitars, as the F335 produces a brighter and clearer tone, while the FG800 has a thicker & warmer tone.

8) Price range –

Come to the price range of choosing between the F335 & the FG800, the cost should be taken considered. The F335 typically starts at around $179, while the FG800 typically starts at around $249, making the F335 the more affordable option.

Which guitar is better for your playing style

When selecting a guitar, sound preference, string type, neck width & thickness, body shape, and material are all important factors to consider. Yamaha’s F335 and FG800 models offer a different playing experience suitable for various styles and genres.

The F335 has a slender neck, making it ideal for intricate playing styles, and its solid spruce top produces a bright & rich tone. The FG800 has a thicker neck which offers an easy grip for strumming and picking, and its solid spruce top provides a lively and refreshing sound.

To summarise, the Yamaha F335 and the FG800 are both excellent guitars for any level of musician. The F335 boasts additional features and superior sound quality whilst remaining affordable, making it the preferred choice for beginner guitarists. The FG800 is slightly pricier but provides a fuller sound & exudes a high-end feel.

FAQs –

Question 1: Is Yamaha FG800 good for beginners?

Answer: The Yamaha FG800 is an outstanding choice for acoustic guitar beginners due to its superior craftsmanship. Boasting a solid spruce top and rosewood fingerboard, the FG800 produces a warm and balanced sound. Furthermore, the guitar’s comfortable neck and easy playability make it an ideal option for novice players.

Question 2: Is the Yamaha FG800 full-size?

Answer: Yes, the Yamaha FG800 is a full-size acoustic guitar.

Question 3: What is the difference between FG800 and FS800?

Answer: FG800 is a fiberglass acoustic guitar with a solid spruce top and open pore finish, while FS800 is a folk-style acoustic guitar with a solid Sitka spruce top and gloss finish.

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