Vox AC30 Vs AC15 Amp [Difference & Which is Better]

Vox AC30 and AC15 are two of the greatest tube amplifiers that attract a lot of attention from the greatest musicians. The significance of an amplifier is never understood unless you meet Vox and their tube amplifiers. It’s a company that not only provides amazing tube amplifiers but also offers devices for musical instruments to develop sound quality.

Now, people want to learn more about these tube amplifiers, about the best features, and which one is better between Vox AC30 Vs AC15. Basically, Vox AC30 is a better and bigger version of the Vox AC15. Also, there are some changes in Vox AC30 & AC15 features which we will discuss later on. From the famous band The Beatles to The Rolling Stones to Queen, Vox amplifiers are providing service for a long time.

That’s why it has become important that we talk about these classic tube amplifiers for musicians who are unaware of these two amazing devices to enhance music quality.

Vox AC30 Vs AC15

Comparison Table:

Specifications –
Vox AC15 Vox AC30
1. Watts of Power15 watt30 watt
2. Greenback Speaker Number12
3. EL84 Valves Number24
4. InputsNormal input, foot switch jack, Top Boost Input jackNormal high & low Input jacks, Top Boost High & low Input Jacks
5. OutputsExternal and extension speaker jacksSame
6. Effects FX LoopAbsentPresent
7. Weight 22 KGs32.2 KGs
8. Dimensions602 x 265 x 456 mm702 x 265 x 556 mm
9. Reverb LevelAbsentPresent
10. Reverb ToneAbsentpresent

Vox AC30 Vs AC15 Review & Quality –

Vox amplifiers are great because this England-based company is serious about making instruments to beautify the music sector. Apart from making high-end amplifiers, Vox is dedicated to manufacturing bass guitars besides electric guitars. The tube amplifiers, Vox AC15, and AC30 are the best type of amplifiers that helped the famous bands to grow more and more.

Review of Vox AC30:

Review of Vox AC30
This amplifier is named Vox AC30 because it provides 30-Watt output power. Besides this name, people also know the amplifier by the Vox AC30C2 name.

a) Speaker Supremacy –

The great feature of this tube amplifier includes its speaker. With two 12-inch Celestion G12M Greenback speakers, the AC30 amplifier enhances the range of sound extremely high. Also, it comes with 16 ohms impedance selector.

The reason this amplifier is so loud and bold is because of the amazing quality of the speakers and the 30-watt output power.

b) Inputs and Outputs –

Besides that, you will witness an immense input and output of this tube amplifier. It carries a normal high input jack, a top boost high input jack, and even an FX return jack. For output, the amplifier offers an external speaker jack, an extension speaker jack along with FX send jack. This terrific feature heightens the condition of a Vox AC30 amplifier to such an extent that you can make versatile use of this single amplifier.

c) Heavy Weight –

Because it comes with heavy tube power and a higher range of input and output systems, it weighs almost 70.99 Ibs which is huge.

d) Extra Features –

The extra feature of headroom makes sure that you don’t have to add a microphone to get a crystal clear tone. Besides, with the extra controllers, this amplifier controls a hell of tones, volume, tremolo speed, tremolo depth, and whatnot.

Nevertheless, you are sure to cost a lot if you are bringing home a Vox AC30. But with its four pieces of EL84 valves, the tube amp is a legit good deal.

Things We Liked about / Pros –

  • This classic tube amplifier provides 30watt output power and a flavor to bring about the real tone of British
  • Has terrific input and output ability with FX return hack and FX send jack and 4 EL84 tube complements
  • Efficient enough to control master tone cut, master volume, boost volume, top boost treble, reverb tone, level, tremolo depth, speed, and many more
  • Perfect for medium to larger venues with a number of 300 or more people for its capability of providing cleaner headroom

Things We Didn’t Like About / Cons –

  • It is huge in size with almost 32.2 kg weight
  • Not perfect for a smaller room as it provides a spiky tone when you lower its volume

Review of Vox AC15:

Review of Vox AC15

We can call Vox AC15 the little brother of the Vox AC30 tube amplifier, even though the former one took birth before the latter one. This amplifier helps to bring about the real and raw sound of British music for a small range of areas.

a) Power and Integrity –

Even though Vox AC15 has almost a similar feature to Vox AC30, as an old model, you will find some lacking in this tube amplifier. However, in performance, you cannot underestimate a Vox AC15 tube amplifier. It has an amazing controlling sense and comes up with more integrity. As per its name, this tube amplifier provides an output power of 15 watts with 16 ohms impedance selector.

b) Minimal Size and Weight –

What amuses us about Vox AC15 is its perfect weight and amazing compact dimension. It weighs 48.5 lbs with 23.70 X 10.43 X 17.95 inches. That’s why it is easy to carry and attach this amplifier at any moment with any electrical musical instrument. However, this amp has got 2 strong EL84 tube complements.

c) Inputs and Outputs –

Vox AC15 Input Output

It has got a huge range of output and input too. The outputs include an external speaker jack and an extension speaker jack. Again, the inputs include a normal input jack, foot switch jack, and top boost input jack.

d) Speaker and Lack of FX Loop –

This Vox AC15 has a single 12-inch greenback alnico speaker, unlike the Vox AC30 tube amplifier. However, AC15 does not have a bypass FX loop to connect with effects as a return and send jack. But for a distorted or saturated lower tone, the Vox AC15 tube amp is a savvy player to speak the real truth.

Things We Liked about / Pros –

  • As the first manufactured item, Vox AC15 provides immense support to the electrical and bass music instruments
  • Comes with single greenback alnico blue speakers to cover a small room with efficiency and can distort and saturate tone
  • It becomes versatile when you connect it to a microphone and then it offers a very clear tone too
  • Because of its less weight, and medium size, this amplifier is maneuverable and a little friendly to carry everywhere

Things We Didn’t Like About / Cons –

  • Cannot cope in larger venues without using a microphone
  • It does not carry FX send and return jack and eventually fails to become a companion of the guitarists who apply delay, modulation, and other many effects

Difference Between Vox AC30 Vs AC15 Amp:

Do many people want to know if is Vox a good amp? The answer to this question is already known by the mighty review of both Vox AC30 and Vox AC15 tube amplifiers. Observing their features we can already sense a lot of similarities between these two amplifiers from the same manufacturer. Today we witness both these amplifiers and to get a conclusion, Vox AC30 and AC15 settings, eq settings, and a comparison is added in the following segment.

1) Constructions and Specification –

Constructions Specification


Vox AC15 and AC30 amplifiers are featured with ECC83 / 12AX7 pre-tubes. They both have three of them in their preamp. Also, they both have speakers even though they vary in numbers. Whereas a Vox AC30 amplifier comes with 2 speakers that are of inches and of Celestion Greenback, an AC15 amplifier comes with a single 12-inch Greenback alnico blues speaker.

That’s why an AC15 tube amplifier is not so capable of covering a medium to a large room. On the other hand, because the Vox AC30 amplifier has two efficient speakers, it can manage to cover a larger space of 300 people and more. It does not require any microphone, unlike the AC15, as it requires the attachment of a microphone to manage a larger space than its requirement.

2) Powerfulness –

It is evident from the name of both Vox AC30 and AC15 amplifiers that the output power is added with it. Likewise, the AC30 amplifier is able to provide 30watt power to amplify the sound quality while the AC15 can provide 15watt.

Therefore, Vox AC30 has more capability to provide a powerful and loud tone. The 4 pieces of EL84 also help the amplifier to produce this much boldness in the tone. On the other hand, the AC15 amp has less powerfulness compared to an AC30. It is because it only produces 15-watt output power and also carries 2 pieces of EL84 valves.

These valves are not so strong and some people suggest alternating these valves with Mullard, GT, Tesla, JJ, or other types of quality valves. Thus, you can get a crystal clear sound quality without any breakage or interruption in it.

3) Performance Level and Versatility –

Performance Level and Versatility

With an immense range of outputs and inputs, you can rely on both Vox AC30 and Ac15 amplifiers. These two classic tube amplifiers produce meritorious sounds even though they slightly differ from each other in this sector.

An AC15 works with low volume than AC30 but it has its own perks too. You get the real distorted tone for playing hard rocks and metals using a Vox AC15 amplifier. Also, by adding a microphone, you can enhance the powerfulness of the sound and make it clearer than before.

It extracts the versatility of an AC15 also. However, in the case of Vox AC30, you are already aware of its greatness in producing an accurate British tone in a room full of 300 or 400 people.

4) Feature of FX Loop –

Both Vox AC15 and AC30 amplifiers have an input like a normal input jack, foot switch jack, and normal low input jack. And in terms of outputs, they both share an external speaker jack and extension jack. But an AC30 carries an FX return and send jack along with top boost high and low input jacks.

This FX jack helps the musical instrument to beautify its sound quality. By adding pedals with this bypass effects FX loop, you can create several twisted sounds and effects. This quality takes the Vox AC30 amp to a different level.

5) Controls –

Controls of VOX Amp

You will be amused by the fact that Vox AC30 and AC15 amps have almost the same controls. Both include boost bass, top boost treble, master and volume, and master volume cut, along with tremolo speed and depth. But AC30 ones excel by having controls like reverb tone and reverb level.

6) Size and Dimensions –

Vox AC15 amps are definitely more user-friendly than AC30 ones. The former weighs 22 KGs while the latter is 32.2. Then again, with the dimension of 27.64 X 10.43 X 21.89 inches, the AC30 amp is bigger and heavier than AC15. The 602 x 265 x 456 mm size of the AC15 makes it maneuverable enough.

So, Which one is better?

From the comparison segmented, it is clear that both amps have their distinct feature apart from the similarities. Now, for a bigger concert, you need to take the Vox AC30 one. You can also work with an AC15 amp if you use a microphone. But for other advantages like the bolder sound quality and a satisfying British chime, you can stick to Vox AC30.

For a smaller room with less amount of people, consider bringing AC15. It will provide great ease and for metals or hard rock, AC15 amps are the best.

In the end, the quality and features depend on the preference, budget, and desires of a musician. As we can both Vox AC30 vs AC15 offer amazing service, and you will not be disappointed picking any of them.

FAQs –

Question-1. Does the AC15 sound the same as an AC30?

Answer: Not entirely they sound the same. AC30 sounds louder than AC15. You can understand the difference by using a Vox AC30/AC15 vintage and headphone amp. The two channels of the AC30 amp, it has got two inputs unlike an AC15 amp and it is one of the reasons that the AC30 sounds bolder.

Question-2. Can you jump channels on Vox AC30?

Answer: It is a nice trick to jump channels on Vox AC30 for a better result in getting more mojo. To do that, first, you need to plug the cable of the electric cable into an input of the normal channel. And after that, take the shorter cable of the normal channel and then take the top boost channel’s input. Plug the shorter cable into that input and you are done with jumping channels on Vox AC30.

Question-3. Does the Vox AC30 have an effects loop?

Answer: Yes. This FX effects loop output helps AC30 amps to create different effects in the sound. This feature is absent in Vox AC15 tube amps.

Question-4. Is Vox AC15 good for jazz?

Answer: For jazz, playing a Vox AC15 is hard. You need to keep the volume very low to make it work for playing jazz. As it can distort sound and saturate tone, it gets along with heavy metal genres of music mostly.

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